Written by Anon

13 Apr 2006

Simon, my naughty partner had been working out of town as usual i hadn't seen him for a little while. Out of the blue he gave me a call to see what i was upto. Busy doing work myself i thought i could spare a break for him as its always worth it. He asked to meet me at the woods in between our houses so i did. We strolled into the woods totally excited and anticipating what was going to happen next. We strayed off the path and in to a secluded spot where we started kissing and i felt his bulge grow. He grasped at my large breasts and gave them a squeeze. with that we stripped off feeling the breeze on our skin gave us a tingle, we got straight down on the floor in the midst of nature. We got each other in the 69 position as we made each other squirm with pleasure until we could take no more. Then Simon turned me over in to the doggy position while i held a tree for stability he pumped in and out of me whilst stroking my hard nipple with his hand, until he was ready to cum. he turned me over and came all over my breasts while i lay there with a huge grin on my face while i cupped his balls. That was definitely my best ever walk in the woods