Written by Manolishi

8 Apr 2005

I wrote the following for a lady that has become very special to me. It’s a rare thing to find someone that you care deeply about. She knows who she is and she knows how special she is to me.

It’s only a fantasy story so not real, but maybe one day…… role play can be fun

I hope you enjoy.

It’s been another long day, the tedium of the recent meeting has left me feeling jetlagged without even being on a plane. Finally I drive into the hotel car park, its 7pm and I am hungry and thirsty. I check in at hotel reception, to be greeted by another forced smile from the receptionist, how I wish sometimes that people were a little more genuine. The normal exchange of polite banter takes place as I tease the receptionist, no doubt as soon as she gives me my room key she swears at me under her breath, after all I am only another number at this place.

Rather than go directly to my room, I decided a quick trip to the bar was in order. Grab a drink and take it to my room while I shower and change.

The bar is very quiet and as I look around at the dull adornments making a poor attempt brighten the room, I notice you sitting quietly in the corner of the bar, sipping your drink and doing paperwork.

The visual impact that you have on me is astonishing. I decide to just sit at the bar for a little while and just drink in your beauty. I am desperate for you to look up from your work and notice me, but you seem to be concentrating on your work. Finally you look up and turn towards me, I immediately look away, embarrassed that I have been caught staring at you. I look again, this time making eye contact with you. You smile politely, it is the type of smile that makes the sun warmer, the cares of the day wash away.

You continue with your work.

You take one last sip of your drink and tidy away your things. It looks like you will be leaving, I don’t know what to do, walk over and offer you a drink? What if you say no?

In the end I do nothing, but just sit on my bar stool.

You stand and walk gracefully over to the bar and stand next to me. The barman takes your order. I can’t help but notice how relaxed you are, how enticing. I try to think of amusing anecdotes to say to break the ice, in the end all you hear from me is a “hi”.

As you turn towards me, my heart leaps as I see your smile again. The way in which your hair falls over your face, your lips all moist and red ……….

We start to chat about work. It seems that we both have had hectic days. We just seem to talk easily, to just be happy together chatting, it seems the most natural thing in the world.

You catch me looking at your legs, looking at your stockings, I can just see the top and I feel myself getting harder.

You look down and see my bags as I explain that although I have checked in, I have not get been to my room. You complain that your room is a bit small, so I suggest that you come to mine to see if they are the same. We pick up our drinks and way our way quietly to the lift. As we stand and wait, no words are said, we are just happy in each others company. We enter the lift and I stand close to you, looking into your eyes I move closer and let my lips brush against yours. I taste your lipstick, sweet as our tongues touch. The doors open and we walk towards my room. As we enter I drop my bags and take your drink from you and place it down. We are standing at the foot of the bed as I wrap my arms around you and pull you towards me. You feel my cock pressing against you as I pull you close, hungry to taste your lips. We kiss passionately as my nails gently glide over your back. My lips move to your neck, kissing, nibbling as I ease you back onto the bed and you sit there with me over you. My hands start to rub your shoulders as I slowly kneel down in front of you, so close to you as my hands run over your smooth stockings, up under your dress you feel my fingers lightly touch your pussy. I feel how wet you are as I look up into your eyes and suck my finger, tasting you. My hands move back to your thighs as I move your skirt up to reveal your very brief black underwear. My mouth moves towards your pussy as you feel my breath against you, you raise yourself off the bed and let me take your underwear off. My hands are against your thighs easing your legs apart, I start to lick you. My tongue not entering you as I look up at you. Long slow licks from the bottom all the way to the top of your pussy, lingering on your clit, tasting your juices as you moan softly and reach down and hold my head. My tongue goes deeper inside you as my fingers also start to caress your pussy. First just one finger with my tongue, then two. I can feel the heat in your pussy start to build as you become more aroused. I start to use two hands to caress you, all the while my tongue never leaving you. As you hold my head tighter your hips start to thrust forward as you climax wildly, moaning as I lick and taste the sweetness of you.

I gently and slowly ease away from you as you sit up. I take your face in my hands and kiss you tenderly, you taste your own juices on my mouth. You whisper in my ear that you want me, you want to feel my deep inside you.

I look into your eyes and tell you that it is to quick, we have to be sure. You smile that wonderful smile and kiss me.

I ask that go to your room and shower. If you still feel the same I will be in the bar in one hour. If you are there, we will know that it was meant to be. We stand and I take you in my arms one last time and kiss you tenderly. You then, without a word being said leave my room.

I sit on my bed after you have left and consider what has just happened. I still cannot believe that I did not make love to such a beautiful woman. I sigh and hope that you will be in the bar later that night.

After showering, I slowly get dressed realising that I still have 30 minutes before I can go back to the bar. The dread of thinking you will not be there is upsetting, but remembering the sweet taste of your pussy I find my cock getting hard.

Finally the time has arrived, as I wonder into the bar, quickly scanning the area, searching for you. My heart leaps where I see you in the corner of the room. You have got changed and are wearing all black. A black blouse which exposes just a hint of your chest and a short black skirt. As you sit there, oblivious to me, you cross your legs and I see the tops of your stockings……………………………..