Written by Mike and Steph

15 Jan 2005

Steph and i are both in our early 40's. Steph is a blonde stunner with a very good figure and very sexy. She loves sex and will wear stockings to tease me.

Anyway for a few months for some reason or other we bickered and did not really get on. So one afternoon i decided to buy her some flowers and take them home to surprise her. It was me who got the surprise. I crept in and found no one in but then heard some laughter from upstairs. I crept up and the door to the spare bedroom was open a bit. Steph was on her back with her stocking legs wrapped around a guys waist. i could clearly see his big cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She was moaning and writhing saying 'thats it come on fuck me, oh fuck me'.

I was about to rush in when i found that i was getting a hard on. so i got my cock out and started slowly wanking as i watched this guy fuck my wife.

After he had cum he pulled his cock out and i watched his creamy cum ooze out, it was very thrilling, i nearly came myself.

i hid as he dressed and left, promising to be back the next day. Steph stayed in bed and dozed off. So i undressed and crept in the bedroom. She lay sleeping looking so innocent but her legs were apart. So i crept closer until my nose was just about to touch her gaping pussy. I looked at it, puffy and sticky, the guys cum still dribbling out. i could smell her pussy and spunk mixed, it was a heady aroma. without thinking i stuck my tongue out and gently started to lick her. i could taste thier mixed love juices. Steph squirmed and moaned obviously enjoying the feeling.

Suddenly she screamed and sat up, awake and aware.

We talked and cried and talked for quite a while but she noticed i was getting hard again. She said she found it incredibly turned on that i had licked her spunk filled pussy, especially seeing it on my moustache and goatee. We talked more and then decided that i would have the next day off work.

When John turned up he was surprised to see me there, but soon relaxed when it became clear we wnated to have a threesome. Soon in the bedroom Steph and i were in a 69 until John knelt behind Steph and i watched from a very close as his cock slide into her waiting pussy. I enjoyed watching them fuck, as steph sucked my cock. When John came his cum gushed out and down onto my face. i lapped and slurped it up. When we had tidied ourselves up John said he had a mate who would love to come around and especially to meet me. i was puzzled at first until he said that Mike, loved to be sucked off by a guy, and why not try it direct?

Steph encouraged me to go for it, it would be so horny she said, so i agreed.

Two days later John and Mike came around. Soon we were in the bedroom and as Steph started sucking John, i started on Mike. I soon found i liked this and got carried away so that Steph commented on it, when Mike sucked my cock at the same time. Suddenly my mouth was full of his cum, forcing me to swallow as he unloaded more. This made me cum as well. By now Steph had been fucked by John, so i licked Steph out as well, while Mike sucked me until i came. While we were doing this i felt my ass being played with and then invaded by a finger, followed by a vibrator. Steph was using this on me. I enjoyed this once i got over the shock, and i came loads.

Now we all meet regularly, plus Steph and i also have a wide range of friends through contact sites on the web, such as this one. I am now fully bi, and Steph loves to watch me suck a guy off, and being fucked in the ass. So i am as much of a cumslut as Steph and we love it.