Written by Phil

16 Aug 2005

For a few weeks we had been getting hints that all was not well with the couple next door. getting mesages that they were about to split up.

Being the sort of people who do not pry into the lives of others nothing was said. Then one day it happened Carole with some help from her family was seen packing her belongings into a van and moving out.

The day after she returned home when her husband was out and the kids were at school to collect some things. We had a few things whicj belonged to their kids so I got them to gether and went next door. Carole came to the door and saw I had an arm full of toys so asked me in.

I put the toys on the kitchen table and turned to Carole to say how sorry I was that she was leaving and that things had not worked out with her and colin. At this point tears strated to roll down her very attarctive face, she was only a couple of feet away so I put an arm arround her to give her a comforting cuddle (little did I expect whatwas to follow!!!)

She asked if I had a few minutes as she need some one to talk to and that she had always seen me as a good listener. I didn't have anywhere to go and it was a few hours before anybody would be home so I said yes. We went into the living room and I sat on the sofa while Carole poured a dring for us.

To my suprise she sat right beside me on the sofa and asked me to continue to cuddle her, by now I was starting to feel a little aroused, after a couple of minutes Carole was talking about the lack of any sex live with Colin being one of the difficulties that had lead to the split up, now this really got me to be a very good listener and got my cock to start herdening.

At this stage Carole head was on my chest and she couls see a bulge in my jeans, she laughed and said thats some thing I have not seen in a while. Feeling a little a shamed I said I was sorry but that being so close to her and all of the emotions I could not help myself. She said to to worry, she was fine with it and that it was a complement to her. At this stage is was rubbing her back and my hand sliped inside her top and I could feel the warm flesh under. Carole did not flince indeed she moved her hand under my teeshirts and ran her finfers across my chest, by now I was as hard as I had ever been in my life!

Carole to my suprise and delight said that she had not seen an errect cock for ages and could she look at mine? The answer was off course. She undid the top button on my jeans and then undid the zip, removing my cock fron my shorts, all ready with pre cum arround its tips. She seemed pleasedc with the effect she was having on me and took my cock in one hand and gave it a soft and gentle wank,

By this stage my hand was undoing her bra and then pulling her top off, she showed no signs of resistance to this si i cupped one of her nice small but firm tits in one hand to find that her nipples were as hard as rock, with this she move her head down to start sucking at my cock. She then stopped looked at me and said if we are going to do this lets dio it right and took me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom. As soon as we got there she striped naked, i didn't need any more advice and striped as well.

As i stood up from taking my jeans off all I couls see was Carole bum as she was bending over to get something from a bottom draw. She Said "this is what I was comming back for" and pulled out a box which once opened I relised she had used to replace her husbands lack of sex!

Now with a twinkle in her eye she said that she had always wanted to play with her toys with another man and this was the first chance that she had had and would I mind ? Off course I would not mind!!!

Good she said as she took out a vibrating rabbit, by now I was kissing her back and cupping her tits with one hand while the other sliped in to her wet pussy and boy was it wet. As the first finger entered she let out a sream " Oh fuck fuck fuck i and comming!!" She turned slightly leaving her arse in the air and she fuck me with that vibrator which I did getting the rabitts ears right on her clit and pushing the rest as deep as it would go inside her.

It was clear that this was just what Carole wanted, she was now on all fours i looked at the box of toys and found there was some baby oil in the box. I took the bottle out and Carole move one hand down to hold the vibrator in place to allow me to use both hands to run the oil into her arse, then move a finger into her arse. "oh my god that is good" she said. At this point I move up behind her and pushed my cock between her buttocks. " Fuck my arse please fuck my arse" Carole cried out.

My cock slid in with ease and I could feel the ibrations of the vibrator in her cunt as I slowly fucked her arse, with this she came for the second time. with that she went all limp and moved away so that my cock was free from her arse and removed the vibrator, looked at me and said now its your turn.

Carole laid me on the bed and using the ties from two dressing gowns tied my hands to the bed head. by this stage my cock has about to explode. Carole sat asride me and lowered her dripping wet cunt onto my cock, knowing I was on the point of cumming she sant still with me deep inside and started to tease me as she tighten and realsed her cunt around my cock. It only took a matter of seconds before I came inside her.

Carole faces was covered in this wicked smile and she lifted herself up and moved to allow her cunt to be just above my mouth she then sat on my face and said lick me out please lick me out. This I did with great pleasyre bringing her to another climax.

Carole rolled of me and undid the ties to relaese my hands, we then cuddled and after a while with carole plying with my cock it hardened and this time i slid into her from the side and we had a very nice gentle shag both cumming together.

Bt now time was getting on and i had to go home before the wife and kids came home. Carole looked at me as I dressed ans said thank you but you know that was a one off as I will not be back here again.

I live in hope but I have not seen Carole for two months now. I suppose I will just have to see if there is any body out there in the north east would like to give me a second chance. If so I would love to hear from you!!