Written by john

26 Jul 2003

We have been chatting on the Internet for a while. We are getting on really well flirting madly with each other. I tell you how I want to meet you and kiss every inch of your body. We arrange to meet. We meet at a restaurant, as it is the first time of meeting. We meet and kiss passionately. Not noticing or caring that the other tables are watching us. We order drinks and a meal and begin chatting. I tell you that you look beautiful and I want you. I feel your leg moving under the table. You begin to stroke my cock through my trousers with your feet. My cock hardens and we decide it is time to leave. We go to your car and you say we will go for a drive. As we are driving I place a hand up your skirt and begin to finger your pussy. You tell me to stop as you can't concentrate on the driving. You pull up by some woods. We kiss each other softly felling each other’s bodies. Your nipples are hard like bullets and your pussy is dripping wet. We move to the back seat and we undress. We carry on kissing our tongues mingling together. I gently kiss your neck and ears. You grab my hand and place it on your pussy. I finger fuck you and play with your clit with my thumb. You moan with pleasure. My mouth moves to your breasts teasing and sucking your nipples. We kiss each other all over exploring each other’s bodies. I kiss you all over your body telling you that you are beautiful. I ask you to sit on my face. My pierced tongue is exploring every inch of your sweet pussy. My tongue darting in and out tasting your juices. The piercing in my tongue is driving you wild with lust as I probe your pussy.

Out of the corner of your eye you notice a guy watching you in the woods. You call him over. He nervously comes over. When he comes over you tell him to get his cock out. You suck on his cock as my pierced tongue probes your pussy. He plays with your nipples as you suck him. He doesn't last long before exploding his cum in your mouth. This sends an orgasm ripping through your body flooding my mouth with your sweet juices. You get out of the car and tell us you want 2 men at once. You get on all fours and you suck me off as the other guy pumps you from behind. Your tongue rubbing up and down my shaft is sending me wild. I don’t last much longer and explode in your mouth. The other guy is still pumping you hard. I climb underneath you so I can lick and nibble your clit as the other guy fucks you. Your breathing is really fast. You tell the other guy to fuck you harder. I carry on tonguing your clit as he fucks you from behind. You moan loudly as an orgasm rips through your body. This makes the other guy shoot his load.

Straight after the other guy finishes fucking you sit on my face again and tell me to lick you clean. The other guy plays/sucks on your nipples as I tongue your sweet pussy. You don't last long again before you cum. I swallow your pussy juices mixed with the other guys cum. You get up and lay on the bonnet of your car. I come behind you and start to fuck you from behind. My balls slapping against your arse cheeks as I pump you. The other guy is standing masturbating watching us fuck. You watch him masturbate as I fuck you .I can feel you coming and I save myself so we come together. I shoot my load as I feel you coming. You lie on the bonnet. I thought that would be it but you turn to me and the other guy and say you always get licked clean after sex. We take it in turns to lick your pussy clean. After you come once more we thank the other guy and leave. We decide to book a hotel for the evening.