Written by veryopen35

15 Dec 2017

This is not a finished story but please read and provide feedback :)

I just couldn't believe the day I had, I was so glad to finally get home, dealing with clients all day was sometimes tedious but today it was just exhausting, and to make matters worse it wasn't over as I knew I still had some quotes to do when I got in and it was already getting on 6 pm, but I just kept telling myself, at least it's Friday.

When I got in the house I realised straight away how quiet it was, the only noise I could hear was the boiler starting up just as I closed the door behind me, I shouted Donna but there was no reply, she worked at a local school and was usually back around 4 pm so it was unusual for her not to be here. I took a look at our memo board that we hung by the front door and there was a sticky note from Donna, it read, ‘Be back soon, Love you’ so I dropped my case on the side and hung my coat in the cupboard before heading into the kitchen to make myself a tea, while the kettle was boiling I decided to load up my computer ready to do some quotes and put on some music via youtube, unsure what to play I just loaded the latest UK top 40 before going to finish my Tea.

By the time I eventually sat down to work it was turning 7:15 pm and was already dark outside which was not surprising really as the clocks had already gone back an hour a couple of weeks ago. Not long after starting work I received a text from my wife letting me know she would be back soon, so I decided to get the kettle on ready for her and put the catch on the front door on my way past to save getting back up to open it when she knocked.

After about 30 to 40 minutes I was just finishing up what I was doing and it crossed my mind that Donna still hadn't returned, however just as I picked up my phone to check she was ok a text come through ‘sorry, took a little longer than I thought it would, be back in 5’

Straight away a big smile spanned across my face, we have been together 19 years but it still felt like we were in our ‘honeymoon period’ of our relationship, we were so well suited to each other in all aspects of life apart from when it comes to sex as Donna is a lot more reserved than me, whereas I am very out there and up for anything sexual.

After finishing Donna’s tea ready for her return I updated the playlist on youtube and leant back on my computer chair, just then I heard the front door open and the rustling of bags knocking against the hallway wall, shouting through to drown out the sound of the music

“Did you enjoy shopping?”

“No, not really, it was very busy up town today”

“Well you have a tea in here when you're ready babe”

Donna walked into the living room and just stood there looking at me with such a strange look in her eyes, I could tell straight away she had something on her mind but before I got the chance to ask her what she was thinking she just smiled and took a couple of steps back until she was out of sight and back in the hallway.

"Babe, what you doing? you ok?" I asked as I leant forward in my chair, but I did not get an answer, Just as I was about to ask again I could hear Donna walking upstairs.

I rose to my feet to follow her and find out if she was ok but just then my phone went off with a message alert, After unlocking my phone I realized the message was from Donna,

"I am jumping in the bath if you want to put on one of your dirty movies for a bit"

I was a little surprised by the text as Donna does not usually prompt me to watch my porn because I quite often watch it when she is reading her books.

"Ok babe, love you"

"You know, the stuff you watch when I am not here"

This last text had got me thinking

"I always watch it around you lol" feeling a little unsure what she meant

"Yea Yea, I bet you watch other stuff as well when I'm not around, don't you?"

I just did not know what to say to this and my cock was already beginning to twitch, I decided not to reply to the last message as I know Donna is not keen on the other side of me when it comes to my sexuality,

We have had many conversations about it during our 19 years together because when I was younger I experimented a few times with one of my male friends, I had told donna about this as I knew we were going to be together forever and I don't like hiding anything from her, we never had penetrative sex or anything like that, just from time to time we would exchange blowjobs and this situation we were in didn't last long, but we did stay friends for a long time after until my family moved out of the area. We were only young at the time, probably around the age of 11 and it really didn't mean anything to any of us as we just saw it as a bit of fun. When I first told Donna about it during one of our many conversations, it caused a few worries for her as she really does not like or agree with that sort of thing and she new I liked being penetrated with a strapon as we had done it together many times in the past so it was hard for her to believe that I was not interested in having gay sex, but I would happily take some strapon sex from my wife so I could understand where her reluctance to believe me come from, however over time and a few more conversations we managed to move past it with a mutual understanding of each other's point of views.

