Written by Peter

16 Feb 2004

Well it does work to advertise on here.I received an offer to view a couple having a full session in a large flat near the Bristol Downs.I arrived as instructed at 9.30 and was met at the door by Daniel.Into the lounge,offered a glass of wine.

D explained that Clare would be join us soon.After some small talk C arrived in the room dressed in a short skirt,but classy,she came over ,kissed me on th e cheek and said she hoped that I was looking forward to it.........

After small talk and drinks for 30 minutes she suddenly stood up and nealt between D legs opened his flies and took out his cock kissed the cut end and put it in her mouth.D and I kept talking for 15 minutes while she was sucking,licking and wanking him.She suddenly stopped and withdrew....I can taste spunk she said.

While on her knees I could see up her skirt,string knickers and hold ups ,and a beautiful peach shaped arse.

They both left the room and told me to follow in ten minutes ,which I did.

I entered the bed room he was fully naked,she had just holdups and hi hi heels on......both enjoying a 69 his head deep in her fully shaved cunt she was moaning while taking his cock orally.This went on for 15 mins plenty of noise and the smell of sex.He then lay on his back and she licked,cock, balls and tried to enter his ass with her tounge,he giggled.he had his fingers working on her cunt every so often letting his finger enter her arse.She was on her knees when she came first,it gushed over his hand and onto the bed......she kept licking him,callin him a bastard....

She rolled over and he got on top,his cock well up he entered her with no delay he pumped in out in out she was moaning out,after a while he lifted her feet,still with hi heels on over his head and really started to grind into her wet hole she was really up for it and again I was impressed with his stamina,only stopping as he was sliding down the bed.

She came again and the noise was very loud,she was pissing as well as coming....it was magic to watch...

He told her to get on her knees in front of him.He kneeled behind...and inserted his cock straight into her arse,she never wimpered and he started to grind straight away.Now she is swearing calling him a cunt,bastard....but also encouraging him to shoot his load.......after a few minutes he was ready......woooooosh shot his lot into her arse,she yelped then collapsed flat,he was still in her bum....both wringing in sweat and spunk.

It must be said my cock was at bursting point by now as I had taken it in hand to enjoy the pleasure more!!!!!!!!!

As they recovered they both asked me had I enjoyed it and what did I think.........well what would you say.

C then got off the bed to get a towel,cheeky bitch bent over in front of me and I could see the spunk leaking from her arse.

She got back on the bed and as D and I talked she spent 15 mins cleaning his genetils with her tounge....wonderful to watch.

This whole TREAT lasted about 2 hrs,I had coffee and left with a warm glow and a promise they will invite me again.

It certainly does pay to advertise on this site.

NEXT !!!

PS I did ask if I could post this story and they agreed as they wanted to see my report !!!