Written by Sally

15 Jan 2004

I arranged with Grant to go and collect the photo's he had taken from the first photo shoot he did for my Husbands Dare (Part 1).

I dressed like a little slut for the second visit to collect the photo's as Paul had dared me this time to get fucked by the black guy. He didn't know that Grant had already fucked me and wasn't going to say no to Paul in letting me do it again. I wore my lacy bra and small white thong set with white stockings and suspender set, a tight white top my wrap round skirt with white high heels and plenty of make-up. As I looked at myself in the mirror I thought what a slut you look.

I drove to the studio and rung on the bell, Grant opened the door letting me enter. As I walked passed him I felt his hand lightly brush over my ass. Grant pointed towards another door saying this way, once inside the studio Grant asked if I fancied having some more photo's taken to which I didn't need asking twice. I was taken to another room where a bed was already set up as was his camera.

I sat on the bed letting my wrap round skirt slightly full open letting him see my stockings and suspenders, he clicked away as once again I slowly stripped out of my clothes as he clicked away. I teased him a bit as I removed my bra so slowly before letting it flop to the floor with the rest of my clothes. I laid back on the bed opening my legs running my hands over my body as he continued clicking away. Now stand by the wall facing it he said which I did hopping this was the point when he would have me again.

I closed my eyes waiting to feel his hands touch my body as I slowly moved my ass from side to side I heard him clicking away saying nice very nice. Then I felt a pair of hand touching my ass as I was kissed on my back I let out a little moan saying yessss waiting for hi to touch my waiting pussy which was already starting to drip with my juices. I then felt a pair of hands caressing my tits and a hard cock touching my ass I pushing back onto it rubbing my ass against it. I whispered Grant's name but got a surprise when I looked round to see it wasn't Grant, I pulled back in horror only to hear Grant say don't worry you are OK enjoy it.

The new black stranger was now on his knees behind me easing down my small white thong his tongue running down the crack of my ass until I felt it reach my wet pussy. He probed his tongue deeply into my pussy as I pushed myself back making it easy for him to get deeper into me. Grant clicked away as I turned round to see the black stranger standing there his black cock rock hard, I dropped to my knees gently stroked him before moving my mouth towards it. I eased back his foreskin as I flicked my tongue over the tip then slowly moved my mouth over the full length of it. I started to mouth fuck him and could hear Grant clicking away thinking how much of a slut I must of looked.

The black stranger pulled me to my feet kissing me as he eased me towards the bed he laid me down gently whispering I going to fuck you hard you little dirty white whore this really got me going as at this point I felt like a whore. I parted my legs wide as slowly he moved between my legs rubbing his hard cock against my clit, he moved across me kissing me again as I felt his black cock part the lips to my pussy. I arched my back slightly waiting to feel every inch of his cock in me with a hard thrust he slammed his hard black cock into my pussy, placing my arms round his neck we kissed as he started to slowly fuck me I moved my hips to meet every thrust of his cock. Grant just kept clicking away as this black stranger pounded away inside me.

The black stranger pulled back and got me to turn over, he lifted me by my waist and told me how he was going to fuck my nice tight white ass, I closed my eyes feeling his hard cock gently brushing against the hole to my ass the tip gently pressing against it before he pushed every inch slowly into my ass. Grant moved round a little and clicked away as I started getting my ass well and truly fucked by this black stranger. I moved backwards taking him as deeply as I could, he asked was I enjoying having my little white ass fucked by a black man I just called out yes. Moment later I was moved onto my back again with my legs lifted over my shoulders as the black stranger pushed his hard cock back into my pussy really deeply hitting the top of my womb, he really pounded me hard and fast as Grant took close up shots of the black strangers cock deeply inside me. Again after a short while he moved back letting my legs full onto the bed, he parted them holding them wide open kneeling between them his cock again soon buried inside my pussy.

Grant moved closer clicking away as the black stranger started fucking my pussy once more, he asked me if I was full protected to which I cried out NO he smiled saying good I asked he to cum in my mouth as I didn't want to get pregnant. He continued pounding away into my pussy as I felt an almighty climax building, he gripped my ass lifting it slightly off the bed fucking me harder I started to shake as I climaxed hard over his black cock slipping faster to and from my pussy I scream out fuck me I'm your white whore fuck me. Buy now he was laying between my legs whispering how he was going to cream my white slut pussy before placing a big love bite on my right tit, I pushed my hips hard wanting him to cum I was lost in my excitement and didn't care I was unprotected. Grant click way saying fuck that dirty white nigger loving whore, the black stranger gave one last very hard thrust and I felt him shooting his cum deep inside me hitting the top of my womb. He stayed there until every last drop drained from his balls telling how he hoped he had knocked me up. He rolled from me as Grant clicked away at the cum slowly dribbling from my pussy.

I got dressed still shaking from my hard climax thinking what have I done. Grant told me he had some great shots of me fucking. With that he passed my £250 saying that was my fee for the shoot and that he more work lined up for me.