Written by david

28 Jun 2006

Im a 26yr old wife of 3yrs and now my sex life has gone up to nympho standard,after my husband spied on me having sex against an alley wall.It happened a couple of weeks ago we had a row and i went out for a walk to cool down.I passed a guy walking down an alley and he made a remark to me so i grabbed his cock through his jeans and said Ok do something about it,he span me round and pulled my skirt up and thong to one side and without a pause shoved his bare cock into my now wet cunt he fucked me roughly and unbeknown to me my hubby had been looking for me found me but kept his distance as the guy fucked me to completion his spunk was running out of me as he zipped up and walked off.Hubby had watched all from the shaddows.When i got in i went to the bathroom to clean up when i had finished hubby went in and found my spunky thong in the washing basket he brought it into the bedroom and sniffed it in front of me he sucked the spunk from it while wanking his cock in front of me.He told me he had watched me being fucked and that it turned him on.He gave me permission to fuck any guy i want and then come home full of cum for him to sniff and wank into my spunky thongs,since that night i have fucked several guys in the back of my car and even had my first black and asian cocks up me,Hubby has started to clean me up with his tongue now when i get in and to tell him who and how many guys ive fucked during the evening.I feel so horny all the time that i am concidering working as an escort and working from home so that hubby can hear the guys banging into me while he wanks in the next room.