Written by Historical Wench

8 Oct 2005

I love this site and read the various posts on a regular basis. So I thought I'd share a little story that happened last April.

I take part in Primitive Rendezvous and Mountain Man events here in the States. They are ten day events where we live in the time period of 1740-1820. We wear the cloths, walk the walk and talk the talk and bring our entire camp with us and live the time at the events. Well last April I went to an event down in Florida with my father and some close friends. It was a beautiful site but very rainy at the beginning so the ground ended up being very muddy for the rest of the time. Well, I ended up with a sprained foot from walking around bare foot in deep mud. I mentioned this to the archery captain and he said for me to talk to his assistant who is a certified massage therapist. Well, this southern gentleman was a sight to see. About 5'10, built very well. His legs were beautiful in a breach cloth and hands to make any woman melt! He has large expressive brown eyes that are full of mischief and the softest hair that is just a little on the shaggy side. He had just the makings of 2 day old scruff and very handsome with some gray around his chin. I gathered him to be around 31 or so until he revealed his true age of 40!

Now I my self am a fair madden, at 23 with long straight blonde hair to my buttocks, full breasts, and a figure Leonardo di Vinci would drool over. (I am built like the goddesses you see painted by him and never thought I would pair up with such an older gentleman, but there I was and I certainly was loving his experience.

On the second evening that I had met him, we were both strolling through the encampment of 600 people, talking and stopping at various camps, he and I arm in arm just like a couple from that time. I had on my long skirts, and stays creating some beautiful cleavage and my hair was down long over a long black wool cape fastened at my neck. Finally, at the later of the evening we both felt like going back to his fire and relaxing. When we made it to his clearing, we were both admiring the stars while facing each other. It was a chilly evening and I moved close to him, his arms wrapping around me. Finally we were looking into each others eyes and started kissing. Very passionately and perfectly. His lips were pressed to me, his tongue tickling the tip of mine. I was holding firmly to the front of his waistcoat, as though for dear life. I could feel him harden against my stomach and I felt down and caressed him through his breach cloth, playing at the edges teasing him. There was some flirtatious small talk that ended with us by his fire.

I had taken a seat and as it was warm there, I removed my cape. Immediately I could feel his hands at my shoulders, massaging them, working his way up my neck then down the front of my chest under my stays. I said “this must be done properly,” so I loosened up my top to allow him full access. At that, he pulled my chair around to face away from the fire and the road. He knelt down between my legs and started kissing me slowly, while fondling my breasts through my top. He then worked his hands under my skirt, until it was up around my waist and he had full access. And that he did. When I wear the long skirts I tend not to bother with knickers as I do when I have knee britches on so he was able to take in all of my ivory skin and shaven fanny. Pleasantly surprised he lowered his head immediately and started those passionate lips and tongue to work on my lower regions. And what a job he did. Ladies, all I can say is that trained massage therapists know how to make a woman happy in more ways than one! And I highly recommend taking advantage of one!

Well once he got me good and worked up, I couldn’t stand it anymore. He had made me so hot yet wouldn’t let me get off! It was making me crazy how he worked his fingers in and out of my inner walls, firmly pressing on all the pressure points from inside, making my folds swell up around him and causing me to be dripping wet, all the while he sucked and licked my clit. It was all I could do to keep quiet as we were in a family centered public place. Finally I coarsely whispered in his ear between gasps of near orgasmic pleasure, "I want you to fuck me like the good little wench that I am." Well that’s all that it took. He gave me his hand to help me to my feet, and we entered his tent.

Once inside he unlaced my stays, slipped my skirt down over my hips and I slid out of my chemise until I was standing in front of him completely naked, my golden hair down my back and lightly covering my breasts. The lamp light was dancing off the crown of my hair and I could smell him standing so close to me of lavender, sandalwood and patchouli, and of course wood smoke. He still fully clothed in his historical dress. He had removed his tri-corn hat out side and his hair was messed from me running my hands through it while he was down on me.

