Written by her husband

10 Feb 2004

than anything else...it was amazing to listean to them drooling over her...........but what followed was even better.. i went back into our room + saw that k was well oiled i returned to old men + asked if i could join them telling them i had overheard them + agreed with them about k...we all talked dirty about her+ then she walked past us (she was a bit worse for wears she didnt see me thankfully)to the loo...they disdussed wanting to know what she had on underneath++++i was amazed how they found out..they obviously done this before..when she returned from loo 1 of the old pervs was standing told k she had dropped money(hew had placed coins on floor ) as she bent down both me+old man on chair saw her skirt rise revealing stocking tops+ glimpse of arse he nudged me to make sure i had seen...the jman standing looied down her top++helped her pick up coins..on finishing he pretended to loose balance..+ held onto k briefly putting his hand on her waist+ then bum..she was unaware.what was going on..+ as she walked off the 2 old pervs told me she had stockins on+possibly a basque or 1 piece due to the little feel one had......this proved all too much for me+ i made my excuses went to the toilet + wanked myself my head spinning by what had happened.........i hope you like this is genuine,i know its not as exciting as some of the stories here but its true + will tell you more again if you like