Written by jamco32

4 Jul 2006

When I was 18 I went on a cross country run with a friend of the same age, it was a nice sunny day but not to hot. I had always fancied Rob but did not concider myself gay. We stopped in a corn field and he said follow me leading me into the nearly ripe corn to a flatened area. He started play fighting with me and we both ended up on the floor. Before I knew it he slipped his hands down my shorts, I resisted at first and then took off my shorts and pants as he did the same with his errect cock springing upwards. My heart was pounding with excitement we played with each others cock and balls and wanked each other before I pucked up the courage to take his cock in my mouth, it tasted so good and his balls felt cool and soft against my chin. He groaned with pleasure as he repositioned himself to suck my cock. I pushed the palm of my hand against his naval and slid his cock in and out my mouth as fast as I could. His balls seems to disappear from his scrotum as he shot his cum into my mouth the excitement made me cum almost at the same time. I have never experience anything like it since but that summer day will always remain in my thoughts