Written by sue/ted

21 May 2004

ted wakes first as more often than not and if it wasnt for the cuddle he gives me i think i'd have been there all day!

"Mornin gorgeous " he says, as he leans and gives me a

peck on the cheek " and how are you on this,yet another

bright n sunny day?"

"Mornin darlin " i manage to say between a yawn

n a good old stretch " i'm fine thanks, i think "

" you only think??!!" he says with a little snigger.

"Actually i feel fantastic...am i still me??!!!"

"Oh yes u're you....the real sue has left her shell "

he says with the biggest of smiles on his face " just

hope she likes it out here and doesn't wanna crawl back in!!...really sue,you ok with last nite?"

i nuzzle into his chest then with a big squeeze i answer

"you know babe,it's all mind blowing but really, yeah i am....i'm more than ok"

and with that i reach up and plant a smacker on his lips.

"i must admit,wasn't sure how you'd react to me leavin "he begins to say " and even though i wanted you to go ahead,i seriously didnt think you would "

"Hey babe,i never in a million years thought i would

have" i reply " and yeah for a while i was well miffed with you buggerin off, but WOW, what a finish to an evenin....can you believe it???"

"Yep,i can " he says "told u sue,it's all out there for you...you'res for the takin,just upto you to take it "

"God, reality or fantasy...either way i think i want more"

(did i really just say that then...this is so unlike me!!)

"What do you want to do with the vid...you sexy horny B???"ted asks whilst holdin both hands before me,fingers crossed.

"Almost forgot about that bit!!!" as if i could "Babe thats you'res for the keepin...you never know maybe 1 day i'll watch it with you,only maybe though!!"

"PHEW.. thank god for that " he replies with a great sigh of relief "i would have wiped it if you'd have really wanted me to, but would have been a real shame....kinda lookin forward to gettin home now" he says with a cheeky contented grin.

"sue....as long as you're ok with everythin, you should knowi am, never anythin more, or anything further than you want it to go"

"I know babe,i know.....we got somethin really special

here aint we" i say as i lift to my knees beside him.

"Yep,that we have nothin you say or do can spoil it, as long as you share all with me i'm happy...very happy"

"Really glad we got that sorted babe " i say " i'm

happy too but i'm also STARVIN...need my breckie"

"Well my dear,seems we've slept through that!!" he replies,

Avn't a clue what time our nite time of 'hmmm' pleasure ended but despite all the usual noises from around the pool it's now almost lunch time.

"Do you fancy a day time wander round the town...grab

somethin to eat out for a change??" i ask (Hey thats me

makin a suggestion...don't do that often either !!!)

"Sounds good to me....we gonna get dressed first or

should we go naked???"ted jests.

"Ermmmm,yeah i think we ought to cover just a little

darlin....for now at least....you're mad" A quick cuddle and, day planned i jump from the bed and head for the bathroom to claim the shower.

"Feel free to join me " i shout .

"We'll save that for somethin to do later dear " he replies "n thats a promise"

About half hour in total and we're ready for off...so much quicker and easier when all you have to do is slip on a pair of shorts and a bikini.

It's a busy place with lots of shops to venture into but first things first 'feed me!!!' Being typical britts abroad we find a cosy little 'english' bar and enjoy... yeah you guessed,fish n chips!! Best bit though,a lovely proper cup of decent coffee....perfect:-))))

"Well i enjoyed that ....can't believe how hungry

i was " i say

"They do say lots of good 'SEX' builds a healthy

appetite my dear!!" ted informs me with a wink .

"Explains why i eat so much when i'm with you then babe....catch" i say as i blow him a kiss across the table.

Hunger pangs no longer, we pay the bill and begin to

explore the streets....just a viewin day tho,leave the

real bargain huntin, and pressie buyin for the end of the


"I tell you what babe.." i say " there are more bars down here than i thought "

"Mmmmmm,i feel a pub crawl comin on" he reply

squeezin my hand tightly.

"Yeah bet you can,would be a good nite....tomoro though

yeah,can we have a quietish nite tonite tiger???i ask.

"I can't see a problem with that but does

that mean double the fun tomoro ???!!!"

How time flies and before we know it the time fast

approaches five....no big rush for our evenin meal though

as they serve till 9.30 but could go a cool dip in the

pool. Yeah i said that...now and then i do like to dip my

big toe 2:-)

Whilst ted nips into the hotel shop for a bottle

of water i bob back to our room for a couple of towels,

( god that was weird....last time i went back there i

wasn't with ted either!!) Back to the pool and it litrally is just a quick dip for me,just thought i'd get this new white bikini wet....

After a couple of back n forths across the pool ted join

me and together we laze, catchin the last few rays of the day.

Now almost 7 we decide to go and get ourselves sorted

befor we miss out on any more meals!!

