Written by Garage Man

22 Jul 2006

You know immediately when you click with someone so when this very attractive woman came to look for a new car in my showroom something in her manner led me to push the boundaries far more than I ever would normally. She was obviously married and there was some small talk about her husband and the car he drove etc. It was when she had decided on which car and the paperwork was being done in my office when she bent forward to sign and caught me looking straight down her top to her very nice cleavage.

"Had a good look?" she asked. I must have looked a bit embarresed and she just smiled. " Nice to know someone's getting some enjoyment out of them" she mumbled as she gave me back my pen.I thought its now or never so straight in I went with " I bet I could have even more enjoyment with them given a chance"!!!

She looked straight at me, smiled, looked around to make sure no one could see and pulled down the zip of her top another couple of inches. I just sat there gaping at these beutiful rounds of flesh that were now pushing themselves out of the top of her bra when she dropped the bombshell by telling me that this was her husbands ideal fantasy. Her sitting with a stranger showing him her body and they had often talked about it in bed.

I said that I would happily make thier fantasy come true but surely I would need to see more than I had...

She cursed herself for wearing jeans that day but quickly came up with an idea. Why didn't she bring her husband with her to collect the car and if I was still game she would go further then. Of course I jumped at the chance and we made a date for the following Wednesday evening 6.30 when the rest of the staff would have gone home.

She said that would give her time to gently bring into thier pillow talk that she was about to make his fantasy come true and to ensure he wanted her to go through with it.

To be continued....