Written by Ellie

13 Sep 2006

Hi, My name is Ellie. I'm 35 years old, 5ft 3inches, Size 12-14, 38e breasts and, so my husband says, a great arse.

Our sex life has always been good in the 10 years we've been together, and he has been by far the best lover i've ever had. There have only 3 before him though, so not much to compare with really.

Lately, he has been getting more and more pervy in the things he has been saying to me, and what he wants us to do. He wants to take pictures of me, which i've let him take a few risque ones. He says he would like to watch me get fucked by someone else. He also wants to clean my pussy after another guy has come up me. Not my cup of tea, or so I thought.

He kept on about all these things, and if im honest, it began to piss me off a little bit. I began to think that he wasn't happy with things as they were i suppose.

I began to dress a little more daring (another one of his ideas)when at work to see what other people in my office may think or say. It worked.

There is a guy who works in my office called Pete, 45 years old, married, couple of kids, good looking (and he .!!) and keeps himself in pretty good shape. When my skirts got a little shorter and the buttons were undone at bit more it seemed to park up Pete's interest in me shall we say.

He had always been a flirt, and, if im honest, a bit lechy but he had never offended me. All of a sudden though, he became more forward with questions like, "i bet your husband likes to shag you dressed up like that" and " do you leave the stockings on at bed time". He always said it quietly when no-one else was around.

Because i was a bit pissed off with Paul, my husband at the time i thought i'd play along with this Pete and see how far he would take things. I thought i could always back out if things got too serious. I didnt realise how much i wanted it though.

I was standing in the tea room making everyone a drink, when in walked Pete. Our flirting had been going on for a few days now, and the questions had got a little more probing. Pete asked me if i fancied going to lunch that day. I replied "that would be nice", "where are we going?".

Pete replied " I was thinking of taking you somewhere quiet, and fucking the arse off you". I was a bit taken aback at this and couldn't think off anything too say. Pete then closed the tea room door, walked up behind me and put his hand straight up my skirt and rubbed my pussy through my panties. "Thought so" he said, "your soaking wet". The trouble was he was right, i was wet, and very embarrassed.

Lunchtime came and i got into Pete's car and off we set. We drove a couple of miles and then he pulled into a quiet New Forest car park. On the drive there Pete had his hand on my leg, of which quite a lot was showing as my short black skirt had riding up to show a lot of thigh. A couple of times he had tried to reach my pussy but i kept pushing his hand away, trying to preserve my innocence i suppose.

We sat and chatted for a few minutes and then he asked me why the change of image lately with the shorter skirts and more cleavage on show. I told him about my husband pestering me to tease people and how he wanted to watch me get fucked and the like. Pete said that "he could help me out on that score if i wanted him to". I told Pete that i wasn't sure what i wanted to do, and with that he replied " I think i know what you want to do", nd he pushed my head down onto his lap. He undone his trousers and pulled out, even in its semi aroused state was the thickest cock i'd ever seen in the flesh. My head was saying no, but my pussy was saying yes. I put my mouth around his cock and started to suck and slurp like it was the last dick on earth. It grew even longer and thicker and i would guess it was about 8 inches and that thick i couldn't get my hand around it. Pete was moaning away and pushing my head up and down on his magnificent shaft. I shuffled around a bit and he managed to get his hand up my skirt and to pull my sopping wet thong to the side and slip at first two, then three fingers into my soaking pussy. I'd never been unfaithful to Paul before, and i didn't have the slightest guilty feeling as this monster cock was being pushed down my throat.

Pete was reaming his fingers up my slit and rubbing my clit with his thumb as i was slurping and sucking his shaft whilst wanking him with slow and long strokes. I then felt the inevitable twitching of a cock as Pete proceeded to squirt what felt like a gallon of come down my throat. Some came out the side of my mouth and dribbled onto my chin. I must've looked a complete whore. Pete took a picture of me on his mobile phone. I did look a whore.

We went back to work in silence really, none of us knowing what too say.

When i got home that night Paul asked me if anyone had noticed the change with my image, and i replied " yes, one guy has, so we went to the forest where I sucked him off". He just laughed. How little did he know.