I began to load my adult entertainment onto the big screen as it was not often I got to watch it on our main TV.

At this point, Donna's last few text messages had got me wondering, what was on her mind. Just then my phone goes off again,

"Scared to answer"

"no just a little unsure what to say"

"How about, OK then"

"Who said I watch different stuff when you are not around"

At this point, my cock really started to chunk up and I could feel my balls getting tighter by the second. Then Donna replied

"I know you do, I am not silly" just as I finished typing MMF femdom into the Pornhub search bar.

As I was scrolling through the videos to find one to watch I received two message alerts

"Don't you?", quickly followed by "So what are you watching"

At this point I just didn't know what to say, usually, she wouldn't ask things like this as it can upset her so I just replied with "porn"

"Yes but what kind of porn are you watching"

Now I knew I had to tell her but I was worried in case she didn't like the idea of me watching it, however, my cock obviously liked it as I was throbbing even more now with various thoughts running through my head.

WHAT THOUGHTS (will expand)

So to keep things simple I replied with “2 men and a women sharing” while sliding my hand down my trousers to squeeze and stretch out my cock and balls, my hand was cold and it helped enhanced the sensation for me, at this point, the women on the porn video was sat face front on one of the guys getting fucked really hard while she was making the other guy lick her wet pussy out at the same time the other guys big hard cock was sliding in and out of her and you could see her juices glistening around his shaft. This really turned me on so by this point I had my balls cupped in one hand and was slowly stroking my hard cock up and down making sure to pull my foreskin all the way back with each stroke while letting my precum build up.

“Are you playing” Donna shouted from the top of the stairs

I jumped a little and removed my hands from my trousers

“I thought you were in the bath” I replied with a jittery voice and now covered in precum.

“I will be down in a minute, you can leave your porn on”

So I clicked back into the search box and searched for a general sex compilation so Donna didn't see what I was actually watching as some scenes can get a little much, even for me and I am very out there when it comes to sex.

After about 5 minutes I could hear Donna coming down the stairs and by this time my cock had shrunk back to a half semi but was still very wet from the precum oozing out,

As Donna walked into the living room you could smell her sweet perfume, as I turned my head to look at her I noticed her hair was still dry and she had changed her top, now she was wearing her while off the shoulder top rather than the blouse she had on prior to going upstairs, Donna was quite often dressed in a casual manner and always managed to look very smart and presentable at all times.

Curiously I said, “I thought you were having a bath?”

Waiting for her answer I was surprised when she replied

“I thought you were watching porn? Why aren't you hard? what have you been doing all this time, hay?”

I gave out a small laughter and just smiled at her standing there in the doorway looking back at me with a glazed sexy look in her eyes with her hands behind her back and leaning against to door frame

“Well,” she said with a tone of authority to her “What have you been doing”

“Just been sat here watching my porn and waiting for you to come down”

“Well I am here now, so now what are you going to do”

I quickly jumped to my feet and began to walk over to her only to be stopped in my tracks

“What do you think you are doing, sit back down and show me what you have been up to”

She really likes watching me play with myself as it turns her on so much, so I happily returned to my computer chair just as quickly as I had left.

My heart started beating faster and stronger and I could feel my wet cock slowly raising up the inside of my leg leaving a trail of warm precum behind. So I began by sliding my 1 hand down my trousers to release my cock and Donna could see how wet I was as it slowly began to run from the tip of my cock and down the side of my long hard shaft, using my other hand I slowly began to rub the precum back up to the top of my cock and around in a circular motion,

Just then Donna glanced over at the TV,

“Is this what you were watching when I was upstairs?”

But instead of answering I carried on playing and used my left hand to push my trousers down to my knees and started to slide my other hand up, lifting my top as I was reaching for my stiff nipple, by this time my cock was rock hard and bouncing from the throbbing sensation I was currently feeling and just oozing more and more precum,

“No then,” she said with a slightly firm but curious tone while slightly raising one eyebrow.

I tried to just laugh it off but this made it more obvious to her that I was watching a little more than just the vanilla sex scenes that were currently flashing on the TV.

