Written by tounge_tastic

7 Apr 2006

It was a Saturday night several years ago when I had the pleasure of meeting a women from Greece. She had a fantastic body with the sexiest tits I had ever seen on a women, they just begged for attention.

After dinner we headed back to my place for a night cap and with the matter of minutes we had stripped each other naked and I had on the floor with her legs apart and all I could think about was how I was going slowly lick that pussy until she would cum in mouth.

She was so wet down there, I thought that I would never be able to cope, but when she demanded that I play with her tight little ass hole.... that was it.

I was having to grip her legs as hard a possible as she was thrasing and bucking as she was cumming over and over again.

It was at that point I turned her over and started to finger her wet pussy whilst giving her ass a good licking.

It was at that point she wanted my cum all over the entrance to her wet hole. I rubbed the tip of my hard cock around the entrance, just so that she could feel me, then I took it away and sprayed my hot cum all over her pussy and ass hole...

That was one session that lasted all night....