Written by Brian

1 Oct 2004

I work out 2 or 3 times a week. I'm no hulk but 6 foot athletic build and not very hairy. Well the other week I went for a swim after my work out. I was swimming hard when i felt a surge of pain in my calf, cramp. I made it to the side of the pool in obvious pain. This chap comes over and helps me out. He's in his forties (I'm 35). I hoble into the showers. He follows and offers to help. He reached down and massaged my leg. I felt really arkward but as no-one else was in the shower area I let him manipulate his fingers over my leg. Now I wear shorts in the pool but this guy was wearing normal trunks. I happened to glance down as he crouched working on my leg. He had the most huge hard-on pushing out his trunks. I turned away into the shower, embarrassed and shocked at what I'd seen. I told the guy 'thanks but I was fine now'. Instead of going he stood behind me and said 'you young man are far too tense you need to relax'.With that he started rubbing my shoulders. He obviously knew what he was doing because it felt great. I then felt his hardness push against my thigh and I felt as though a bolt of lightining went through me from my shoulder to my foot. I turned to tell him 'please stop'. Our eyes met, he smiled 'If you want more come to the cubicle in the corner'. and he was gone. I looked around no-one else had witnessed this. Had I dreamt it? I wasn't gay and yet I could think of nothing else except I wanted to feel him against me again. I realised I was rock hard. I quickly finished washing and grabbed my towel. I told myself not to be so stupid and I headed of to the changing rooms. As I got there on impusle before I could reason with myself again I knocked on the corner cubicle. It was opened almost immediatly by this guy. As soon as I was in and he closed the door I realised he was naked. He immediately pushed himself against my back and started massaging my shoulders. I was shocked to find my right hand reach down and grab this guys cock. Feeling it hard hot smoothness in my hand. Again I felt a surge rush through me. I was powerless. I felt him slip his hands into my shorts and grab my cock. It felt so good being held by another guy. I released his cock and pulled down my trunks.

I watched as he played with my cock. He started kissing my back. He turned me around and our mouths met. I had never kissed a guy before but feeling his probing tongue pushing into was great, I realised I was going to let this guy do whatever he wanted to me I was too horny to stop. He broke our kiss and started to his my nipples while gently cupping my balls in one hand, holding my shaft in the other. I closed my eyes. Seconds later I felt hot breath then his wet mouth sink over my cock. 'Oh god' I moaned I opened my eyes to watch him work on my cock. Taking the whole 6.5" cut lenght down his thoat. I felt myself starting to cum, he must have sensed this for he pulled off and started licking my balls. He then turned me around and told me to bend down. Seconds later I felt his hands pull my bum cheeks apart and his hot wet tongue push into my tight hole. I knew I shouldn't be doing this but it felt so good all I could do was let out a long low moan. I felt him insert a finger again I was going to object but it seemed to hit a spot inside me that made a me spasm in enjoyment. He waorked on that spot and as he rubbed in finger in and out I felt myself swaying onto it. God it was so good. He removed his finger and then pushed his tongue in me again, I felt my leg dripping with his salitha. He then stood up behind me. I knew what was coming now but now I knew I wanted it more than anything. I felt his hands on either side of me, then they were pulling my arse cheeks apart, I felt his harndess against my tight anal hole. He pushed gently and i felt my hole split to accomodate his hard red knob. I gasped but held back from crying out loud. I felt him lean on me and he slipped in another inch, he then pulled out the inch and pushe in two. I started to yelp quietly, as his hot shaft slipped smoothly in further and further. 'ooooooooooooh so nice and tight' he whispered in my ear. He then proceeded to slowly thrust his 8" (I found out later) lenght deep into my aching arse. After a while his strokes became more urgent and as he thrust I pushed up to meet him. He then stopped leaning hard in me. He pulled me up so I was standing with his cock still in me from behind. He reached round and held my softening cock, with one hand and pinched my nipples with the other, whilst slowing pushing in and out of me. He was licking my neck ravinously. I was erect in seconds and moaning hard now. I was now so horny I couldn't have cared if the whole world heard me. It was then that I realised this was the only cubicle which had four walls round it. It was sound proof. I was on the verge of shooting my load when I heard a knock on the door. My lover reached back and unlocked the door. In came a guy who I'd seen in the pool earlier. In his late 50's I guessed but fairly fit for that age. Before I could utter a word (not that I was going too now), he slipped out of his trunks,climbed on the changing seat and thrust his good sized(7") cock at me. I devoured it geedily. the cock in my arse gently withdrew and I moaned in disappointment as he did so. But I was still concentrating on my first cock. I had devoured the lenght and nearly choked, but then enjoying the fleshy smoothness I licked and kissed it for all I was worth. I noticed a blob of precum appear out of the slit and I lapped at it lustily. I felt my fuck buddy move next to the new comer and felt his cock push at my cheek. I needed no direction I took it in my mouth tasting his juices mingled with my arse on it. The other cock moved away and was thrust into my empty whole without warning. I gasped but not with pain, but pleasure. Though he had a smaller cock he'd hit that spot. I felt a surge with in me, my cock throbbed. I tried to hold on to enjoy this wonderful fuck for as long as possible. I was helped because I nearly choked as my mouth became suddenly full of hot salty liquid. My first man had cum long and hard. Now if you'd asked me a week ago would I go with a guy, suck a guy, get fucked by a guy or even take a load down the throat. I would have pulled a face of disgust. Now however I was trying to ensure I didn't spill a drop. Licking frantically at this cock as jet after jet spurted in my mouth or over my face. I felt a grunt behind me and my fuck partner then jerked and stabbed his cum up my arse. I was spent yet I hadn't cum myself. Thankfully Jim the guy I met first (and introduced himself after he'd swallowed my load) obliged and sucked my aching cock for less than a minute.

I didn't know what to say except 'thankyou' to them. Jim smiled well you can thank us if you come to see me and a few friend this weekend, cos i'd like some more of your arse. Not many can accomodate my cock and you did really well. So if you enjoyed hearing about my experiences watch this space for part 2 or email me