“It's not no, they were a little more naughty” as I was gathering the wetness from my cock to rub around my nipples as the wetter it was the more I enjoyed it.

“So are you going to show me what you were watching or are you going to just do it?”

“I can't just do it, it takes 3 people” knowing if she knew what it was she probably wouldn’t want to do it anyway as Donna was a lot more reserved than me, especially when talking about doing sex acts with others, let alone the more extreme stuff that I liked the idea of watching and trying out,

In the moment was a different matter with Donna as we had played around a few times in the past with threesomes but if I was to ask her for one the answer was always the same,

no, unless we are in the moment then who knows what will happen but I am not planning it, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

“So I guess you will just have to show me on here what you were watching then won't you Paul”

After a short silence, I replied “I am worried you won't like it, I don't want to put you off”

“Have you been watching gay porn?” she said in a slightly raised voice

“No, not at all babe, I have told you I am not into that kind of stuff, I may have bi tendencies but I am not gay and I don't enjoy watching gay porn either”

My cock was so hard and I could feel the blood pumping through making it feel like it was going to explode, not from the porn on the TV, but from our conversation we were having because talking about sex in any kind of form always gets me very aroused.

“So show me what you were watching then” her voice now back to its usual subtle self

“No because it’s too naughty, it really isn't your type of thing babe, you don't even like watching porn, I have even offered to do videos of myself for you to watch and you still don't like the idea of watching it so why you would want me to show you what I was watching I don't know” giggling slightly as I reached the end

She began walking over to me with such a sexy smile on her face then knelt down in front of me and began removing my shoes before tossing them to one side, then she grabbed my trousers with both hands and began pulling them of nearly taking me with them.

Now I was sat here virtually naked on my computer chair with my cock throbbing in the palm of my hand knowing she was still waiting for me to answer her last question.

“Here you go,” I said while using my hand to point my hard cock in her direction, just a foot or two away from her warm lips

“Here you go what? You haven’t shown me what you were watching yet so you're getting nothing from me until you do”

“It can get a little bi so I am reluctant to show you because I know it puts you off having sex and me in general” with an embarrassed tone to my voice and dipping my head slightly from the embarrassment

Donna lifted my chin using just her forefinger and just gazed at me for a moment then in a soft understanding voice she says

“Don't worry about it, it's ok, I really don't mind, I just want to know what you enjoy”

I could feel my nerves setting in and my heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest just from the thought of Donna watching, we have had many conversations in the past about my sexuality and it really turns Donna's stomach knowing some of the things I have done in my younger years and she knows I would do it again if she was up for it. We have spoken about it many times during our 19 years together, however, she has made it very clear it will never happen while I am with her and I am ok with that. To be honest i am not 100% sure I would want to anyway, thinking about it, it seems like a good idea, but so does cleaning up my cum from her soft breasts, until I cum that is, then it just seems wrong and shameful so I don't bother, there are times when I tell myself I will cleanup this time and I will explode all over Donna's chest but once my warm sticky load is out and streaming all over her body I always change my mind, it is the same when I play with myself, I will get out some toys with the intention to use them but it is extremely rare I will bother, if I do I always feel so wrong about myself, I don't know if it is shame, guilt, Donna not being there, or just knowing I shouldn't be doing it that makes me feel so bad.

Donna placed her hand gently on my cheek and almost whispered to me

“So are you going to put it on then” while slowly sliding her fingertips down my face and onto my chest where she must have been able to feel my heart rapidly beating.

“I will but be warned it can get very naughty, as in my kind of naughty” I replied with a jittery voice.

Donna then stood up and took a step back so I could get to the computer to change the current video. As I sat at my desk I could feel my hands getting all clammy and I even had a slight tremble in my hands.

“Are you sure?” I said with a more serious tone to my voice

“Yes, just put it on, at the end of the day I know what you are like and you said it's not gay porn so just put it on, if I don't like it I'll tell you to turn it off, but you never know”

Feeling a little reassured I clicked on the search box and began typing but just then there was a knock at the door, it was getting on in the evening so we were not expecting anyone to turn up, quickly I closed the page and ran to the other side of the room so I could get my trousers back on, after stumbling around a bit I finally managed to get both legs in and fastened up but because my cock was so wet it got everywhere, Donna looked at me as if to say who on earth could that be but without speaking a word she turned, left the room and quickly headed upstairs.