All of a sudden he pulled me to him and again starts kissing me deeply, I could taste my juices on his lips and feel the rough wool of his clothing against my nipples and belly. I started unbuttoning his vest and removing his shirt while he worked at undoing his breach cloth. When his body was finally exposed, what a sight! Just a bit of hair on his defined chest and flat stomach, his arms strong and hands firm on my skin. He led me to the ground level bed and purposefully laid me out, him above, his legs prying mine apart. I playfully resisted and he looked at me intently, "going to make this difficult are you?" and I answered with my fingers grabbing tighter in his hair. This sent shivers down his spine and he forced a kiss on me that took my breath away. He let all his weight rest on my body and I wrapped my legs around his buttocks pulling him even closer to me, pushing my hips to his and grinding his shaft against my fanny. Nice size it was I might add. About 7 inches, not too thick, and just as hard as could be. The cool air had made my nipples hard and he greedily sucked on them both in turn. We were both very randy at this point and I said into his ear, "fuck me..." He responded by rocking his hips back and letting his dick fall into place. Once he knew it was there and my legs were spread as far as I could get them begging him to hurry, he suddenly rammed into me, filling me and completely submerging within my wet self. I sharply exhaled trying not to make a sound, yet needing to scream. He lowered to me, his mouth next to my ear, as he whispered the question "more?" Breathlessly I returned with a quick "yes" as he slowly and tenderly worked in and out, making me very wet. Teasing with just the head of his penis inside he made small little movements, almost coming out then going back in, doing this about 5 or 6 times. Then he would push hard into me. It was making me crazy! Never had I had sex this good! With anyone! Male or female.

I could tell we were both close to getting off, but instead of letting loose on me, he pulled out, and just hovered over me, breathing into my ear, nipping at my neck and fondling my breast. "So, you like?" he asked in a very low tone. "Yea" I answered in a quiet whimper. "And you want me to fuck you like the wench you say you are, do you?" I had completely forgotten that I had said that. But nervously I replied with "yes." "Then roll over, I want that ass of yours."

My ass? Did he just say that? Oh good lord my dreams are coming true! There is nothing I like more than to take it in the rear, epically if done well, and from what I had been experiencing, he was going to make it amazing. And he did! He licked along my spine, up to my neck, while grabbing at my buttocks, working his fingers to my hole and tickling. He then slid a finger into my wet fanny, and rubbing my juices to my ass, getting it good and wet before he started working a finger in. Very slowly, waiting until I would relax and then slide it in a little more until he had his whole finger in me. He started working it, pushing against the walls of my anus to where my g-spot would be and massaging until I started dripping wetness again. With his first finger in my ass, he put his second in my vagina and started play from both holes. He then added that second finger to my ass and massaged again, spreading his fingers inside me stretching out my hole in a delightfully playful way that sent waves of pleasure through my body. My breathing was very heavy and if I hadn’t been trying to keep quite, I would have been moaning very loudly indeed! When he felt I was ready he removed his fingers, ordered me to all fours and situated himself between my legs. I was very ready for a good ass shag and caved my back, exposing my ass to better meet him. I could feel his hard cock rubbing under me, at my shaved front, and I could tell he was teasing, as he deliberately slid it in to that hole and started working me. Of course I was disappointed but it still felt good so I took it. Just as we were getting a rhythm, he pulled out, and placed the head of his cock on my anus. He had one hand on my hip and the other he used to guide himself into me, god! Did it feel amazing when his head slipped in, I tightened around him immediately. "None of that!” and he pushed into me. Not hard, but deliberately, and the surprise and my tightness caused me to rock forward, but he pulled at my hips back to meet his thrust. He started working me slow but hard, getting every inch into me. I could feel him all the way in and I tightened around his shaft as though saying "don’t pull out!" But he did, then went right back in.

I could feel him start to twitch inside of me, and I was coming down my own legs. He reached around and put two fingers in my other hole while playing my clit with that thumb. "Shit wench, you are making a mess! You must like me an awful lot!" I couldn’t even respond. I felt so full I started going into orgasm. And then he put a third finger in me! All while pumping my ass. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had quit breathing at this point as I usually do when I am getting off and every muscle in me tightened around his fingers, and around his dick in my ass. I could feel him coming too, filling up my bum with his hot sticky spunk. Both of us orgasming over and over in one session.

We finally collapsed in complete satisfaction. Me on my back with him lying in my arms heavily breathing in the crisp night air. We fell asleep for a little while, we were so exhausted. But I woke up and got dressed to head back to my camp. Last thing I needed was all of Rendezvous knowing I shagged the assistant archery captain, me a delegate’s daughter! But what a night it was!

He and I still keep in touch, he is currently working with the clean up and rebuilding of Hurricane Katrina and Rita, and I will get to see him again at the next event in the spring, only this time in Tennessee. I hope it is as remarkable as the first meeting!