Written by Judy

27 Feb 2005

I'd been married for twenty four years, we'd gone past the mechanical sex stage and for at least a couple of years my husband had been totally disinterested in sex. Hardly surprising then that I felt completely frustrated. He'd never been that good at it anyway, I'd had plenty better before I'd married. He just shrugged his shoulders whenever I raised the subject and obviously could not have been less interested. I was forty-four at the time and had retained a good figure and had always been faithful even if not totally satisfied. I got really desperate, I liked masturbation but not all the time, quite apart from the fact that it wasn't the real answer, there's nothing like a good hard penis thrusting right up inside. Then one day it all changed.

My home appliances were all of the same make and twice a year I had them serviced by a representative from the manufacturer, I'd had several different ones over the years. The latest man had phoned and made an appointment to come and do them on what turned out to be a really hot summer's day. I didn't really give much thought to the fact that he was coming that morning and, as the day became hotter had dispensed with much of what I was wearing and just retained my knickers while changing my dress into one of those loose shift style ones with nothing else underneath at all. I suppose it must have looked fairly obvious how little I had on when he was there doing his job and he kept sneaking looks at me as I sat on a stool in the kitchen watching what he was doing. I must have been pretty thick that day for it was some time before I realised what he was trying to look at. Then the penny dropped. He was a good-looking lad in his mid to late twenties and I thought to myself that I really wouldn't mind having him at all. I had no experience of seducing men and had little idea of what to do, so I did the obvious thing. I went to spend a penny and while I was in the bathroom I removed my knickers and washed down there, then returned to the kitchen.

I asked him if he'd like a cup of coffee then made it and sat on the kitchen stool sipping mine and watching him finish off. It was a high stool and it was very easy just to let my legs drift apart and let him see my bare fanny. At first he didn't notice then did a startled double-take as he regisatered the fact that he was loking straight at my bare fanny. After that he couldn't stop himself from looking every couple of seconds, I opened my legs wider to give him a better view. As he stood up to plug the vacuum cleaner in to try it I said, innocently, "Like the view then?"

"Best I can ever remember!" he replied.

"It's all yours if you want it!" I told him.

He'd finished with the cleaner and was washing his hands, "Straight up?" he queried.

"Sure," I replied, "I'm dying for it, you're not going to turn down the offer surely?"

"No, I'm not, I've always fancied you and I reckon I can give you a fucking you'll always remember!" He came towards me then kissed me, not used to this sort of thing I responded hesitantly, "Not done this before, have you?" he said.

"No, but I'm desperate for it!"

"Come here then," he took me in his arms and kissed me putting his hand up my skirt at the same time. He was incredibly gentle, my body had already begun to respond and his intimate caresses soon completed the job. "Your cunt feels lovely," he murmured. I'd never had that sort of language used to me before, in fact I would have felt insulted, now however it aroused me and when he said, "Let me have a proper look." I leant back against the table and lifted the skirt of my dress opening my legs at the same time.

"Christ!" he gasped, "What a beautiful cunt! How long since you last used it?"

"I dunno, couple of years at least."

"What a waste! He put one arm round my shoulders, the other behind my knees and lifted me up, I put my arms round his neck, "Where's the bedroom?" he asked. I directed him along the passage and into the spare room. He laid me on the bed then started unbuttoning my dress, I soon had it off and he took his clothes off. He sported a lovely erection, obviously more than seven inches and thick with it, I couldn't tear my eyes away. "Like a nice cock then?"

"Love it," I replied, "haven't seen one like that in years."

He smiled, joined me on the bed and started kissing me, "I'll probably do something that you haven't experienced before, don't worry about it, just go with the flow!" He continued kissing, he probably thought that I was a real novice, which I suppose I was really. But it was exciting and I felt my body responding. It took sometime before he did more than kiss me and caress my breasts but I thoroughly enjoyed it, my husband was useless at foreplay. My nipples tingled as he kissed and sucked them his hands stroking and caressing my flanks and legs. I could hear myself panting and enjoyed the feel of his hard penis against my thigh. "Ever had oral sex?" Tony asked.

"I...I don't really know what it is." I replied, hesitantly.

"You poor thing! It means me kissing and using my tongue on that beautiful cunt of yours and you sucking my prick, if you want that is."

"Oh! I suppose I have heard about that but I've never done anything like it."

"Never mind I can tell you that you'll enjoy it, just let it happen and when you feel like taking my cock in your mouth, just do what comes naturally." He spent some time kissing his way down my body and when he kissed the patch of golden hair on my mound I felt myself tighten up. "Shush, relax.." He kissed the insides of my thighs, right up high beside my fanny, then the sides of my fanny lips. I was growing more and more excited but worried that he might not like my scent and the wetness that I could feel inside. I needn't have worried, he kissed the lips of my fanny then I felt his tongue sliding up and down as they quickly engorged and swelled. Thrills started to run through me and then I gasped as his tongue touched my clitoris, it was only momentary as he explored inside the mouth of my sex. My inner lips thickened and expanded outwards and he pulled at them with his lips then ran his tongue into my birth canal. He simulated intercourse with his tongue then abruptly slipped out and teased my clitoris.