I stepped into the hall and shouted at the door, “one sec” while opening the back door pretending to try and let the dogs out to give me a little more time to put my shoes back on and for Donna to reach the top of the stairs.

As I reached the front door I could see the silhouette of the person stood there, at this point I was still wondering who it could be at this hour.

As I opened the door I saw it was one of my friends who from time to time me and Donna have a bit of sexual banter with, nothing too serious, just lots of flirting over the phone and through text messages as he knew about our past experiences and was really up for the idea of having some fun with us both.

“Alright mate, what brings you around here at this hour, is everything ok?”

“Yea all good thanks, just thought I would pop in for a brew while I was passing if that's ok with you”

“Yea no problem, come in and I'll pop the kettle on, let me guess, hot chocolate?”

“How did you know,” Adam said with a chuckle.

“So how're things with you?” he asked all chirpy as we headed into the kitchen

“I am good thanks, not been a bad day at all, hows you?” while remembering just a couple of moments ago my cock was throbbing hard with Donna's mouth so close to the end of my wet cock

“Not bad, just been a bit of a long day, to be honest, where's Don? Is she ok?”

“Not good mate but yea Donna is fine, she is upstairs at the moment, I'll just put the kettle on and then I'll let her know you're here”

While filling the kettle I turned and looked at Adam

“You have such bad timing”

“Why? Whats up? Are you and Don ok?”

“Yea we are fine mate, was just about to get it on until we heard the door knock, then Donna shot upstairs and I got dressed, hence why it took so long for me to answer the door”

“Ha, I thought it took you a while, well don't let me stop you, I am happy to watch” with such a big grin on his face you would think all his dreams had come true,

I gave off a small laughter, almost a theatre like laugh

“You know it doesn't bother me, it's more if Donna is up for it but if she is I am sure she will let us know, I'll just shout her and let her know you’re here”

As I was leaving the kitchen I could hear Adam finishing off the drink and as I got to the bottom of the stairs I looked up to find Donna just stood there at the top looking back at me.

“Alright babe,” I said “Adam is here, he has just popped in for a quick one on his way past”

“A quick one, I bet he has” with a sexy laughter to her voice

“you're funny, are you coming down for one?”

“One what?”

“Cup of tea you nutter, unless there is something else you want” as I smile back at her knowing she knew what I was referring to.

“I will in a minute, I just want to get changed first”

“OK babe, love you”

“Love you too”

On returning to the kitchen I grabbed two of the drinks from the side and told Adam we may as well go through to the living room.

As we entered the room all I heard from Adam was

“Oh yeah, like that is it”

Quickly turning to ask him what he was on about I realized that Pornhub was still on the TV, I mustn't have closed the browser properly when I was in a rush to get dressed and answer the door.

With a small laughter “I thought I had closed that, was just watching a bit while Donna was in the bath, don't worry I'll close it”

“Don't bother, I don't mind, we all watch it”

“OK, so what do you want to watch?”

“You and Donna”

“I bet that's not all you want either is it?”

Just then I could hear Donna close our bedroom door and begin to make her way down the stairs, with Donna being so horny and Adam being here I started to feel myself getting excited because I loved the sexual banter we all had together and was looking forward to having some face to face for a change, rather than over the phone.

“Hello there sexy” I said as Donna entered the room but to my surprise she had put on her dressing gown which is not unusual for Donna when sitting around the house but what was strange was the fact I could see she didn't have any bottoms on and that was very unusual when we had guests around.

Adam piped up “How do Don? Are you ok hun?”

Donna glanced over at me and then turned to look at Adam

“I am fine thank you, Are you ok?”

”I am good thanks, even better for seeing you”

Straight away you could see the shy look come across Donna's face

“Go away you”

“Go away, I have only just got here, that's not very nice of you”

“Your not funny” just as she turned to look at the TV

“Babe you can't leave this on while someone is here, you need to turn it off”

Adam quickly spoke up

“Why I don't mind, I like watching”

“I bet you do”

“I do thanks, yea, I wouldn't mind watching you and Paul either if you're up for it?”

