Written by MikeyBlueEyes

26 Feb 2006

Although from a few years ago, this story still gives me the hard when I think about it.

I had been messed about by a prospective employer, and had ended up doing a ‘fill in’ job - putting up ‘for sale’ signs at houses.

Usually, nobody was in when I put the sign up, but on this particular occasion, as I was placing the sign in the front garden, a lady about 40, came out of the house, and started to chat to me.

She (June) told me that the house was for sale, as her husband who was in the RAF had recently been posted down south, and she was to join him there. She went on to tell me that she only saw him one weekend in three, and it got quite boring for her especially during the day when the children were at school.

She seemed keen to carry on chatting, and I got the feeling that she was quite lonely, however, I was behind time, and said I had to go. On getting back into the van, I looked back, and thought she had quite a tidy body, and a superb set of legs. That thought kept me going for the rest of the afternoon, whilst I ran round with more signs.

About a week later, I was on the same estate, and as I turned into the road where I had put the aforementioned sign up, I saw June walking toward her house. I pulled over, and asked her if she had had any viewers yet. She seemed surprised, then pleased that I had stopped, and after a little (somewhat flirty!) chat, she asked if I wanted to come in for a coffee. I said I would love to, but needed to get a few signs up before lunchtime. She suggested that I could come back after doing them if I liked. I agreed to this (at the same time having the feeling she was coming on to me). As I drove off, and looked back in the mirror, I hoped to see a flash of her legs, but today she was in jeans – shame!

About an hour or so later, I was ringing Junes’ doorbell. When she answered I noticed that she had changed, and was wearing strappy shoes, nylons, a dark skirt, and a nice button blouse. This was quite tight, and I could see her nipples pushing outwards from what looked to be a fine pair of breasts.

(I on the other hand was in scruffy working clothes – jeans, t-shirt and boots)

She smiled, and asked me in, before closing the door behind me. Coffee seemed to have been forgotten as she stood looking at me. We both stepped forward and began to kiss passionately, exploring each others mouths, and running our hands over each other.

I could feel June rubbing my cock through my jeans, then unzipping and unbuttoning them, allowing my so-stiff cock to escape, which she grabbed and started to rub.

She must have liked what she felt, as she dropped to her knees and took it straight into her mouth. I was absolutely loving the sensation of her tongue round my bell end. I was doubly aroused by being able to see the reflection of her head bobbing on my cock in a wall mirror.

Soon I could feel my cum rising, and told June to stop. She did stop – but only to tell me to carry on! (I love that, when a woman wants to pleasure a man fully). So, with that encouragement, I was now fucking her mouth, and within seconds was filling it with a huge splash of cum. June sucked every drop out of my cock.

She stood, and we kissed again - theres something sexy about tasting cum from a womans mouth - and I said I wanted to pleasure her. She took my hand, and led me into the kitchen, where she undid her skirt, dropped it to the floor, and sat on the kitchen table.

She spread her legs, to show she had black hold up stockings, and NO pants! I reached down, to her pussy, and it was soaking, and hot. I pulled a chair up, sat down and set to work, first sucking, then licking, then nibbling her pussy. June was moaning, and pulling my head down hard, and lifting her lovely arse up to meet my tongue, and in no time, I had her cumming hard into my face.

She sat up after a few moments, and we held each other. She noticed my cock was recovered, and sat me down on the chair, before lowering her soaking, but tight pussy onto it. What a lovely feeling. She then rode me, whilst I unbuttoned her blouse, and slipped her tits from her (front fastening) bra. They were gorgeous – round and full, with big juicy nipples, which I began to suck.

This really turned her on, and she was soon soaking my cock with more cum juice. I still had more in me though, and told her I wanted to finish doggy-style. She led me upstairs to the bedroom, and got straight into position on the bed. I pushed my cock straight in to her pussy, and fucked her hard pulling her onto my cock with every stroke, eventually shooting straight into her.

We lay for a while, resting and talking. June said she had fancied me on my first visit, but hadn’t expected to see me again.

I’m glad I did see her – I ‘shared lunch’ with her once or twice a week for a couple of months, until the house sold and she moved. Never forgotten though