Written by P and T

19 Sep 2006

Ive just read the story of the Taxi drivers slut and want to share this one with you from a while back.

Me and my partner were stopping in Betws Y Coed at a hotel with an all night pool,it was only small and as it turned out so were a motor bike group.We had been drinking heavily in the bar with them some youngish in their 20s and others up to 50. As usual we got on to the sex subject with one of the girls bragging that she had had 4 guys in one night and described in deyail how they took her. This got me turned on and T could tell it as he pushed his fingers on my soaking panties under the table to which I squrmed and the girl Sian smilled. We went to the toilet together and she asked how many I had had at a time ,just two I said.How dissapointing I thought you werea horny bitch she said ,im willing to try more I said and the plan was hatched for a midnight skinny dip in the pool. Me and T arived first and took off our towels and slipped in the water. Jake arrived next with his mate and quickly joined us followed by the others with Sian coming last and she stripped to whistles and jeers she had great firm tits and a trimmed fanny.

We splashed about for a whie with various hand feeling my tits and fanny Jake even tried to enter me from behind but that was not the plan. Sian gave me a look and came over and started to snog me I glanced at T and he smilled. She fondled me and I her and then we walked up the steps from the pool to the two benches and Sian said right boys its you lucky night how many of you can wear us out and who can last longest. Jake was first with me and T was at Sian in a flash two others were at my tits and I was in extacy taking it in turns to suck coks that had just been in Sians mouth.

I noticed Sians tits drooping ang swinging as she was pumped doggy style then noticed mine doing the same. Two guys later Ralph came to me he was tall about 50 and had a huge cock I hadnt noticed before. I wasnt sur I could take it and he must have senced it as he said I be slow. I mutiple orgasm and was soaking by now and as he entered me as I lay on the bench he sucked my niple so hard I nearly screamed ,he sensed I was ready and let me have it all.

Jesus I cried yes he said jokingly and pushed even more in me ,I swear it felt like he was touching my tosils.Ithen noticed Sian smilling Im on up on you she said.

Right I clenched my fanny tight and wrigled to make Ralph come which he did. Next I screamed and it was like a blur as cocks and hands were all over me including Sians ,Im too sore she said sqeezing my fanny with Ts cock in me YOU WIN.I had 11 cocks that night over 4 hours and a dildo that Sian brought down what I didnt realise was that photos were taken and T had them developed by a friend(weve gone digi now).Next day was I sore ,been overdoing it said the land lady just a bit said Ralph walking don the steps grinning. We never exchanged Nos but if you read this Sian leave A message the site we visit it most days.