Adam was always straight to the point with everything, especially when it comes to me and Donna. I looked at Donna and you could see that she didn't know where to put herself

“Just go away you,” she said with a very sexy shy tone to her voice

“Babe, you going to tell him?”

“Tell him what? I don't mind”

“Yea I bet you don't, you just want to see me fuck him don't you”

I gave out a laughter at the same time as Adam and we both looked at each other in shock and then turned to look at Donna

“There are a lot of things I would like to see you do babe, but for now come and sit down and grab your tea before it starts getting cold”

Me and Donna both looked at Adam at the same time and you could see the smile, anticipation, and hope in his face, I knew he wanted to fuck Donna as we had spoken about it plenty of times in the past, me and Donna had also spoken about it but I always got the same answer,

if it happens, it happens, it's not something I am planning on doing it.

It was starting to get hot in the room so I asked Donna if she wanted me to open the window but to my surprise

“No, its ok thank you, if I get too hot I can just open my dressing gown a bit”

“Want me to turn the heating up” Adam quickly announced, turning to look at Donna “Where is your thermostat?”

Donna gave out a subtle laugh,

“No, its ok thank you” as she started to straighten herself up on the sofa

“So what are you wearing under that then?” Adam asked with a big smile on his face

At this point I was also still wondering what she was wearing under her gown as usually, she wouldn't come down without any bottoms on when there are people here, This had got my mind running wild with thoughts, does she want a little fun or am I just getting ahead of myself, as I usually do. The bearskin on her legs looked so soft and gave off a slight shimmer in the light, I could just imagine sitting myself next to her and feeling her legs in an attempt to get her more aroused but I knew it was not worth pushing my luck, if she wanted to do anything she would make it clear like she had done in the past.

“Well wouldn't you like to know” she replied with a cheeky grin on her face

At that point, both I and Adam replied “yes I would” and Adam carried on “so are you going to show us”

“I guess it depends on how hot I get doesn't it”

“Well I can help get you hot if that's what you want”

“Whatever” Donna replied, shaking her head side to side “There are much better women out there to look at, why would you want to look at me”

“Come on Don, surely you know how sexy you are, I mean, just look at you, what is not to like”

“I don't know, maybe my small boobs or my chunky bits”

I gave out a small laugh at the same time as Adam “Fuck off Don, you don't have no chunky bits and I would be more than happy to have a go” feeling very proud of himself while relaying to Donna. You could see Adam rearranging his cock in his trousers so it was obvious he was also enjoying the idea as much as me.

By this time I could feel my cock getting chunky and not from the prospects of having a threesome, but just the banter and sexual tension you could feel in the air between the three of us.

“I have, I don't care what you say, you must just be mad” while folding her arms and shuffling back into the sofa a little more.

“Well I think you look stunning and you are such a lovely person, I can't imagine anyone not wanting a piece of you because I know I sure do, but I think you know that anyway, don't you?”

I looked at Donna and you could see her getting all shy, to me and Adam this was a turn on because of the way she held herself,

I quickly jumped into the conversation

“If it helps I would like to know what you're wearing under there as well babe”

“Yea I bet you would, you dirty bastard, and so would Adam, obviously”

Adam gave off a small chuckle from the corner of the sofa and both myself and Donna turned to look at him

“I would yea, nothing wrong with that is there?”

“For you no. but for me yes”


“Because it's just wrong”

“What is?”

“You wanting me to show you my body and do things while your friend is here, it's just wrong”

“Just wrong, or are you just to shy?”

“Both,” she said while unfolding her arms and relaxing a little in the chair before leaning over to me to ask for her Tea

“It is probably cold now, unlike me and Adam” laughing as I said it

Donna mumbled under her breath so that just I could hear,

“And me”

“What was that,” Adam asked curiously,

“Donna just agreed she is also getting hot”

“Sod of you” laughing and leaning over to slap my arm in a playful manner Donna looked down at her tea and you could see a thin skin starting to form on the top, realizing it had gone past the drinkable temperature she turned and asked me if I minded making a fresh one

“No problem babe, Adam, do you want one?”

