Written by patty

5 Nov 2006

Ive posted some of my experiences on this site. I work away a lot and spend a lot of nights in hotels. Last week, I was sitting alone in a hotel lounge. I noticed a couple looking at heir watches. It was obvious they were waiting for someone who was late. I went to the loo and shortly after the woman followed me in. I said to her that she looked like they were waiting for someone. We got talking and she confided that they were supposed to meet a woman for a 3sum but she hadn't turned up. I said that it's awful when that happens. So, we ended up having a drink together and they invited me to join them in their room. They were much younger than me (I'm 55) but they were both very good looking and I accepted readily.

The woman and I went up first and as soon as we got into the room, we started kissing. Soon, we were undressed and she was playing with my 42DD boobs. She moved down to my shaven pussy and started licking and fingering it. I was so wet and I started moaning very loud and came almost immediately. She produced a double ended dildo and we inserted into each others pussy and girated with it while I played with her boobs. We both came quickly and often.

Her husband walked in and seeing us like that, he quickly undressed. He had an enormous cock which made me gasp when I saw it. We both took turns to suck it. The woman said that she wanted to see me being fucked by her hus band and I lay on the bed with my legs wide open. His cock slipped easily into my soaking wet pussy and he began to fuck me hard. I was cumming every minute and my orgasms became louder and louder. Soon, he took his cock out and as his wife started licking me again, he began to fuck her from behind. We both came again and again.

We then began again sucking his cock and he came over our faces. We then took it in turns to lick the cum off each other.

We have arranged to meet again next week and I am really looking forward to having that big cock inside me again.