Written by friendly_cple32

10 Jul 2006

It was my hubby's birthday last weekend and as usual I had not a clue as to what present to get him. We have enjoyed reading the sexy stories in this section for a while now and he is keen to dip our feet in to the world of swinging. He has suggested on several occasions that he would love to see me get fucked by another guy, I have always dismissed the idea totally. Well as it was his birthday I thought I would place an ad for a single guy and see what happens.

I placed the ad and received some great replies. There were 2 guys who replied who really caught my eye. I replied to one of them "Steve" and we had a chat on the phone and explained that my hubby knew nothing of my plan and that he was to pass himself off as an ex colleague from work. I made the arrangements to meet with him at about 10,30. I did explain that I could not guarantee hubby or I would go through with it though and he accepted that.

I booked us in to a nice hotel and packed an overnight bag. As far as hubby was concerned we were just going for a nice meal and to stay over without the kids. I was still very uncertain as to how he would react and if I could go through with it. Anyway, we arrived at the hotel around 6o'clock and showered and changed for dinner. As usual he was changed and ready well ahead of me, so I told him to check out the bar and I would join him when I was ready. I had bought some really sexy undie’s and a new long fitted black dress. We sat down for dinner at 7 45 and I could not stop trembling and was very worried that he would notice. We had a wonderful meal a couple of bottles of wine etc. We retreated to the bar at around 10 and I found us a quiet, cosy corner. Ian my hubby was keen to take me upstairs but I managed to persuade him that we had all night together and that there was no rush. He asked me if I was ok as I looked a little flushed. I knew I could not hold it together much longer and could feel myself burning up... Steve arrived exactly on time and as instructed fixed himself a drink and stood at the bar. I told Ian I would not be long an ex colleague had just arrived and I should say hi to him. Ian said fine but hurry up as he was feeling very horny. Steve looked very smart and sexy in fact even better than his photo. Steve and I chatted for a few minutes at the bar and polished our cover story and his excuse for being in the hotel. I told him to give me a couple of minutes and join us at our table in the corner and I would introduce him to Ian. A few minutes later he came over and Ian ordered us all a round of drinks. We all chatted for a while and had a couple of drink’s, Steve made his excuses and went back to the bar. Ian and I chatted and he told me he seemed like a nice guy. I eventually plucked up courage and asked Ian if he would like to try out his fantasy and ask Steve to join us tonight. Ian looked straight in to my eyes and said "darling you know I would love to see him fuck you, are you happy with that?". I responded darling you know I would do anything for you seen as its your birthday.... Ian was off like a shot to ask Steve to join us at the table again. Oh Jesus I thought this is really going to happen now and I was filled with a mixture of excitement, fear and trepidation. We chatted and I asked Steve if he would like to join us in our room for a nightcap he said he would if he was not intruding. Ian assured him he was more than welcome. We went up to our room and grabbed a drink from the mini-bar. Steve sat on the sofa and I sat next to him with Ian sat on the bed. I think we were all trying to play it innocently but we all knew what was going to happen. I could see a bulge starting to appear in both Ian and Steve's trousers.

I knew it was time to break the ice so I leant over and kissed Steve passionately and worked my hand up his thigh and on to his bulge which was quite impressive. Ian soon joined us and began to release the zip on the back of my dress, he slipped his hand in and began to fondle my breasts whilst nibbling the nape of my neck which he knows I love. Steve’s hand began to work slowly up my legs and to my soaking pants. I suggested that we all get on the bed as we would all be more comfortable. As I stood Ian and Steve helped me out of my dress to reveal my matching thong, bra and hold-ups and guided me to the bed. Steve and Ian joined me either side and began to explore my body, I was in heaven and any fears I had were now turned to passion. I undid Steve’s belt and worked my hand inside his pants, he was by now rock hard and quite large. Ian undressed and began to undo my bra. I took Steve's cock out and began to work my tongue around the head before taking as much as I could in my mouth all the while Ian was giving me encouragement and playing with my boobs. I sucked greedily on Steve’s cock and could taste his sweet pre cum in my mouth. Ian continued playing with my boobs and Steve had 2 fingers inside me and his thumb working my clit. I turned my attentions to Ian and began to suck his cock greedily, Steve continued to finger fuck me whilst sucking and gently biting my nipples. I could feel an orgasm brewing and could hold back no longer and screamed out as I felt my body spasm and I came. Steve pulled my pants aside went down on me and began sucking my clit and working his tongue in my love tunnel. I could feel my juices running down the inside of my thighs which were eagerly cleaned up by Steve. I was soon coming again and collapsed in a heap. I eventually regained my composure and told Steve and Ian to lay on the bed and I took turns sucking their cocks whilst wanking the other. Ian told me he wanted to see Steve come in my mouth so I turned my full attentions to Steve and sucked greedily on his cock as Ian sat aside me and watched attentively as he finger fucked me. Steve warned me that he was going to come which made me suck harder. Steve came extremely heavily in my mouth, swallowing as much as I could with the remainder running down my chin with his last spurt hitting me square in the face. I turned my attentions to Ian who came almost instantly in my mouth, over my face and boobs. We had a comfort break and a quick drink whilst we regained our composure. We chatted very openly now with the ice being well and truly shattered now, I can not believe how comfortable and at ease I was with the situation. Ian told us he found it very erotic to watch me suck Steve’s cock and now he wanted to watch Steve fuck me. By now both Steve and Ian were recovering. As we finished our drinks and chatted I slowly wanked Steve until be became almost fully erect. I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck him back to full hardness which was surprisingly quickly. I asked Steve if he was now ready to fuck me, his smile said it all he was as keen to fuck me as I was to be fucked. Steve produced a condom and placed it on his cock. I told him to lay on the bed and climbed on top of him, despite his size as I lowered myself on him he entered my soaking pussy surprisingly easily. I was soon riding him for all I was worth. Ian was playing with my boobs and clit as he watched me fuck this total stranger. I was soon coming again as Steve bucked in rhythm with my movements. I came a total of 3 times before collapsing on the bed breathless. Ian asked Steve if he was happy to come inside me to which he replied sure. As I lay with my head in the pillow with my arse in the air I could feel Steve position himself behind me and slowly enter me. He grabbed my hips and began fucking long and hard, could feel his balls slapping against my clit with each thrust. I came again and screamed for him not to stop. He continued to pound me before I felt his warm rush of spunk inside me. We continued to fuck me slowly for a few minutes. As soon as he withdrew Ian took his place and fucked me until he also emptied his load in side me. I have never felt anything like it. Their juices were oozing out of me and down my thighs. Whilst the guys had a break and a drink I sucked Steve’s cock slowly and to my amazement he was soon fully hard, I sucked and wanked him until he came again in my mouth. I cleaned myself up before kissing him goodnight and thanking him for a wonderful time as he left. Ian and I fucked a further twice that night eventually getting to sleep at 4 am. We awoke some 6 hours later showered and checked out of the hotel. Ian and I thoroughly loved the experience and are keen to explore the swinging scene further now.