“Yes please, and a hot drink if you're offering”

While still laughing about Adam's last comment, I got up, collected the cups together and made my way to the kitchen, but before leaving the living room I noticed the porn video was still paused on the TV.

“Adam, feel free to put something on if you want, save sitting here with a paused screen”

While on my way out the room I heard Adam reply with

“I would rather watch something else, or should I say, someone else” glancing over in Donna’s direction who was still sat in a fairly relaxed position.

I put the kettle on and was about to go back in the livingroom when I decided I may as well wait for the kettle so while waiting I began pottering around in the kitchen when suddenly my warn wet precum came shooting out of my cock and I could feel it running down the inside of my leg, I stopped what I was doing and went off to the toilet to clean myself up, it was a shame in one sense as there was so much I could have done right now with such a big, wet, throbbing cock.

While I was in the bathroom I could hear them both talking but I could not make out what they were saying, Even tho I know Adam wants Donna in a sexual manner it didn't bother me them both being left together in the same room when I was not there because I trusted Donna 100%, all that kept going through my mind was some of the comments made by both Donna and Adam as well as her legs being on show, I so wanted to know what she was wearing and not from a jealous side as this is something I have never really felt while being with Donna, I know she is my life partner so I didn't need to worry, we had a very strong relationship and no matter what we got upto in the past she always came home with me.

after cleaning myself up I left the bathroom and Donna shouted through

“A bit wet are you” you could hear Adam giggle to himself before jumping in “I could do with doing that as well”

“You pair of dirty bastards”

“thank you” I shouted through, just as Adam said exactly the same thing.

Just as the kettle flicked off the boil I could hear footsteps heading towards the kitchen, as I turned around I saw Adam stood there

“Do you want a hand with that?” Adam asked while clenching his fists and shaking them up and down vigorously like it was some sort of hidden celebration. Looking at him,

“what is that all about?” knowing exactly why he was doing it

“Your missus is so fucking hot, I would love to give her one and I really want to know what she is wearing under that gown”

With a big grin spanned across my face “So do I mate, so do I”

“So do you think she wants a good fucking from us both or what?”

“To be honest with you I don't know, she is an in-the-moment kind of girl so who knows, all I do know is that she is always full of surprises”

EXPLAIN A SURPRISE (will expand)

“My advice is not to push it tho, if she wants to I am sure she will let us know in her own way”

Adam raised his hand to pat me on the back

“you really have got yourself a good one there mate, she really loves you, you can tell”

“She is my everything, but you already know that”

“I do mate, I do”

I picked up mine and Donnas cups and told Adam to grab his one as we made our way back towards the living room. Just then I realized I could hear people having sex, has Donna put porn on, surely not, who knows what is possible when it comes to Donna, but we were about to find out.

On entering the room you could feel the heat hit you from the TV, amplifier, and computer all running at the same time, it was almost like a dry heat in the air. I was surprised that Donna hadn't opened the window or put the fan on while I was out making the tea as she regularly suffers from a heat rash.

Glancing at the TV on my way past I could see that there was indeed porn playing and Donna was just walking back to her chair past our large corner sofa, so with both cups in one hand I gave Donna a gentle push towards the settee,

Putting her hands out in front of her she managed to stop herself from falling all the way, now with her hands resting on the sofa holding herself up and slightly bent over she turned her head to look back at me

“What was that for?”

“Well if you sit there I can come and sit next to you if you want? or you can just go back to your usual spot, it's up to you babe”

Whenever we were in the livingroom Donna always sat on the lounger as that was directly in front of the TV so it gave the best TV and sound experience from our amplifier and my computer chair was situated right next to it with my work computer in the back corner of the room where I spent most of my time.

Donna stood back up, turned around and then began straightening out her dressing gown just as Adam walked back in with his face covered with his typical cheesy look,

“Oh yea, stripping off are you, Don”

“No, I'm not thank you, Adam, Paul just decided to come in and push me onto the settee for no apparent reason”

After putting the tea’s down I looked over at Donna to see her undoing the belt on her gown and at that moment my cock began to rise again but I had to keep telling myself to calm down as it didn't mean anything, she was probably just hot like the rest of us, but it did not stop me wondering what she was wearing underneath, hoping to myself it was one of her many sexy outfits that she wears when we go to the swingers club,

After releasing the knot in her belt she didn't open her gown like I hoped she was going to, but instead just sat down looking back at me with a strange grin on her face.

