Written by Big Mags

14 Jan 2004

Hello, it's me again. A while ago I told you about the time I let another man shag me for the first time ever at the office Christmas party, and how he kept my panties as a souvenir. I'd thought my old man would be asleep by the time I got home, but he wasn't ... and yes, he did notice that I had no panties on when I undressed for bed.

I tried to shrug it off with some excuse, but he kept pestering me and eventually - I was still half-drunk, remember - I told him I'd had it off with another fella. Instead of the tantrum I expected, he was really turned on and gave me the best jump we'd had for years. I remember lying there with him pumping away on top of me, thinking "I'm getting it twice in one night!" and wondering if that was what it took to get the old man to fancy me - because, being both in our 50s, that side of our marriage had been on the slide for sometime.

Nothing was said about it the next morning, but a couple of weeks later, after a night out at the pub, he said - right out of the blue - that he'd like me to go with another fella again, and tell him all about it. I wasn't sure if I should, but he kept on at me and eventually I agreed. To my surprise it turned out he'd been thinking about it and knew exactly what kind of arrangement he wanted; he was going to place an ad in a dirty magazine inviting a younger man to have his way with me, in our own bed, and the next day that's exactly what we did.

I wondered howmany replies we'd get - if any - but I needn't have worried ... there were dozens within days. Hubby picked the likeliest-sounding candidate and I phoned the fella, had a little chat with him and arranged to meet him in a pub that Friday evening. Hubby went along to the pub before me, so he could keep an eye on things, and I'd only been there about 10 minutes when the fella - Brian, he was called - showed up. I must say he was quite a bit younger than me ... I'd say in his early 30s at most, and quite good-looking. We had a few drinks and then he suggested we get back to mine while the evening was still young.

We left hubby in the pub (the arrangement was that he wouldn't come home before 11) and got into Brian's car and drove home.

When we got there I offered him another drink or a coffee, but he said he didn't want anything and grabbed me and started to kiss me, telling me he'd hardly been able to keep his hands off me in the pub. I was flattered, because I'm a big lass and I look all of my age, but I wasn't going to argue with him and I quickly stripped off my top and skirt to reveal a black basque, black lace panties and sheer, seamed black stockings. To be honest the basque was a bit too small for me - it was years since I'd last worn it - but Brian didn't seem to mind and he soon had the straps down and my big tits out and he was sucking and biting the nipples, hefting them one at a time and telling me how good they looked and felt.

I managed to get him upstairs into the bedroom, and I stripped off my panties and lay on the bed while he undressed, revealing a long, gnarled cock with a huge bulbous head.

By this time I was as randy as hell, so there wasn't much foreplay and when he knelt by my head and pointed his prick at me I knew exactly what to do, leaning up to take it it my mouth. I heard him groaning with pleasure as I slid my lips up and down its length, swirling my tongue round the knob and squeezing his big balls with one hand.

After a while he pushed me onto my back, got between my legs and just shoved it right into me. My legs came up and locked around the small of his back and I lay back and enjoyed the feeling of being fucked hard. He kept going for maybe five or six minutes and then I felt him bite my neck really hard as his cock started to spurt inside me.

There was time for one more go after he'd had a rest, and this time it lasted longer. He wanted to do it up my bum, which I'd never tried before, and I made him put on a condom for that. It was a strange feeling, me on all fours with my big arse in the air and a cock slowly working its way up there ... to be honest, I'm not sure I liked it all that much, but he seemed to enjoy himself and after a while he withdrew, took off the condom and shagged me on my back again. When he was ready to come he got up on his knees, pulled my head forward and shoved his cock into my mouth, so I got a nice big mouthful of another man's spunk to taste ... another first for me.

We'd cut it a bit fine, because Brian had only just cleaned up and left when hubby came back, to find me still near-naked, full of Brian's spunk and with a great big love-bite on my neck. He got straight into bed with me and made me tell him all about it, then jumped me harder than he'd done since our teenage days. He even managed a second go, which was very unusual for hubby.

Will it happen again? I'm not sure, but probably. Hubby's certainly keen, and I'm thinking that if it turns him on, why shouldn't I let other men have me? I've done it twice so far and it's been good both times.

Hubby's talking about a black man next ... and that has really got me thinking ........