Pete kept on at me the next couple of days for a repeat performance and in the end i finally gave in and agreed to go out on the Friday night after work. I gave Paul a story that it was someones birthday so we were all going out for a meal and a drink, when in reality, I knew that i was going to get the best fucking of my life.

Friday came and i wore a short black skirt, pink blouse with my tits basically hanging out, black sockings and suspenders and matching pink underwear. I must admit that i looked good. I freshened up at 5.30pm and off Pete and I went.

We went out to a little pub in the forest and found a table in the corner which faced the bar area. There were a few people in, mainly locals i presumed. Pete and I sat chatting about nothing really. The atmosphere was electric. He was feeling my pussy under the table in full view of other people in the pub. I didn't care, i just wanted his big cock. There were a couple of guys at the bar taking all this in and winking at me when Pete was feeling me up. I just smiled back. Pete then went off to the toilet and these two guys came and sat down at the table. One asked if Pete was my husband, to which i said no just a friend. "Looks like a pretty good friend to me" one replied laughing. Just then Pete returned and the guys both apologised and headed back to the bar. My pussy was on fire and i had never felt so slutty in all my life.

Pete asked what they had wanted and i said probably the same as you. He laughed and said "come on, lets go".

Once outside in the pub car park, he opened the car door and then said "Shit, ive forgotten something, wait in the car for me". A couple of minutes later Pete returned to the car with the two guys from the pub. Before i could say anything he said to the guys, "just get your cocks out lads, that slut will suck you off". The side door was opened and i had two cocks thrust at me as quick as anything. I can't believe this, but i put up no resistance and sucked both of their cocks alternatively until they shot there loads in my face and down my throat. All the time this was happening Pete sat in the drivers seat watching.

Pete then drove off a few more miles into the forest and stopped at a very secluded car park. We both got out of the car and walked into the forset a little way. When we stopped i just dropped to my knees and pulled his cock out of his trousers. It looked even bigger that the last time i'd seen it. I pulled his foreskin back and could see the pre-cum glistening on the top of it. I licked it off and then pulled his trousers completely down. I then done something that i'd never done before, I started to lick his bumhole. I said "do you like that", he repied "you fucking bet i do, get your tongue right up there you slag".

My skirt was up around my waist and i had two fingers up my sodden snatch, finger fucking myself nice and hard. I went back to sucking his fat cock for a while making it shine with my spit and his pre-cum before he pulled me too my feet and got my tits out of my bra. He pulled and sucked on my big fat juicy nipples whilst i wanked his cock. I couldn't have cared less if we were being watched, i just too feel this big tool of his up my cunt. If only my husband knew that his faithful wife was going to get fucked good and proper by a proper cock.

Pete turned me around and pushed me up against a tree pulling my pink thong to the side and began rubbing my pussy lips. "Are you ready for this Ellie, you fucking slut" he said. "Just fuck me you bastard", i replied.

With no finesse whatsoever, he pulled my lips open with his fingers and shoved his big fat dick straight my cunt. I gasped, he pulled it nearly all the way out, then slammed it back up. I came instantly so hard that my legs buckled underneath me. It was only his cock that kept me upright. He fucked remorselessly for about 20 minutes. He played with my clit and pulled on my nipples throughout aswell. I lost count of the amount of times i come. When he was about to come, he pulled it out of me, turned me around and basically threw me onto my knees and told me to "suck his come from his cock like the filthy fucking whore that i am". i opened my mouth and took as much of that meat as i could inside. He face fucked me for a few more seconds then come with such force into my slutty face.

I had come everywhere and my pussy was dripping like no other time ever. He wiped his flagging cock all around my face and dragged his come everywhere, pushing some back into my mouth. That was my third load that day and i'd loved every minute of it.

Pete dropped me back at home and Paul asked if i'd had a good night. I replied " yes, it was excellent". I took him upstairs and got him to lick my swollen pussy. I was still so fucking horny. I came once more then got him to stop, telling him that i was tired. He commented on how wet i had been and how musky it had smelt.

Little did he know.

Pete is still fucking me with his big cock and i have let him and 2 of his mates gang bang me a aswell.

And my husband doesn't get a look in.