Written by Hermy

15 Aug 2006

I'd always been straight. I'd no desire to be with another woman. Our ads always quote me as straight and the couples we have met on this site have always respected that.

So, what changed this. I have to travel quite a lot with my job. I do spend nights away sometimes. Last week, I'd had dinner in my hotel and was sitting at a table enjoying a lovely red wine - my third one actually -. The hotel lounge was very quiet and suddenly a couple sat down by me and started chatting. I obviously knew they were chatting me up and I went along with it. We actually got on very well. The woman sat next to me and her husband opposite. After a while, she started stroking my leg and running her hand under my skirt. I have to admit I liked it and was getting aroused. Her husband went to get us another drink and she said to me to go to the loo and come back without wearing my knickers. I wouldn't normally do this but whether it was the wine or not, off I went. I returned and sat down and sipped my wine. Soon, this woman's hand moved under my skirt, up my thigh and started stroking my pussy which I have to admit was getting wetter by the second. She started rubbing my clit and then inserted her fingers into me. I'm quite vocal at the best of times in bed but I started moaning which got louder and I had to put my hand over my mouth when I came for the first time.

We quickly adjourned to their room where we stripped eac other and they lay me on the bed. She began licking and playing with my pussy while I sucked her husband's cock. Soon, I was coming again and again. We swapped and I started playing with her pussy until she came. Needless to say I was made love to by both of them until the early morning. We are meeting again next week. I am so looking forward to it.

I told my husband when I arrived home the following night and we had great sex while I was relating the events to him. Hopefully, soon he will watch me with another woman as we are changing our ad to show me as bi. He's said its alright for me to advertise to meet couples. I'll have to have a red wine first.