Written by Debbi

3 Oct 2003

I'm divorced from her now, but she was wonderful and sexually so exciting. I was always submissive to her and I wouldn't have had it any other way. One of her favourites was to fuck me senseless with a strapon (my favourite too). She used to say 'I'm gonna bring that bi guy John, from work home to fuck you properly'. It turned me on no end, but I never really said so.

One morning she came in from nightshift, came upstairs and woke me, tied me up and thrashed me with her fave belt and left me there frustrated as usual while she went back downstairs.

Ten minutes later I almost died of fright when I heard a deep male voice coming upstairs chatting with her. They came in the room both naked and he had a much larger cock than mine and it was fully erect. He was also about 15 years my junior. I was tied to the head and footboards of the four poster and gagged at the time, so I couldn't even protest. She sat on the edge of the bed and he stood looking at me as she proceeded to suck his huge cock. I couldn't believe what was happening, it was surreal. She then got doggy style on the bed right next to my head while he rammed it into her from behind. The mix of sexual jealousy and arousal was so wierd. He fucked her like that for a good 10 minutes and I think she must have come three or four times. Then he pulled out with a grunt and shot what felt like buckets of spunk all over my face while she stared at me from about six inches away. He wiped himself on my hair and face then they both left the room laughing and giggling. It didn't end there but I'll save the rest for later.