Written by RichardJune

17 Apr 2005

This is a follow up or actually a prequel to my tale of a few days ago entitled 'Just us oldies'.

We two knew where we were going, out to dinner, and we knew why.

We were discreet lovers with the agreement of her husband, meeting when we could and enjoying each other as lovers do.

All three of us are in our 60s, no spring chickens, but oldies need love too.

June has a healthy appetite for sex and she was not fully satisfied in this regard at home. As usual I had visited them, taken J out to dinner and then returned to her house while her husband was out at his club as agreed. She had been refreshingly shameless and had simply sat me down on her sofa and gone to make coffee, come back without any, naked! She stripped me off and straddled me fast until she screamed as we both climaxed. K is a robust woman, her ample breasts were swinging joyfully above me as she rode me; her arms were up and her hands behind her head; the look on her face was a joy to see.

I was to stay the night in her spare bedroom and she elected to come to that bed with me for a while. We were playing gently, she straddling my thigh and rubbing her clit on it while playing with and reviving my manhood. She had commanded me to do nothing, to leave everything to her; she had a lovely look of vacant concentration as she did all this, totally absorbed in her twin tasks; exciting herself and me.

She didn’t even blink as her husband (T) returned, clanking about a bit as one does on returning home; and then he came into the spare room! J just carried on with this wicked grin on her face; T bent over and kissed her breasts. Her nipples were huge and she barely lost a stroke as T got undressed and continued to kiss and massage her breasts. I decided that if they were happy, I was too; so I put my hands to good use, gently penetrating her pussy which was getting very wet again. Of course they had planned this as a surprise for me; my very first threesome! T understood that his wife’s pussy was mine for this night and he respected that.

We shifted a bit and J was lying on her back between us, I moved down and started kissing her pussy, using my nose to keep her clit erect and ‘aware’. I could hear T kissing away at her breasts and more importantly I could hear J begin to moan and I could feel her begin to wriggle uncontrollably. Gently, I put fingers into her pussy finding her ‘spot’ and moved my head up to kiss her body and mouth; she returned this kiss hungrily. I like the scent of J and I kissed her armpit, an action she loves. It seemed that T liked doing this too and he kissed the armpit on the other side.

J simply ‘lost it’ and was screaming and she had an explosive orgasm that was very wet and wouldn’t stop. All this without even having a penis inside her! A little later she held both our cocks; I will never forget the look of pure ecstasy on J’s face as she did this! What IS it that makes women really like the reality of two erect penises?

T knelt behind her supporting her head on his lap and held her with his arms under hers and his hands on her breasts. I moved down and raising her hips onto a couple of pillows I allowed my now very erect penis to penetrate her right to the hilt. In the full and excited view of J and her husband T, I fucked J for as long as I could. She was still rumbling and trembling ‘in orgasm’, and then, when I could hold on no longer I came explosively inside her. She was screaming anew and T also came all over her head and shoulders as he saw the climaxing orgasm achieved by us both.

All three of us collapsed in a heap and T and I paid gentle attention to J as she unwound. They then went to their bed and left me to sleep the sleep of the sated!

Both T and J say that such experiences spice up their life and that they rely on them for a fulfilled sex life; I was happy to assist!

Since that time J and I have ‘swung’ a very few times together and we have enjoyed it. We have been lucky with the people we swung with; we are both ‘just ordinary people’, not models. We would like to try again sometime, gently and in a friendly and relaxed house after some social interaction. We think we think that swinging is about more than just sex, it is about expressing friendship in the most expressive way.