Written by A Husband That Got What He Deserved

13 Apr 2006

My wife Julie & myself were at the wedding reception of one of her best friends at a hotel in Bournemouth. The evening had been great with lots of booze flowing, plenty to eat & a great band to dance to. It was getting close to winding up, so we were having a last slow dance. She suddenly indicated to me that she was as horny as hell & wondered why women always get that way at weddings. She wanted to go to our room & fuck. To be honest I was so under the weather from too many pints, I only really wanted to sleep, but I complied & we left the floor, going back to our room. Once there she really came on at me, stripping me & herself, throwing me onto the bed, taking my cock into her mouth,bringing it to full erection & immediately straddled me fucking me until I shot deep into her but not fulfilling her. I started to fall asleep but she kept waking me & demanding that I fucked her until she came. Too much beer, tiredness & the fact that I had just come didn't allow for this though. She tried sucking on my limp cock to no avail, I just wanted her to leave me alone so I could sleep off the booze. The last I can remember before I fell asleep was for Julie to tell me that if I couldn't get it up for her she would find somebody that could, to which I told her she could do what she liked, all I wanted to do was sleep.

The next day Julie woke me at about 10, looking remarkably fresh & glowing, whereas I was in a terrible state hungover, with my head pounding.

She had ordered room service but there was no way that I could face the full English breakfast so just drank the orange juice & three cups of coffee that some what revived me.

Leaving our hotel I told Julie that she should drive back to Pompey as I was probably still over the limit. Once in the car I fell asleep which made the journey home seem very short to me.

That evening at home we settled down to some TV & after short while Julie said that there didn't seem to be much on, so why didn't we watch the video of the wedding. Needless to say I was not too enthusiastic about this, but it's one of those things that we guys have to suffer for the sake of our wives, so we settled down to watch it. The begining was enjoyable to me as there was shots of Julie in our hotel room in various stages of dress that I had taken. She played along with my filming her, holding her tits up & stroking her pussy, all the time telling me that I was a randy bastard, but wait for tonight, we were going to fuck like rabbits.

The scene changed to the wedding which was boring & luckily only lasted for about 15 minutes.

The beginning of the next part of the video was a shot of me laying naked on the bed fast asleep. This lasted for about 10 seconds when eventually Julie's voice broke the silence by talking to somebody & telling them that I was fast asleep & if she couldn't wake me up then she was going to allow them to fuck her as I had told her that she could do as she pleased before falling asleep. She told someone to take the camera & keep on filming, she then came into view. Came up to the edge of the bed, took hold of my cock, bent forward, took it in her mouth & worked on it for several seconds. There was no response form me or my dick. I was dead to the world. At this she told someone to pick me up & put me on the floor as she wanted to use the bed. Four guys came into view, lifted me up & placed me on the floor with a pillow under my head. So there was five guys four that lifted me & the one with the camera.

Once I was on the floor Julie moved to the bed & pulled her dress over her head. She was stark naked, as soon as I realised what was going to happen next I looked over at her & began to speak. She stopped me, looked me straight in the eye & told me to say nothing & just watch her get fucked by five guys. She reiterated that I had told her that she could do what she wanted, so now I was going to have to watch her do what she wanted and basically she had wanted to be fucked until satisfied.

Standing there naked with four guys around her that were removing their cloths, revealing various size hard-ons she eventually asked who wanted to be first into her husbands cunt that was load with his come. One of them immediately told her that he would go one better, he would eat it out of her so that it could be clean for the five of them to fuck. At this she lay back on the bed & his head went between her legs. Then the three remaining guys positioned themselves around her so that she could take one cock in her mouth & the other two in each hand. It didn't take long for her to start humping up to the one working on her pussy, she was rapidly coming to orgasm, he must have had a great tongue or technique. Suddenly one of the guys she was playing with exploded all over her, he had been quick in coming. At this she moved awy from the one in her mouth taking it in her hand & took the one that had just come into her mouth to revive it, which didn't take long.

The guy that had been giving her a good tonguing now got up & moved to enter her with his rampant cock, as he knew that Julie was close to coming from his tongue licking. He held his cock between her pussy lips for awhile & plied it up & down until she begged for him to put it into her, which he did with one mighty thrust up to the hilt & started to pump her. Her legs automatically wrapped around his waist to pull him into her & hold him there. Within seconds she was screaming out for him to fuck her harder as she was coming. Her hands started to really pump on the two cocks she was holding, but in her need to come she had lost the cock in her mouth. Her convulsions & the sounds coming from her told me that she was having one hell of an orgasm, better than anything that I had ever given her.

At thsi point I realised that I was sitting there with a raging hard-on watching my wife being fucked by four guys while another made the video. To me it was better than any porn movie I had ever seen. I moved over to her & put my arm around her & kissed her. Her hand went down to feel my cock & instantly knew that all was going to be OK. She took my hand & put it up her skirt, she had left her knickers off, her pussy was soaking wet, obviously form the thought of the experience the previous night. We just huddled together on the sofa as we both watched her get fucked by each of the guys several times in several positions, all of them used her mouth pussy & arse & two of them double penetrated her which to me was one hell of a turn-on & I told her that she should do that again with me there. We never counted how many times she was taken but it was quite a lot, nor how many times she came. I told her that I was amazed at her staying power. I didnt realise that she could fuck for so long, to which she told me that it was easy, especially as she was enjoying herself like never before. In fact the five guys had given out before her, she could have gone on fucking them a lot longer. With a joking laugh all I could say was that perhaps she should take on ten next time. At this she turned to me with a glint in her eye & told me that I was on & in fact it would be eleven as I would initially work the video. We both laughed at this, went to bed, but I never slept like a baby as we fucked like rabbits. I woke the next morning to find her on a swingers network looking for ten guys to fuck. She told me that if she could cope with ten perhaps she could try even more later. What had I done by getting drunk & falling asleep, it seems that I may have open up some form of nymphomani in her.