"Where does the time go" i say as the door closes

behind us and kickin my sandals off i very nearly manage

to collapse onto the bed.

"Oh no you dont madam " ted says grabbin my arm

rather swiftly and pullin me back up.

Avin stripped off and jumped in it aint long before i hear ted come into the bathroom.

" move up then,make room for a little one" he says, as the curtain moves and his lovely naked body climbs in to join me.. "well i did promise"

he smiles and moves closer, once more wrappin his

arms around me as the warm water runs over both our naked hot bodies (by hot i originally meant from the sun but now......) we lock together. A nice long lingerin kiss to begin with...our tongues explorin each others mouths. This is lovely,very sensual...very sexy and very horny:-)

"Turn round sexy" ted says " let me help wash you"

and as i do he starts to work a lather in his hands with some shower gel (can't think of a time since i was a kid,

that any one had washed me...)

Oh baby,he`s so gentle but oh so thorough ..:-))))

With my back now to him,my head restin against his shoulder ,he begins to massage my boobs.

one in each hand, making slow circular movements,

none of the usual tweekin....just not the time for that kinda touch. his hands work their way over every inch of my upper body...carefull not to miss a single spot. Up my

neck and around, then down over each shoulder,down each of my arms and as he reaches my hands, time for a quick clench and a lovin squeeze, along with a gentle peck across the back of my neck, before lettin go to run all the way back up....my whole body just feels so alive, and yet at the same time,i feel like i'm meltin away( that makes sense to me)

A little more gel for a lot more lather...my back next.

Thumbs now workin their way down my spine and he

applies gentle pressure, till he reaches my waist, where

his hands take over once more, movin around n

across my stomach.A little further down,brushin just

above what little pubic hair i have got, then back across over my hips and slowly around, where each hand lays to rest upon a butt cheek...here he pays particular attention:

begins to kneed, as if like dough each cheek, and as he

does, almost as if by accident...gently runs just 1 finger

between and up the crack,to be sure nowhere is missed.

I never realized just how sensual and arousin a

shower together could be....it is oh so much in his

touch , but the sensation of the water,the soap,

along with that touch all over me....well it just feels

fantastic. Part of me wants to turn round and return the

favour ,( especially as i can feel Ted twitchin between

my butt cheeks,and its def not his hand), but then

again....no i don't,i want more of this.

his hands holdin both my hips now he pulls me

against him...no need babe,i can push back... Leanin slightly forward, i rest both my hands against the wall....i can feel the water now cascading down my back and over my arse where i can feel him nuzzled.

"Don't tease me babe" i plead as i can feel him

nudging against my bumhole...."babe,yeah...plzzzzz,fuck me" pushin further back against him as i almost beg . Takin hold of my left hand he guides it down to my pussy.

"1st things 1st " he says, as he uses my fingers to rub

over my lathered lips....then oh so easily slide between them, still usin his hand on mine, guides my fingers back and forth over my now so sensitive clit.

"Think you know what to do from here" he suggests as

he lets go of my hand to regain his hold on my hips.

gently he pulls my cheeks apart as i feel him nudging against my ass hole ,Oh my,he never dissapoints me....just a few short thrusts and in he goes,so easy with the soap n water, as it is for my fingers, as they move from rubbin hard against my clit,to probe as far as they can within

my pussy. WOW,i can feel him...i can feel his cock

with my fingers,mmmmmmhow much pleasure in just

one go:-))) 3 fingers now and i can almost grab him.... God this is just so horny,don't think i'll last long.... well i'm not,i'm gonna cum,with or without you.

Seems the harder i finger fuck me, the deeper he goes, and the faster i fuck, he speeds up....i am so close ,i can feel him throbbin, and i mean FEEL.

"Oh god Ted,i'm cummin" i scream and as i feel

every muscle inside me pulse, and contract, he too reaches an almighty climax, shootin jet after jet of spunk deep inside me. I'm a quiverin wreck, and thats just on the inside...my legs,well only for him holdin me up i'd have gone for sure. I can feel him shakin too, as he gently eases out...not sure if its the water tricklin between and down my legs or him:-))

" you ok dear?" he asks, helpin me to a more upright


"Ted darlin " i answer, turnin and holdin him tight " i

feel absolutely fantastic,never ever have i felt more

so....,you're a star" :-)

"If thats so then it's all worth while "

"It is so,believe me....i have never felt better" i assure you

"come on then" he says "lets get cleaned up and go

eat....satisfy another need"

"cheeky...but true" i can't believe i'm hungry again!!!

No fancy atire tonite...after all it's pushin 9 already!

together we enjoy a lovely meal...quite romantic actually, as at that time not many were left dinin ,followed by just a couple of drinks in the bar. Bed before midnite,maybe kinda like a crime having an early nite on holiday, but there is that pub crawl tomorrow:-))))).