“Am I ok sitting here Don?” said Adam with such an innocent tone to his voice and a slight smirk to one side of his mouth, knowing farewell he was just sat in the corner seat but now Donna was on the main settee he just wanted to get closer,

“If you want, I don't mind, it's up to you” after looking in my direction for some reassurance that it was ok and I just smiled and headed over to join them both.

All three of us was now situated on the main sofa together with Donna in between me and Adam, I was on the left and Adam was on the right closest to the TV which made our intentions obvious as the settee had loads of room but rather than spacing ourselves out we had got as close to Donna as we could without her feeling too uncomfortable.

I looked over towards the TV and noticed that Donna had not only put porn back on but also change the video to what looked like was going to turn into a threesome, That was it, my mind was running wild again wondering if it was a subtle hint that she wanted to be fucked hard by us both spitroast style, there and then.

Just then Adam placed his left hand on Donna's right leg just above her knee and leaned forward to speak to me

“Have you seen what your missus has put on? Naughty girl, love it”

Adam then leaned back again while slowly sliding his hand further up her leg before removing it just as his back reached the settee and his fingertips just catching the bottom of her gown.

Straight away I looked at Donna just to make sure she was ok with it as the last thing I wanted is for her to feel out of place, however, I was reassured by the grin she had, I knew she enjoyed the flirting and that is exactly what she was getting, and plenty of it.

I then repeated the same motion as Adam did so I could reply to him

“I know right, she is so awesome and full of surprises and I love threesomes so that's a bonus for me”

Instead of removing my hand like Adam had, I left it there and began gently stroking her fine leg up and down using just the tips of my fingers and getting a little higher with each soft stroke.

Donna turned to look at me, then looked at Adam before turning her head back to me

“What is this, you can only talk if you touch my leg, is that it?”

Adam quickly put his hand back on Donna’s leg but this time a little higher than before

“Don, I don't mind if you don't mind” before looking over at me to make sure I was ok with it.

“I bet you don't you dirty bastard, but don't worry Paul is just as bad” as she looked down at my hand to see my fingertips was slowly getting higher but this time around the inside of her thigh, you could feel her skin twitching with excitement and the space between her legs slowly began to open up to allow more room for my hand to reach the top of her inside thigh.

Looking at Adam you could see that he had kept his hand where it was and he had just his thumb sliding up and down feeling the soft delicate skin of Donna’s right leg.

As I turned to look at Donna, I could just see inside the top of her dressing gown but I still couldn't make out what she was wearing underneath, Donna saw me looking and smiled

“Like what you see do you?” Donna said as Adam leaned forward to see what she was referring to while at the same time he raised his hand slightly higher up donna’s leg

“I can't see anything, I wish I could tho”

“Well, I am starting to get a little hot now, but it's not like I can take it off can I?”

Adam quickly answered before I had the chance

“You can if you want Don, We don't mind do we Paul”

“Not at all mate, I still can't wait to see what she is wearing underneath it”

“I bet you’s don't mind, but who said I am wearing anything underneath?”

Clearing my throat before speaking

“even better then, but it's up to you babe, you know I don't mind, I am just a dirty bastard”

“I know you are”

Adam jumped to his feet and then looked at Donna

“Would you feel more comfortable if me and Paul removed our trousers first?”

Donna put her one hand up to her face trying to hide her shy giggly look

“You can't do that, it's just wrong”

“Why is it? What is so wrong with it?” Adam continues “we are all consenting adults and you know it wouldn't go any further than us three”

“I know but I just feel wrong doing it because it's just naughty”

“Naughty is good, so do you want us to or what?”

“It's up to you pair, I can’t stop you”

Defore Donna had finished her last sentence Adam had already started to undo his trousers and I had lept to my feet to do the same thing.

