Written by Hubby

8 Apr 2005

Dogging Advert : 246207. Here is what I would like to do to you:

”You would be dressed very sexily in stockings suspenders, high heels, the works! We meet somewhere outdoors late at night, (perhaps blindfold you to start with, but I will want to see your face later on) and start undressing you, pulling your short skirt up around your waist and undoing your shirt, slowly caressing each breast while working on your pussy. Once your ready I would start fucking your mouth and verbally abuse you call you a dirty slut etc.

Once you are warmed up, I would put you on all fours and put my cock inside your wet pussy while I put my finger in your arsehole. I will get faster and faster fucking you harder and harder until you have the most intense orgasm. After a while I will all swap round and fuck you in your ass while you finger your pussy, all the while giving you verbal abuse and pulling your hair a little. The session will end in me cumming over your face/mouth/tits and giving your mouth a quick last fuck. Then I will send you on your way. Dont mind if you have a partner, he can watch/join in too.”

Your advert really got me going and had me fantasising about what it would be like to take my wife Julie to meet you. Julie is an attractive blonde 5’5” tall, 36DD boobs and in her 40’s and does enjoy the attention of other men. She does dress as you like when she’s horny. Short skirts, high heels, stockings and suspenders, the black, fully fashioned seamed ones!

We arrange to meet you at a secluded picnic area at 1.00 a.m. and when we are just around the corner from it I stop and tie one of Julie’s old black stockings around her eyes tying it at the back of her head to blindfold her. As I pull into the parking area your car is already there and you flash your headlights in acknowledgment. I put my hand under Julie’s skirt and feel her hot cunt through her red panties which are already soaked and shining with her juices. She is so excited as she loves being used and told what to do by dominant men.

You get out and motion us to follow you to the picnic tables. As she is blindfolded, I have to help Julie out of the car and guide her over to where you are waiting. “Mmmm you look like a real dirty slut” you say to my wife as you pull her short skirt up around her waist. Julie is breathing heavily and moaning softly, as she does when she is aroused. You move her backwards and sit her down on a picnic bench. Next you undo the front of her blouse and Julie’s large braless tits spring forward. You squeeze each tit in turn with one hand whilst your other hand is busy between my wife’s outstretched legs. I can just see the movement of your hand inside her red knickers, as your fingers probe her soaking cunt.

Then you drop your trousers and pants and your large, thick cock springs up. “Open your mouth, slut if you want me to fuck it first”. My wife whispers “Mmmmmm yes please” and parts her red lipsticked lips. You feed your thick cock into Julie’s mouth and she sucks hard on it before you take over. Grabbing Julie’s hair you start pumping away at her mouth, stopping every so often embedded up to your balls making my wife almost gag, but I can still hear her groaning with excitement through the large mouthful of cock. “Your wife’s a great cocksucker” you say to me, still facing away from me to Julie. “She’s the dirtiest slut I’ve ever had”.

“Fuck me!” Julie moans as your cock slips out of her mouth. “You don’t mind if I fuck your slutty wife’s dripping cunt do you?………..good”. You don’t even turn around to see me nod. You turn Julie around and get her to kneel on the bench, then remove her sodden knickers and toss them into the bushes. “Stick your arse up in the air, bitch’. Julie parts her legs and raises her hips and you place your hard cock between her wet pussy lips. “Watch this mate, your missus is gagging for my cock up her”. I see your cock disappear inch by inch into my wife’s sticky pussy until you are in up to your balls. “Oh yes, fuck me!” Julie screams. You grip her hips tight and start pounding away furiously, slapping her arse and calling her a whore and a slut. Then, gripping my wife’s right hip with one hand you pull her hair with the other, lifting her head back as you continue to fuck her harder and harder. Julie then cries out and she has the strongest orgasm I have ever witnessed. I notice a movement to the side of me and I turn and see another man walking towards us and he is wanking his cock which has Julie’s panties wrapped around it!! You tell him that my wife’s warm mouth is better than her knickers, so Julie opens her mouth and takes this second man into her mouth and she is spit-roasted. She still has the stocking blindfold on which I think adds to her excitement, not being able to see her anonymous fuckers.

You push my wife’s head forward making her take more of the other man’s cock down her throat, making her gag again, and you continue banging away. I notice your cock is streaked with spunk on each outstroke, showing that you are well on your way to coming. You then start cursing and fuck my wife deep and hard as you unload your spunk into her. The other guy starts coming too and after shooting a couple of thick loads into Julie’s mouth he pulls out and sprays my wife’s face and hair with the rest of his creamy white load! Your cock slips out of Julie and a couple of thick gobs of white spunk drip out of her hole as you move away. As you zip up you both discuss what a sexy slut Julie is and it is obvious that you know each other and had set it up, and that the slinging of my wife’s knickers into the bush was a signal for your mate to come get some. You thank Julie for a great time and ask her to contact you again when she is feeling slutty. As my wife climbs down from the seat, she removes the blindfold, spunk dripping off her chin and down her legs. Both you men get into the car and as you drive off you wind down the window and say, “She’s all yours now mate……..enjoy!!”

“You heard the men, here or at home…………..I haven’t finished yet!!”