Written by Richard

10 Sep 2004

Penny & I arranged to go away for the weekend a few weeks back to a fabulous hotel in the city. We ordered champagne as soon as we got there, and 2 bottles later were horny as hell. She slipped away for a few minutes and came back looking, well...incredible! Penny always looks good,no matter that she's in her 40's she always looks 10 tears younger, and always dresses to please. But tonight she'd gone for the whole works - a cupless black bra which her 38c tits spilled out of, and her big swollen nipples pushed against the sheer black chemise she had on top. Below that a triangle of black lacy thong, and black stockings on her long lovely legs, balanced beautifully on her black high heels, and black velvet elbow gloves to finish. She looked stunning and my already hard cock took a jump as she appeared, her red hair tumbling to her shoulders. "My pussy's so wet, can I be your slut tonight baby?" she asked. I could hardly speak, but the answer was Yes. She invited me to lie back and she stroked my cock with her gloved hand, all the time talking fantasies to me, and filling my mouth with her deep kissing tongue. "What's your fantasy...what would you most like to see" she kept breathing to me. I told her "like I always say - I want to watch you get fucked by another man.." "one day baby", she said "let's make it happen.." I love it when she talks that way, and as she moved down to take my cock in her mouth, I thought I'd come within seconds. Damn! What was that? Sure enough, Room Service at the door with more champagne. Penny said she's get it, and I hurried over to the sofa and pulled a towel over my pulsating member, hoping she'd be quick...

...seconds later, I was surprised to see a smiling Penny flanked by two guys - not room service at all it seems, though they did have champagne! I recognised them vaguely from somewhere, as Penny introduced them as Jay, a handsome, broad six footer in his 30s and Mike, also in his 30s, same height, but slightly slimmer. They said hello, and seemed very pleasant. "What's going on babe? Who are these guys?" I blurted out, with a secret hope playing in my mind. Then I remembered - we'd chatted to the guys on an adult dating site. They had been great fun, and there was lots of dirty talking. Penny said "I think it's time for us both to enjoy your fantasy..." With that she asked me to stay on the sofa and watch. She then lay on the bed propped against the pillows, and started to play with her by now solid nipples, opened her long legs wide and slipped a hand down her thong, her fingers probing her soaking shaved pussy. Moaning gently, she was putting on quite a show, and I sat back, and gripped my hard again cock. Mike opened the champagne and poured some for us all, and then joined Jay who was quickly undressing, Both men were toned and fit, and then I remembered what drew us to these two in the first place - Jay's cock sprang loose and leapt to attention - a thing of beauty, it was a good 8" long, and very thick. Mike was darker skinned, and although not as long - maybe 'only' 7", his had an enormous smooth bulbous head. Both men were completely shaved, which Penny adores in all the porn movies we watch. They were clearly enjoying Penny's antics as much as me.

Penny glanced over to me, still stroking her slit, and said "still want me to be your slut baby?" "Shit yes - I insist!" was all I could say. She mouthed "are you sure?" "Yes, Yes!" She turned to Jay and Mike - "so what does a girl have to do to get fucked around here..?" Jay didn't hesitate and drove his face between her outstretched legs, pushing his big hands beneath her arse and pulling her sopping pussy onto his mouth. Penny let out loud gasps as he worked her clit with his tongue. As she writhed, Mike started to suck her nipples in turn, running his hands all over her. "Harder..." was all I could hear Penny say, now wanking Mike furiously with those gloves on. By now Jay was slurping on Penny's saturated clit, and fingering her furiously - all the time Penny was squealing with pleasure and hounding them for more. "Give me your cock - now!!" she was demanding,almost shouting, "Fuck me! Fuck my cunt!". Jay again took the lead and sat up with that enormous hard cock in hand, and guided the big round head to Penny's parted pussy lips. Penny gets pretty wet when she's turned on but by now I swear I could see her juices running out of her. Jay squeezed his cock in, and inch by inch it was engulfed by Penny's boiling cunt. Still on her back, she squealed again, taking in all of Jay's impressive length. He was fucking her now - hard. Penny then did something I thought I'd never see with another man - she guided Mike's throbbing cock to her mouth, and starteed to lick round the big head slurping and sucking as she took him into her mouth. Mike was holding Penny's legs up, and wide apart, giving me a great view of Jay's cock pounding into her, his large smooth balls slamming aginst her as he did so. Penny worked Mike's cock as Jay slammed her, now and again demanding him to fuck her cunt hard - harder! By now the scene in front of me caused my cock to ache from balls to tip - I'd always wondered what I would do if I saw the love of my life spitroasted by two hunky guys and now I knew the answer - Iloved it! I adored Penny all the more for making my fantasies true and knew I'd want this more.

At that moment she pulled her lipstick smeared mouth off Mike's thickness and asked me "can they come?" My cock exploded like a champagne cork and my cum shot halfway over the room. "Christ Yes!!" I implored. Mike was fucking Penny's face now, and she sucked with renewed vigour - all the time Jay was keeping up his steady fucking rhythm on her squelching pussy. Mike was begging to come, so Penny wanked his shaft off and licked his cock head until with a yell, his hot thick cum spilled into Penny's parted mouth, swallowing most but some dribbling down her chin onto her tits. She licked his member clean, gasping with every rough thrust Jay put in her.

Then she just looked at me and smiled, and whispered something to Jay, He pulled his glistening shaft out, and Penny flipped over onto her elbows and knees, arse up in the air, panties pulled aside. Jay needed no instruction and whacked straight into her pussy so hard I thought she'd end up in the next room, but she gave as good forcing her cunt back, impaling herself onto Jays rod. Once again Jay slammed into Penny relentlessly, in & out so hard - it looked painful but Penny was laughing and shouting obcenities, encouraging Jay all the while. I could see he was deeper in her than ever, and he started to smack her arse cheeks sharply as he fucked her, calling her a horny little slut, and pulling on her hair. She was loving it and no doubt enjoying Jay's enormous balls slapping against her arse. Mike was clearly wanting more, inviting Penny to tug on his rapidly stiffening cock. After a moment he stopped Jay, and lay on his back, and Penny straddled him, lowering her hungry pussy onto him, taking it all the way to the balls. Jay moved round and Penny took him in her mouth exclaiming that she loved her own taste. I couldn't hold back any longer and the sight of my gorgeous Penny's beautiful arse bucking on Mike finally did it. I moved over to them and I could see Penny willing me on with her eyes as she sucked Jay off. I leaned her forward and eased my throbbing cock into her arse - and then I fucked as hard as I could. Feeling Mike's rock hard tool against mine was too much and I blew my load right up inside Penny's quivering arse. I came harder than I ever have before and it seemed an age before the ecstasy subsided. Penny shouted "I'm gonna come! Fuck me ! Harder! Fuck my cunt! Make me come!" She rolled over onto her back, and demanded Jay to finish her off. This he duly did and as Mike splashed all over her tits and face Jay at last blew his stack. His cock pulsing and twitching for what seemed like minutes, shooting straight up Penny's cunt. Penny chose that minute to come too, a thunderous crescendo , her body bucking and screaming and gasping as her head blew off....

MIke and Jay quickly withdrew, got dressed quietly, said their goodbyes and left quickly, leaving me to enjoy seeing my Penny with cum dribbling from her pussy and arse, "I loved being your slut" she said. For the rest of our night, I fucked Penny like a man possessed, my cock revelling in her hot cum-filled cunt, until we gave in to sleep.

I can't wait until our next weekend break!