Written by Nurse Jacky

27 Sep 2006

Back in July this year, my hubby (terry548) posted a story of the first time i fucked another man for him. It turned out to be 3 other men but see his story for the details. He had pestered me for years to do it but I kept resisting thinking it would be a disaster.

How wrong could I be!!! What a night, never had so many orgasms and such fun.

Well he actually got a bit jealous afterwards and promised never to ask me to repeat the episode. We instead went in for a bit of cyber sex and phone sex with other guys which seemed to satisfy his needs.

However, the episode had opened my eyes to other experiences which I would love to share on here.

I will recall some older ones over time but here is a recent episode that hubby know nothing about.

I work as a nurse in an NHS hospital aand have developed a friendship with a consultant. Just friendly chat and we discovered we had a shared interest in antiques. Well I had a day off duty in the middle of the week and the weather was nice back in July, so I decided to go for a wander in town. I decided to dress up a bit to make me feel good and put on some nice make-up. I wore a t-shirt top that has a built in bra section that gives me a decent cleavage (I am 36C) and wore a light summer skirt and thong.

I was wandering in the market square when I bumped into my consultant friend - Tony. He asked me what I was up to and I said just browsing. I asked him the same and he said he was off to an antique's fair and did I want to join him. I thought why not and agreed to go with him. He sid it was pointless taking two cars so I moved mine to a longer term car park and got into his sports car. Well it was more like fell in as it was so low. My skirt rode up and I was a bit embarrassed as Tony must have got a glimpse of my thong.

He drove the 30 minutes to the fair and we had a nice few hours there, chatting about antiques, work and having a couple of stops for coffees. It got to time to leave and once again I almost fell into his car giving him another glimpse of thong and thigh. We started the drive home but after about 10 minutes he pulled into a quiet layby. I asked what was wrong but he just leaned over and kissed me. I was shocked at first but my mouth soon opened and our tongues entwined. He gently caressed my tits through my top and gradually pulled it down to expose my hardening nipples. He took them in his mouth one then the other and I pulled his head onto my tits. He seemd to flip a lever and the seats reclined. His hand started to roam up my left thigh as he leaned across me and he then moved his hand over my pubic mound. I should have stopped him I know but we had had such a good day together that it seemed quite natural to make love to him. His fingers moved aside my thongs and were inside my already soaking wet shaved pussy. I opened my legs wantonly to give him better access. He moved down and soon I felt the wonderful feeling of his tongue on my pussy. He was great and within minutes a conbination of his licking and fingering my pussy soon had an orgasm building within me. I pulled his head in deeper as I screamed through my orgasm. As I recovered he took off his trousers and pulled his boxers off to reveal a mighty solid 8" of manhood which he rubbed over my aching pussy giving me beautiful sensations before slipping the entire length into me. I was bucking underneath him and deeply french kising this wonderful lover. I wrapped my legs around him to give hime full penetration and responded as best as I could to the wonderful pounding my pussy was getting. I started to build up to another orgasm and started to scream his name out loud, he gave one mighty thrust as I was just finishing my orgams and I could feel my pussy being bathed with his lovely cum. He slowed his pace and eased his still hard cock out of my stisfied pussy. He brought it up to my face and I was soon licking and slurping over for all I was worth. I teased his balls with my tongue and hand and he was pushing his cock in and out of my mouth as he held the back of my head and fucked my mouth. This lasted for what seemed like forever until, with a moan from him, my mouth was bathed with a huge amount of cum as he pumped and pumped into me. I licked it clean and we kissed and cuddled for a while. The we got dressed and drove back to pick up my car. There was a bit of an embarrassed silence on the way back but I invited him back home for a coffee and we spent the rest of the afternoon, sucking and fucking. I will tell you about that in my next story.