Written by jenny

20 Sep 2006

Quite a lot I consider??? however they are a good way to spend an hour laughing at the ridiculous spelling and poor story lines. Every now and then though there is a story which seems plausible and is written by someone who dosent want to write 5 volumes and they strike a chord with our lifestyle.

We have a one sided open relationship, which we have enjoyed since our early married life.

I am bi and have always had a need to enjoy the feel of another warm soft female body entwined with mine.

It soon followed all those years ago that I should also enjoy extra experiences with other men, that I might meet.

Swinging Heaven has helped me to realise that We are by no means a minority, and by the sheer amount of fantasies lived out by peoples stories, no wonder I have had little trouble enticing women that I have flirted with, to undress me, caress me, taste and enjoy me.

And no wonder I have had no trouble in persuading men, very often married, to have no strings sex with me, some big some small but most average in size.

My extra lovers have been short, tall, bright and not so bright, Shaven, hairy....and very hairy!!!

I am sure that men and women of today no longer wish to be bound by hundreds of years of brainwashing from the generations before us who have told us that to have sex outside marriage is wrong.

Ill tell you what these stories and fantasies prove to me....that thousands and thousands of couples are frustrated and would love dearly to be sexually free.

To those of you who are men posting your fantasies.......tell your partners....you will often be surprised.

To the girls who read the fantasies, but could not tell there partners........your man lays beside you as frustrated as you are.

And to those chaps who are for one reason or another single for life, read on, wank slowly, and enjoy!!!