Written by Paul

26 Jun 2009

She even calls me cuck for short in front of my friends and family. I have had the standing now for years and still just leak cum into my pants at her domineering ways. I am Paul aged 42 and my wife is Laura aged 35. Even at the start of our relationship i thought that i was punching a bit above my weight but i was falling for her fast. It did,nt take her long to cotton onto my inferiority complex and so systematically beat me down to the wimp that i am today. She is 5ft8\\\" with the best figure in the world, great tits and arse and a really pretty face. At my last count she had slept with 32 men since we have been together (8yrs). Just last thursday night she was doing her party tricks for hers and her latest boyfriends amusement. She came in from the pub and asked if i had done their tea and Des would be around in ten minutes and told to go to my room. Des turned up in five and just glimpsed my back disappear into my room. There was talking but i couldnt hear what was being said so i crept down stairs. I just heard her say dont do that, leave it for cuck! at which point they both started to laugh then immediately started to kiss very passionately, he was tweaking her nipple with his fingers and rubbing his hand up her skirt, i just stared like little perv with a very stiff cock. It didnt take long before he was heavily fucking into her from behind and she was shamelesly screaming out loud, he then pulled out and spun her around and i saw his magnificent glistening cock in the lamplight, (8 thick inches), it was in her from the front and in her mouth until they were both screwed out and lay there panting. I obediently waited for her call and went running with my stiff little cock wagging.She sat up straight backed with her legs wide open and allowed me to watch Des,s cum drip from her swollen pink cunt and then started to feed it to me with her fore finger, i was lapping away and thanking them both for allowing me. I love her and i think she loves the power and i scared that she could never acheive that level of power with anyone else. She then teased me again about me being Des,s bitch but has,nt carried that threat through as yet. I will just wank away in my room waiting to see what cums next...