Written by 1st time 4

13 Aug 2003

We meet for the first time, in Spain on the coast.

You join me in a hotel bar, we recognise eachother and just pass a smile. I stand as you approach the table and pull out a chair for you. We say nothing just staring at the outline of the Atlas mountains. It is getting dark and having drank a slightly shilled bottle of red wine we go up to our room.

Another bottle awaits us, while I open it you walk out onto the balcony to admire the view. I join you and as I pass your wine over your young clean shoulder I place a kiss on it. You tense a little and lean your head to the side as I gently kiss your neck. I unzip your dress and it falls to the floor revealing a strapless bra and

thong. I remove the bra and whilst behind you start playing with your nipples, within a split second they go hard so I come around the front of you and start sucking kissing and bitting them. You are now very moist and a wet patch appears on your thong, you are trembling with shear ecstasy. Still nothing is said.

I lead you to the bed and gently lie you down, I start kissing and licking you all over your body and remove your thong. You open your legs to reveal your tight wet pussy. I slide my tongue inside you sucking your clit, you explode as you orgasm over my face. THis drives you wild and you lick your

come off me. I turn you over and your raise your bum, I gently slide my cock into your wet tight pussy, god its hot and tight, we start to slide into a rythm and begin to loose ourselves in the passion, we come together...........

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