Donna began to giggle in a shy manner and not knowing where to put herself she just covered her face with both hands and began mumbling something but we couldn't make out what it was.

We both dropped our trousers at roughly the same time, Adam was stud wearing his boxers and I was commando as earlier when Donna had removed my trousers and I had to get them back on in a rush I just grabbed my boxers and chucked them up the stairs as I went past.

My cock was throbbing hard and you could see the wetness glistening in the light. Adam had a big bulge in his pants from his cock being restricted and just as Donna removed one hand from her face Adam whipped out his cock and shimmed his boxers to the floor by wiggling his legs which made his hard cock rock from side to side in front of Donna's face

“Is that better Don, Do you feel a bit more relaxed now”

“No not at all, you're both stood there with your cocks out in front of me”

I began slipping my shoes off and stepped out of my trousers before tossing them to one side of the room just as Adam was doing the same.

“How do you expect me to feel”

I replied with lucky as Adam said horny as Donna replaced her hand back on her face then began shaking her head from side to side while giggling into the palm of her hands.

I took my throbbing cock into my left hand and gave it a bit of a squeeze at the same time thrusting my hand back and forth a few times until my precum began dripping off the end of my cock, Donna giggled and looked at me

“You might want to go and dry yourself off a bit” then turned to look at Adam who was squeezing his balls in the palm of his hand while using his other hand to hold his cock pointed in Donna’s direction, As I looked over I noticed he was also dribbling and there was that much of it you could also see it on his forefinger and thumb.

“I think I might need to dry off a little as well unless you want to do it for me Don” as he looked up from his wet cock and gazed in Donna’s direction

“No thanks, you can clean it yourself you dirty bastard” turning her head in my direction and holding her right hand up to cover the side of her face with embarrassment

“Don't pretend to be shy babe, you know you love the attention”

“I do, but it doesn't stop me from being embarrassed, especially when your friend is stood there in front of me with cock in hand asking if I want to clean it off for him”

“If it makes you feel better you can start with mine”

“First you want to know what I am wearing and now you want me to play with your cock, make your mind up”

“I do, or should I say we do want to know what you're wearing and to play with us”

Donna leaned forward and began laughing softly from the embarrassment but then suddenly reached out with both hands and took a cock in each, you could see she was still embarrassed and giggling to herself, I looked to see her wanking Adam’s cock in a smooth motion and the end of his cock was so wet it began to dribble down the back of Donna’s hand, then to my surprise she leant even further and slowly started licking around the end of Adam’s throbbing cock and you could see his precum gathering around her lips, it looked so wet and inviting. Adam took a step forward and leant his head back enjoying the moment but just then she squeezed my cock and pulled me forward to then take my whole cock deep into the back of her throat, Letting out a wow I began to get lost in the moment, her warm mouth sliding up and down my hard cock and squeezing her hand around my base on every stroke of her warm wet lips,

“Yea Don, go on, suck his cock and get it really wet, that looks so good” He then used his left hand and placed it on the back of Donna’s head and began thrusting her mouth up and down my cock, the wetness was now beginning to escape from the sides of her mouth and onto her hand before dropping to the floor between my feet.

Suddenly Donna pulled away and removed her hands from our cocks

“There you go, happy now”

“We were until you pulled away, is everything ok?”

“Yes thank you, you asked me to clean you both of and that is what I have done, what do I get?”

Adam was happy to answer

“Anything you want Don”

“So what do you want then babe?”

“I don't know, ill have a think about it while I go and get cleaned up myself”

“I don't mind doing it for you babe”

“I have just sucked your cock and your friend's cock, my hands and mouth are covered and you're offering to clean me up, are you mad?”

“To be honest I see it as more naughty than mad”

“Me too, I tell you what Don, I don't mind helping either”

Just then Adam took Donna’s right hand that she had just been using on him and took a couple of fingers in his mouth and slowly began extracting them umming and arring while sliding them back and forth, I soon followed but I first lowered myself onto my knees and started by taking my tongue and slowly licking up and down her fingers one at a time licking up all the mess I had created, I could feel the warm wetness from my cock begin to gather around my lips and this enhanced the sensations I was currently feeling.

to be continued...