Written by Alice Anne

26 Jul 2005

Last year I was lucky enough to be short listed for the position of PA to the finance director of a large company in London.There were two of us in the running and were both invited back for an informal interview with Ms Collins the director of finance.When I arrived I was shown into her office and asked to wait as she was running a little late.

Apart from the one large office chair there was only a large black settee for me to sit on and wait.After about ten minutes Ms Collins entered,as I went to get up she said stay seated,this was an informal chat,and to call her Lauren.She then gave instructions to her secretary for no phone calls or interuptions.

Lauren then moved her office chair round and sat directly infront of me,crossing her legs to reveal the tops of her stockings.Glancing through the notes she had on me she mmmmed and nodded and said that it looked like I had all the attributes she was looking for.She then asked me to talk about myself,my interests,my family,did I have a boyfriend as the job would entail long unsocialable hours.Then quite suddenly she asked if I was aware that the company had a total tollerance towards race,relgion and sexuality.I replied it didn`t bother me in one bit.Good, replied Lauren,so if I was to come over and kiss you what would be your reaction.Thinking this was an initiative test I said I wouldn`t be shocked but if thats what she wanted to do then so be it.Lauren smiled and got up from her seat I expected the interview to be over but she walked over to the settee and sat down closely beside me.She then moved her head nearer to mine and kissed me on the cheek before taking her hand and turning my face towards her and placing a kiss full on my lips.Lauren said that wasn`t so bad was it,by now her hand was resting on my leg and squeezing it gently.I guess she was guaging my reaction,when I didn`t move she asked if I was comfortable kissing a woman,as soon as I nodded I was OK she moved forward,kissing me again this time her tongue probed between my lips.I felt her hand slid uder my skirt and give my thigh a little tweek.Her kisses became more intent and I strangely felt that I should return the passion in which they were given.Soon we were in a full embrace which was only broken when Lauren got up to lock her office door,saying we dont want anyone walking in unannounced do we.

As she walked back to the settee she removed her suit jacket and began unbuttoning her white blouse to reveal her bra covered bosom.She then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor confiming that she was wearing stockings and matching suspenders and panties to her bra.Taking my hand she pulled me to my feet and told me to quickly undress or lose the moment.While I began to remove my clothes,Lauren turned the settee into a sofa bed.Now naked except for my own bra and panties Lauren led me to the bed and lay me down on it.

Laying alongside me she began to kiss me once again she began making love to me.Her kisses covered my neck and earlobe before she move down to my breasts.With one hand she reached under me and unfastened my bra with her other she pushed it off my breasts,replacing it with her mouth.Lauren then drew my nipples one by one to erectness,driving me wild with her tongue.Then she turned her attention to my panties which she eagerly removed.She took a few seconds admiring my trimmed bush before she lowered her head and deftly licked my slit,the lips of which she held apart with her fingers.I was by now in another world,here was my potential employer taking advantage of me and I didn`t want her to stop.Lauren continued to tease my clit while her fingers frigged in and out of me.I heard Lauren say I want you to cum for me as she increased the tempo of her strokes and nibbled down hard on my clit with her mouth and tongue.It only took an instant but I felt the waves of my orgasm shudder through me and heard Lauren sigh and felt her tongue delving deep in me lapping up my juices.

As I lay there exhausted Lauren returned to kissing me on the lips smearing my juices that covered her face against mine.Instinctively I reach around and unfastened her bra which she shook off,then she fed her breasts to my mouth encouraging me to suck and fondle them.I asked if she wanted me to return the favour and go down on her but she shook her head in decline saying she had something else in mind for me to do.Lauren got up and went to her desk and from a locked drawer she pulled out a large pink dildo and harness.Tossing to me she told me to put it on while she wriggled out of her panties.Laying back on the bed she spread her thighs and I positioned myself between them,she told me to fuck her hard and fast and make her cum.First in the missionary position,then from behind,ending up with her on top we fucked as she put it till without warning she came with a loud moan.Hopefully nobody outside the office may have heard her.

Lauren walked over to the glass panelling on the wall of her office and pressed a small button.A door miraculously opened and she waved for me to join her.It led through to a small bathroom/showerroom.Lauren said we had better make ourselves respectable and ran the shower.We helped each other out of the remnants of our clothing and strap on and got under the warm water together soaping each others sweaty bodies,taking one last moment to kiss and fondle each other.

As we dried each other,luckily we both had short bobbed hair style so no-one would notice where we had just been,Lauren pulled out a set of fresh underwear which she passed to me to put on,she also put on a fresh set herself.She smiled as I watched her reflection in the mirror as she pulled on some fresh stockings they went so well with her long legs.While we fixed our makeup I asked if I had perhaps got the job.Lauren smiled back and said oh yes I had,she could see us spending a lot more time together after hours on the sofabed outside.She added,one small point though,if you are going to work for me I insist you wear stockings and suspenders,and as necessary no panties,I want unhindered access at all times.I asked what about my rival for the job,I was told she ran a mile when Lauren came onto her and only agreed to calm down when she was told it was an initiatve test.Gathering up our disgarded underwear Lauren put them in my handbag,a little present to remind you until you start work.She gave me one last kiss before unlocking the door and showing me to the lift.To all around she thanked me for coming and showing interest,personnel would be contacting me shortly.As the lift doors opened Lauren lent forward and whispered and thankyou for cumming and making me cum.

Lauren and I worked together for about six months,yes we did spend alot of the time together on the sofa as well as her appartment,but sadly just befor Christmas she was offered a job in the US.Unfortunately there was no position for me alongside her,her replacement was a roguish gentleman with roving hands who had to dispense with my services on the instructions of his prissy wife.

However I got a good payoff although I hadn`t been with the company long,hush money,as well as sparkling recommendations from both Lauren and my new boss.So if there are any desirable female bosses out there who want a PA who goes the extra mile to please let me know.