Huge thrills were surging through me as he turned his body and his penis came next to my face. The purple head was wet and I could see misty looking fluid seeping from the little hole. As another huge thrill caused me to gasp I opened my mouth and licked at the end. I was surprised that I liked the taste and took the knob into my mouth and began sucking, why I don't know, it just seemed the natural thing to do. It was his turn to gasp, "Oh yes, Judy, that's great, you lovely cunt!"

We carried on until I was beginning to lose all reality apart from my sexual feelings and, as if recognising this, he pulled his penis out, turned round and mounted me. "Do you want fucking?" he asked.

"Oh yes! Yes please!" I gasped and felt his knob in the now wide open mouth of my sex. I put my hand down and entered it for him. He gently slid in as he kissed me, his mouth was wet with my juice, I was surprised again to find that I liked that too. He began to thrust gently, I drew my knees up and felt his thing go deeper into my tight passage,

"Oh Christ, you gorgeous cunt! Do you like my cock then?"

"Oh, I do, I do, it feels wonderful!"

"What does? Tell me."

I instinctively knew what he wanted me to say, "Your lovely hard cock!" I told him.

"And what d'you want it to do?"

"Fuck me, fuck me hard!" And he did, I'd never had sex like it. I certainly never knew that a man could last longer than a couple of minutes,let alone for the half hour he fucked me. I was completely gone, the thrills surging through me left me no awareness of anything but his beautiful cock pleasuring me. Now I knew what that phrase relly meant! He had varied his pace and the force of his thrusts, at one time he was fucking me with just the tip of his cock inside then thrusting with incredible fierceness, it made me gasp anew with pleasure. Then he'd do me softly for a few minutes before resuming his strong thrusting. It was the most exciting and satisfying sex I'd ever experienced by the time he spurted explosively deep inside my throbbing cunt with a groan. The force and quantity of his ejaculation was something else that surprised me, I certainly learned a lot that day.

When he collapsed panting for breath on top of me I held him tightly kissing him passionately. When he had the breath to speak he said, "Do I gather that you liked that, Judy?"

"God yes, never in my wildest dreams did I think that sex could ever be like that!"

We lay quietly afterwards for a while. "Your old man's not interested then?" He said.

"No, not for some years and he never was much good at it, if I'd had sex like we've just had and knew what it should be like then I would have left him years ago."

"Well, one thing's for sure, you're never going to be satisfied to go on as were now, are you? What are you going to do?"

"For one thing I hope you'll come and give me a good fucking as often as you can, but apart fromn that I think I shall just have to get out and about and try to find others who can pleasure me."

"That's the spirit! What d'you thing you have a cunt for? Do you know that a woman's clitoris is the only organ a human being has that exists only to give pleasure, it's totally wasted if you don't use it for the purpose it was designed for."

"Yes, I see that. I'll tell you one thing that I'll do. I shall tell Tom what I've done today and tell him what it was like, if he's not prepared to do anything then that's the end of it. I'll let you know what happens."

Well I was as good as my word, that evening in bed I told Tom exactly what I'd done, without telling him who the man was. He listened open mouthed and, as it turned out completly turned on by my tale. After I'd told him, he felt me and found that I had become wet with the memory of the experience and mounted me immediately to give me the best fucking he'd ever achieved in our married life. I couldn't believe it, I said, "Well if what I told you affects you like that I'd better make it a regular thing and I'll teach you how to fuck me properly!"

He was aghast at my language but agreed. I phoned Tony and told him to come and see me as soon as he could, I told him that I'd be ready for another good seeing to but that I also had something to tell him. A couple of days later he phoned to say that he'd see me that morning, I was wet long before he arrived. We had a really wonderful session when he came and as we lay relaxed and recovering in the aftermath I told him what had happened with Tom.

"Good for him," he said, "I know that some men are turned on like that and I'm glad for your sake. But what will you do, I can't come round all the time."

"I know, I've thought about that. What I shall probably do is join a dancing club or something and find partners that way. You'll never believe what Tom was like after I told him what I'd done, he demanded to know every detail. That's what really turned him on, he could hardly contain himself, I can't wait until he comes home, and I get another good fucking!"

Tony laughed, "Great, I wish you every success! But I shall see you and add my quota from time to time." As he had arranged time to spare, we had a second session. I'd never had sex a second time when full of semen from a previous occasion..... it was glorious! I'd recommend it to anyone.

And that is how my life was transformed, I did exactly as I said and, over a period of time, managed to build a stable of lovers who would do what I wanted. As a result I have for years enjoyed the delight of my husband fucking into the spunk of another lover. What ,more could I ask?