Written by pussygalore

9 Apr 2006

let me tell you about a night of passion i had last year with my man. We had been out for a drink & i was feeling a bit frisky, all night long my man had been asking me was i wearing knickers, i kept saying yes of course, cus at that point he thought i was a bit straight laced! Every so often he would run his hand up the inside of my thigh trying to feel if i was telling him the truth, but i wasnt going to let him know just yet that i was knickerless! As we were leaving the pub to return home i walked into the womens toilets, closely followed by my randy stud. Well this was new to me as he led im into the toilet & closed the door behind me. He leant me up against the side wall & ever so slowly kissed me as he hitched my skirt up. I put my foot onto the loo so that he could slip his hand up my thigh so much easier. We looked at each other as his hand got closer & closer to my pussy, as soon as he touched my warm flesh he gasped & quickly kissed me as he gently stroked my pussy lips, i kissed his neck as he slid a finger into my waiting wet pussy making him groan. Then he dropped to his knees & gently kissed my warm mound as he fingered me slowly in & out! ohh it felt soo good ;). Then as quick as he had got down on his knees he was back up telling me that was all i was getting! i sat on the loo as i had a pee & i unzipped his trousers & took out his semi hard cock & slowly licked the end whilst looking up at him, looking down on me! I teased the end with my tongue & when i had finished my pee i kissed the end of his by now hard cock & told him that was all he was getting for a bit.

As we drove home we came to a fairly busy but dark road, i told him to pull over as i wanted him to lick my pussy on the bonnet of his car. He did just as he was told. i laid back on the bonnet & held up my right leg whilst he bent over me & started giving my wet pussy a gorgeous tongue lashing! I could hear cars going by, knowing they could see us in their headlights, not even bothering to struggle to hide myself cus i knew he wouldnt let me get up! He gently licked & nibbled my clit as i laid across the bonnet, gently fingering my sweet smelling cunt, telling me how i gorgeous i tasted, i wanted to taste myself on his lips, so i lent forward & gave him a deep long kiss, tasting my sweetness on his lips & face. He pushed me back down as he went down for another taste this time rubbing my clit with his thumb. by now my pussy was so wet & aching for his gorgeous cock. he unzipped his trousers & his magnificant cock sprung out, he held onto his cock & rubbed it firmly against my clit, which he knows i love, & i moaned with pleasure, then he teasingly entered me, then out again as he rubbed my clit again. My whole pussy was aching for him to fuck me really hard, but no he pulled it out, zipped up his trousers & said thats enough for now, god i was going fucking crazy with longing for him!

We drove the short distance home with me feeling as horny as fuck stroking his bulging cock thru his trousers. I have a very secluded garden & hoping that i might be in for a bit of outdoor fun with him i had laid a blanket onto the grass. I led him onto the blanket, he was quite impressed that i had been hoping for some fun with him. we laid on the blanket & he started feeling my boobs. Now my boobs are really big, soft & warm & i just love having them stroked & kissed. he undid my blouse & i lent up & unhooked my bra so my gorgeous breasts tumbled out, He laid me back down & pulled off my skirt & started licking my aching pussy whilst playing with my tits! I looked up at the stars & thougth i was in heaven. I laid him down on the blanket & slid his trousers off, His cock was straining to get out! I took his whole cock in my mouth & worked up & down the shaft with my tongue, circling the head at the same time. He moaned with ecstacy, with one hand i stroked his balls & the other i circled the base of his cock as i carried on sucking. as i took my mouth off it i could see the sticky pre cum oozing from the tip, i licked it off greadily! He pushed my head down onto his cock again, not that it needed much pushing cus i adore sucking his cock! I could hardly wait to feel his stiff cock inside my waiting pussy & theres nothing better than a bit of girl on top now is there. I teased him a little just letting the tip of his cock feel my wet hot clit, i laughed & said, thats enough for u for the minute but he was having none of it & bucked his hips up so his cock shot up my soaking pussy! i lowered myself down on him his lovely cock tightly up my pussy, my big tits bobbing in his face as he gently sucked my nips. i love grinding my hips on him, not so much up & down but more forward & back so i coudl feel his hard cock rubbing firmly on my clit, i could feel i wasnt going to last very long & within a few short grinds i felt my pussy tighten & grip his cock as i threw my head back moaning like an animal & telling him how much he was making me cum! I couldnt beleive how so much cum came from one little wet pussy, it trickled all over his balls & he was moaning with pleasure at the feeling of my hot love juices soaking him. He asked me had i pissed myself on him it was that much, i said no but if he wanted me too then i surely would! He said he wanted me to piss on his chest to stand up & trickly all over him. I stood up with him laid between my legs & gently let some pee out, god he was squirming with pleasure, asking me to sit on his face! I squatted back down & let my wet pussy be kissed & licked by this gorgeous fucking stud as i gently let pee escape from me! Before long i was cuming again all over his face as his tongue furiously licked my pussy!

BY know he was aching to empty his balls into my lovley little pussy. I got in doggy position & he got straight in there behind me & my god did he fuck me fast & furious, gripping my arse & slapping it as i was telling him to fuck me really really hard! Before long he gripped my arse so tight i knew he was gonna cum & my god i felt his hot spunk shoot right into my cunt, he came absolutely loads, stroke after stroke after stroke & then he he let out an almightly groan as his body was overcome by orgasm!

i love the feeling of cum trickling out of my pussy & i wanted him to lick my swollen clit, which of course he did! We laid on the blanket looking up at the stars & he said....."im gonna hve some good wanks over that i can tell u".........................