Written by gstringnew

7 Jul 2006

I’m back from Geneva – so want to tell you about my ‘show’.

I stayed at a hotel in Geneva with about 90 rooms on 7 floors. I had a room on the 4th floor for a total of 3 nights.

The first night I woke in the early hours (probably about 3 am) feeling hot. So I opened the window which helped cool me a bit – then opened the door to get a through draft. I usually sleep naked so that made me feel better.

I looked outside – the lights were on - and saw that it was quiet. So I strolled down the corridor and back in the nude. That was fun! Feeling bolder and checking that there did not appear to be hotel cameras, I went along the corridor to the stairs at the end and climbed the stairs to the floor above. Just as quiet. I climbed up to another floor then to the top of the hotel. Not a sound. I went back down and then 2 floors below before going back to my room. Not a soul, it was quite exhilarating – I could feel my pulse racing. I really enjoyed it – it took me little while to get back to sleep.

The next day I found out that a husband and wife colleague, who were at the same event, were staying at my hotel. It would have been interesting if I had met them!! That night, I again woke feeling hot at about 3am so decided to repeat the experience regardless of colleagues. Again I went up and down the stairs and back to my room. Fun again! I went out again up 2 floors where the lift was stationed. And took the lift down a few floors. Having done that, I then went downstairs to near the reception area – heard noises probably from the night staff so I returned quickly to avoid detection. Really great fun and I took time to get back to sleep again!

I wanted to get you some photos on the 3rd night and thought what else I could do. I decided to change strategy and to make sure I was seen – by the night staff.

Before retiring at 11.15 pm I had ordered a taxi – I was leaving the following morning – and found out that the same man at reception would stay on duty all night. I didn’t say anything to him. Having planned my ‘show’, I didn’t sleep so well wondering whether I would go through it with someone I now knew. I got up about 2 o’clock and put on my home made chamois G-string as I didn’t want to start off nude. This has a loose front like a loin cloth - so my penis hangs freely underneath – on a thong waist that is tied and a thong strip at the back that goes down between my cheeks.

I set up the self timer on my camera and placed it on a chair in my room and took photos of myself (1) in the lobby of my room with the door open (2) in the corridor outside my room then positioned the camera on the floor outside my room for (3) a shot of me in the corridor (room door now closed). No-one around!

I went up one floor (not sure why) with camera in hand and then took the lift down to the reception floor level. As the lift arrived and the door opened, one of the night staff entered the lift as I strolled out. I said ‘good evening’ (should have been Bon Soir or Bon Nuit but I was not prepared!) and carried on walking towards the reception area. His eyes showed surprise as he got a fleeting view of my G-string from the front but he carried on into the lift and took it down to the service floor below (I looked back to check what he was doing). He would have had a good eyeful of my rear view with the thin chamois thong that hang between my butt cheeks as I walked away. I haven’t seen him before or since. I realised afterwards that coincidentally he must have called the lift at exactly the same time and assumed that it would have been empty - I wonder what he thinks!!

I walked to the reception desk where the man I expected to see was working behind the desk. He looked up and realised that something strange was going on. I asked him to help me with a ‘dare’ that a friend had made for me (I meant you of course). ‘Would he take a photo of me in reception?’ He didn’t understand the language well enough to realise what a dare was and was a bit surprised. He grinned awkwardly and was unsure of the situation (do I blame him??!!) then tried to work out how to operate the camera. I showed him and asked him to take me standing in front of the desk (shot 4). He tried to give me back the camera but I asked for another. He suggested taking me in front of the hotel board (shot 5) – I think he meant that it was a better background.

I then started to untie my waist thong as I wanted a nude photo but he got concerned and said – what if the guests came along? He showed me that the outer door to the street was locked – I wasn’t sure why as I hadn’t intended to go outside – and said ‘no more’. At that I left. As I passed the drink dispenser which was just around the corner, I set up my self timer for another shot with the camera on the stairs (shot 6).

I went up the stairs to the 2nd floor and took the lift again – this time to the top of the hotel. I took 2 photos in the lift mirror as it rose – with and without my G-string (shots 7 & 8).

I returned down to my floor and took some final shots (9-11) in the corridor with the camera on a small table that I had not seen before. Back to my room with the adrenalin surging through my veins! I had not had an erection at all through the venture but came quickly when I masturbated on my return even though I did not get hard. What release! The whole episode had taken about 25 minutes.

The night receptionist gave me a wake up call as requested at 05.00. I went down to check out a little later and found him with about 4 other guests also checking out. It would have been even more awkward if they had all been there earlier!! The receptionist made no comment during the wake up call or when I checked out – not even looking at me straight in the eyes.

I really enjoyed the experience. I must have looked quite silly in my G-string but so what. And I felt so good showing myself off. I don’t suppose I shall go back to Geneva or the hotel but would like to build on this ‘show’. Any ideas??