Written by cristina

13 Mar 2006

Me and my husband Neil have always liked outdoor sex. it is the thrill of getting caught that turns us on and we have done it in parks all over the Slough area.

We came across the website and decided to advertise for a voyeur to watch us.

After reading through literally 100's of replies we decided that Michael would be the one who would get a front row seat.

He came to our house and after the initial embarresment of meeting, we decided to just get straight to it.

Michael sat in a chair in our bedroom while Neil slowly undressed me. Once I was naked, I bent over on the bed so that both boys could get a good view of my pussy.

Neil stripped off and Michael asked if he could strip and masturbate.

I watched as both men stood near my bed completely naked with hardening cocks.

Neil forced my face down to his and I sucked away.

I was more interested in seeing Michael slowly pulling his foreskin up and down.

The sight of this make me shiver!

Neil then came behind me and thrusted his willy up my wet pussy. I then had a good view of Michael standing in front of me still slowly masturbating.

He stood a little closer, and a little closer until his willy was about 10 inches away from my face.

This was meant to be him watching us, but to be truthful I really wanted to suck him so badly.

Neil told Michael that he could come over me if he wanted and Michael started pulling himself faster and faster.

Neil was thrusting harder and harder and before long I had hot cum all over my face and up my pussy.

After it was over, I wiped myself clean and Michael said goodbye and left.

Neil said that he hadn't really enjoyed it and we havent mentioned it since.

I still go on this website and look at pictures of men looking for couples.

Me and my vibrator have played out many fantasies but I still remember Michael and his slowly pulled foreskin.

If you want to get intouch again Michael, then call me and this time I would be more than happy to go a little further!