Written by Zoe Chylds

13 Apr 2005

Last night I had one of the most incredilbe exspriences! I have been in contact for about two years now with a very handsome young black man from Iceland, and when I say handsome I mean handsome, he stands about 6 foot 2, 195 to 210 lbs, shaved head, honey eyes, and creamy chocolate skin. Simply devine. Well anyways we decided that he should come and visit me out here, and two weeks later here he is. I let him sleep the first day as Jet-lag can be a real bitch, and the plane trip was excepinally long due to a spring blizzard we had a few days ago. So, after feeding him, and showing him his room and bath, I let him catch his rest. He woke in the late afternoon the next day, I came home from shopping just about the time he was getting up, and decided to go check on him. When I came to his door I knocked and asked "Hey, Curtis, how ya doing?"

His response was "O-kay, I cannat get the water on."

"You have to push the knobs in and turn." I told him through the door, "Can I come in and show you, they're tricky 'cause their child proof."

"That would probly help." He responded as I opened the door to the bedroom, and walked across to the bathroom.

I was just about to ask him how he felt, but opon opening the bathroom slide-door, found myself looking at the finest male ass I had ever seen! He was bent over the side of the tub, trying to work the knobs, his huge heavy balls on display to me, all I could think about was working his knob! I felt myself getting hot and wet almost instantly!

"Here," I said as I came in behind him, brushing my hand up his ass and back, as I leaned over to turn on the nozzles, I had on a white silk shell blouse, and purposely brushed my left breast down his arm as I reached down to pull up the stopper lever.

"There you go, all ready for some hot wet, fun." I cheerily told his, standing up, and smiling.

"Thanks, he said smiling back. I couldn't help but notice that he is very well hung, at least two and ahalf inches thick, and probly eight to nine long, he's the type of guy who can really fill a girl.

"You know," He started to say as I began to leave,

"I havn't had a good lay for over seven months, and I havn't wanked for a week."

"Really?" I turned back to him.

"Yeah, and I horney as fuck now, can't help it with the way you petted my ass you know."

"Well, I think I can help you out."


"Yeah." I came back over to him, and began petting his chest and arms, before I turned back to turn off the tub. Then I gave him a good deep kiss, (being so tall he had to pick me up a bit) Then proply dropped to my knees, and I began lavishing his massive hard erection. I grabbed him with one hand working his cock with strokes and my toungue, with the other hand I supported and massaged his balls, I could taste his salty pre-cum as it dribbled out, and felt his balls and nerve shaking when he suddenly pulled out and away. I looked up at him questioningly "What wrong?" I asked.

"Lets go to the bed." And leaning down he picked me off the floor, carried me to the bed and tossed me there!

"Here, let me get you outta this stuff." He said in a strained voice, and began pulling my blouse off, he all but ripped my bra off, and the moment my breast were free he pinch my right nipple roughly, causing me to arch back and moan! He then pretty much tore my shirt and panties off, before leaning over the side of the bed into his bag. He came back with a bottle of astro-glide, "I'm already wet,"I said as I pushed up to begin sucking his juicy cock again,

"We'll need it in a minute." He told me, before flipping me down and pinning me 69 style to the bed, he began to lave at my clit parting my lips with his hand, then sucking and diving into my hot wet cunny with his tongue, I responded with moans as I battled to bring him deeper into my throat, sucking madly, encouraged by his own grunts and moans, but within seconds I felt myself cumming as my muscles tightened and the familar scattering my mind has from orgasim overtook me! I had no time re-coupp as then Curtis flipped me over and pulled me until my naked backside was up in the air.

"I want to fuck your ass." He told me rubbing and parting my cheeks with his hands, "I want to fuck deep into your tight ass."

"Yes fuck my ass, fuck me," I panted out, turned on again by the smooth way his voice slid over the dirty words.

I heard the "Thump" of the lube bottle as he opened the top, then his finger parting and rubbing my ass hole with wetness. He pushed one of his fingers in, and I felt my muscle tighten with the fullness, then he pushed in a second and began to stroke in and out, "Shit, you are tight." He gasped

"Curtis, Curtis,," I cried

'Yeah baby?"

"When you start to fuck me don't stop, no matter what don't stop!" I told him urgrntly, as even though I love being ass fucked, I have a bad habit of crying out.

"Yeah baby, I won't stop, not till I cum."

I knew he was lubing up his cock now from the sliding sound and then he began to rub more into me, suddenly I could feel his fat helmet pushing against my tight skinny hole, and I knew that this was going to hurt, I tried to relax as much as possible, but knew it wouldn't be enough. And he began to press firmly in poping through, then moaning loudly as I cried out a little at the pain of him strectching me. He gave ne a moment to adjust, which helped me to relax, then began to pushing firmly in. I was panting as he did, whimpering from the pain, and moaning from the fullness, "Oh, please, please, please,,," I was crying, "Fuck me, please fuck me!"

"Yeah, yeah, Iwill,,'He moaned and then rammed his cock deep inside, causeing me to arch back and scream, "I;m gonna fuck you, fuck you deep!" He panted as he pulled back and slammed into me again, I cried and yelped with each deep hard thrust, withen secounds he was slamming all of his huge long cock up my tight throbbing ass, his balls slapping againsted his thighs and me, 'Oh, yeah you're tight, so fucking tight" He slammed in to me harder and I pushed back onto his fat cock, I felt like I was splitting inside, and then suddenly he smacked my ass, I arched up, and back, and he grabbed my right breast and squeezzed it hard! I cried out and moaned, my ass and breast aching, he was tweeking my nipple between his fingers, and telling me how hot and tight I was, he pushed my head down to the mattress again and grabbing my hips pulled me back down deep on his huge prick before shooting with burning hot load in me, I could feel him throbbing as he came, and he grunted as he pumped all his load in me, he had some much! That I could feel it going deep into my inside with it burning heat, one fainal last shove, and he was done. He didn't pull out, instead he kept in my ass till he became soft before pulling out, and spreading my chekks with his hands he leaned in and lick my rim, Ohhh, it felt devine,

"I love seeing a tight pink hole filled with my spunk" He said before slapping my ass, then collapsing besides me, I was shaking and aching, and I could taste on his lips the mixture of his sweat cum, and my juices when he kissed me, Then he put his hand between my legs and began to rub my clit, rolling his fingers around me, then he started to finger fuck me, hook his fingers inside to press and fuck the upper wall, somthing the drives us women fucking nuts, but most men don't know how to do, I came hard withen minutes. We lay there for a bit before he got up, grabbing into his bag he pulled out a camera, I let him take a few pics of me , including my sore ass filled with his salty fuck cum, before he fucked my pussy deep and hard like my ass, but this time I was on top, then we went to clean up in the by then cold tub water. Well I had to go to work today and I'm now typing this during a break before I head home, I think I'm going to enjoy my guests' visit very much, very much indeed.