Written by Col

3 Jun 2005

To set the record straight I am married but although to a lovely caring wife her sex drive is exceedingly low. So it is was with mixed feelings that I started browsing the swinging sites like this. After many attempts to make contact (its a bit if a maze of non-genuine and husbands who take their fantasies of seeing their wife with another bloke onto the web sites, get-off on the replies but in actual fact the wife or girlfriend doesn't even know his fantasy let alone the advert LET ALONE THE PICTURE!!) When it does all work out though it is all worth everything as I found out.

The couple in question (renamed as Alan and Amanda) were meeting up in Cambridge on the Friday night. Alan's company was paying for an extra night at the Holiday Inn after a 3day product launch. Amanda was going to travel over from home nr Bristol to join him. Now this was a little over a week away but they responded favourably (well any response is marked as a favourably). They were keen to act out a fantasy that they held for a while and this forthcoming event was nervously earmarked to try something. After several emails and two phone calls I had got past all the hurdles. In my mind it would all rest now on them actually showing up in the bar.

Thankfully they did, and whilst Amanda was upstairs in her room getting dressed for dinner, Alan had come down to the bar to meet, chat and convey their room number. I collected a bottle of Bollinger from the bar and headed up to their room. The plan was that Alan would leave the door unlocked and I would enter as Amanda was to be in the bathroom changing from business suit into evening wear. She had been applying make-up when Alan had blindfolded her gently from behind and led her out of the bathroom. She knew that I'd be coming up but didn't actually know that I was already in the room. I stayed by the window whilst Alan picked up the soft ties that I had deposited on the bed for him. He made her stand upright with legs apart. Lifted her arms up and tied her wrists to the hanging rail above the case stand just by the front door. I could see that she was clearly excited as she started to rub her thighs against each other. Alan actually cut the straps of her little black dress and let it fall to the floor. Revealing her in fine stockings was such a horny sight and remember she still didn't know that I was there. Alan turned the TV on and searched for MTV. I used the moment to swop over to the door side of the room where she was tied standing in just bra, pants, tan stockings and heels. Alan gave me the approval to carry on with her. I pulled down her pants and lifted her heels out of them as they rested on the floor and then separated her legs out as far as I could. I went into the bathroom and searched for Alan's shaving gear and found the gel and a disposable razor. I spent a long time rubbing the gel into Amanda's blonde hair before taking several strokes with the razor to clean the area completely. She was by this time talking quite rudely partly under her breath, she certainly wasn't screaming like Meg Ryan but clearly getting very excited. To help bring her new found skin to life I splashed on some aftershave and this livened things up a little. I next raised my attention to her bra and undone the clasp from the front to allow a perfectly formed pair of breasts be revealed. Their shape being lifted upwards as she was still tied with arms upwards. Of the items I had brought along with the cord ties was a bottle of vanilla body lotion from the Body Shop and wasted no time covering her beautiful breasts. The nipples came in for serious attention before covering all of her body with the lotion. Then it is fair to say that I wasted a lot of time massaging it in all over. It was even quite horny to cover her stocking clad legs in it and by this time Amanda was writhing about trying to get relief by rubbing her thighs against one another. Alan reckoned it was time to join in so you will imagine Amanda's reaction when two massaging hands became FOUR!. I thnk we explored her body thoroughly before Alan went over to her case and brought out her dildo. Now personally I had never actually in real life seen a woman use one let alone hold it for her but I was so excited I just wanted to see her swallow the whole thing but Alan showed me to use restraint and use the tip for effect. It was next decided to lead her glistening and slippery body into the shower and so we gently tied her once again with arms upright to the shower holder on the wall. It was wonderful playing with the head of the shower up and down this taught frame and focusing on several parts of her body at different heights pressure and temperature. I decided that this body was good enough to eat so the Bolly just had to be opened. with a bit of a shake and thumb over top I could direct the contents all over her. We then took a side each and licked her entire body clean of any champers. Bear in mind also that she still had not been penetrated so with a drying off we led Alan led his wife through and onto the bed and asked me to help him position her across the the bottom half of one of the beds. When this was done he then started to strip off so I followed suit. Both naked he started to wave his penis around her face under her nose, across her cheeks but every time she opened her mouth to engage he held it away. I went to the other end and started carressing her still soaking stockings which took on a completely different shade of transparency when wet. Being a leg lover I happily played with them working up and down and making in the direction of her bum. To stimulate her clitoris was so easy and her vagina was just awash with fluid anyway. We carried on with the play until it was time to enter her from both ends. Another fantasy for me achieved was to participate in a live spit roast and here I was actually doing it and gripping Amanda on each side of her narrow waist is something I'll remember for a very long time. After a long session of playing and penetration and further exploring it was due for me to leave which I duly did. After the briefest of showers I got dressed and quickly left to return back to the bar and spent what was left of the night down there. After about an hour I spotted Alan and his wife coming out of the elevator and heading straight for the barman. Once again I was bombarded with sexual feelings never experienced before as I looked at this well dressed plain but beautiful, if that makes any sense, woman who we had lured earlier into debauchery. We are still in touch and hoping to make a repeat performance but in the meantime I know it is still worth looking through the ads.