Written by Kerry

1 Sep 2009

I felt so ashamed and guilty at what I,d done I did,nt dare go in my garden for several days,I was also a little scared.

It was only when my Mum asked me to hang out some washing while she was at work that I was forced to do so,I tried not to look at his window but did,at first he was,nt there but as I left the garden he appeared.

He was wearing a dressing gown,he smiled at me I smiled back,what was I to do.Back in my lounge I realised I had to deal with the situation,I needed to speak to him and explain that what had happened was a one off.

I got up the courage and went and knocked on his door,I was shaking like a leaf.He came to the door in his dressing gown,hi young lady he said I was,nt expecting you,come in.I,m just here to explain I stammered,to explain what he said with a smile,we had a bit of fun,what of it.

I don,t want it to happen again I said,no problem he replied but I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful young body,since my wife passed away I,ve missed the pleasure a womans body gave me,you gave me back that couple of moments of pleasure,did you enjoy it a little.

I felt myself blush,I can see you did he said but thanks for the moment,you are very beautiful,he touched my lips with his finger.I have no idea what came over me,I reached and tugged gently on his dressing gown belt,it fell open.

I think he was more surprised than me,his breathing deepened.I looked down at his cock,it was bigger than I,d expected,stretching down over balls which themselves hung really long between his thighs.I looked up into his eyes,he looked deep into mine.

I could,nt stop myself,I reached forward and took his cock in my hand,it was soft but really hot.It instantly reacted,swelling into my fingers.He did,nt move he just let me do it,his breathing getting faster and deeper by the second.

It only took seconds for his beautiful cock to more than fill my hand standing straight up rock hard and throbbing.I could,nt believe what I was doing,it was only days since I,d seen my first erect cock and what it could do,now I was holding it in my hand.

He gently moved his hips,I moved my hand up and down its length pushing back his foreskin exposing the silky wet purple head.I looked up into his face,his eyes were closed.Without opening them he moved his gressing gown off his shoulders,he was completely naked.

The sudden realisation of his nakedness started a massive orgasm through my body,my fingers tightened on his cock as my body started to spasm.Do you want to carry on he whispered,if it makes you feel better I,ve had the snip,I knew what that meant,I just looked at him and he knew.

He gently unbuttoned my blouse,just that started another orgasm,his cock was throbbing.He removed my blouse and gently felt my hard nipples through my bra.I took my hand off his cock and undid it,his fingers on my erect nipples was absolute heaven,I was gulping for air.

I undid my skirt and let it fall away,his fingers moved down my body and touched my pubic region feeling me through my tiny briefs then between my legs which opened for him.Moving along outside my briefs his fingers traced the outline of my pussy lips,I had a massive orgasm.

His fingers moved back up and slipped inside my undies,my legs opened wider apart.I,d forgotten about his needs,hold me he whispered,I took his cock back in my hand and squeesed and wanked it.His fingers found my soaking pussy and gently parted my lips,a finger pushed gently in feeling for my clitoris.

I felt the shock as his finger touched it,then his gentle stroking as I felt it harden to his touch followed by an orgasm the like of which I,d never known,how long it lasted I have no idea.When I,d finished he moved down my body,his hands holding my bottom in a beautiful grip.

His tongue touched each of my nipples,I heard myself moan,his tongue went in my bellybutton then down to my silky pubes.He pushed my undies off and spread my legs wider apart,his tongue found my pussy lips and licked them as much as he could manage.I felt the heat of his tongue as it found its way into my pussy.

He flicked it slowly,I could hear him swallow.It did,nt need to reach my clitoris,I would probably have died in orgasm if it did.Again how long he licked me and pleasured me with his tongue I have no recollection.He slowly stood back up,I took his now massive throbbing cock back in my hand holding his really heavy balls in the other and started to wank it fast.

He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me gently downwards.At first I was,nt sure but as he guided my head down over his cock I knew what he wanted,could I do it.He was moaning loudly as I took his cock in both my hands and touched the head with my tongue,I knew immediately I wanted to do it.

I opened my mouth and put my lips around the head,the throbbing and twitching increased.As I moved my head downwards it barely fitted in my mouth,I sucked it in but even so only half would fit.His hips started to move faster,I held his balls in my hand,he gently held my head his cock now moved slowly in and out of my mouth,his moaning got louder and louder as his cock moved faster.

I really did,nt expect it as my mouth suddenly started to fill with hot liquid,I knew what it was he was coming off,I instinctivly swallowed losing a little of the moment as I orgasmed,I hoped I had,nt bitten him.All too soon he stopped coming,I could have drank so much more.

I felt that beautiful cock lose its strength yet I wanted to keep it in my mouth.That moment would come again and I would also for the first time feel the beauty of my pussy lips being parted by his lovely cock and the wonderment of it going deeper into me than I could ever have imagined.