Written by jakyboy14

30 Aug 2006

I'll try and keep this as posible - I'm still able to remember it "like yesterday" and remember all the details.

For as long has I can remember, I've been interested in older women. I'm in my mid thirties now - but for most of 20's I used a well known contact mag to secure meets.

The story I'm about to share with you is true - and I just hope your reading this ******!

I was drawn to one particular advert of a woman who advertised for a younger male. I guessed her to be in her late 40's - early 50's and she described herself as being very highly sexed. The picture accompanying the advert was awsome - she was stood on the stairs holding on to the banister wearing just a black basque and stockings with the most amazing pair of tits on view.

About two weeks after I'd written to her (including a recent photo of me) I got a response from her. She wanted further correspondence - and asked if I'd forward details to her of a previous encounter...informing me to be as explicit as possible. This I did - me also asking her for one in return. I found all this build up very exciting and found myself wanking over her picture at all times of day.

I received a response about a week later with the most detailed horny story you could imagine - describing how she was fucked by a club bouncer throughout the night whislt her husband was present. She also said that she wanted to meet me after telling me that the story I had sent her got her very excited.

She went on to ask if I'd help her out with a fantasy of hers. Although her hubby was aware of her activities - she fantasized about picking up a lone hitch-hiker in the presence of him. She asked if I'd be able convince her husband that this was genuine has she didn't want him to think it was pre-arranged. I was more than up for this!!

Further correspondence followed - again adding to the excitment. We arranged for this to happen one Sunday evening after her and her husband were returning from visiting friends in Stockport. At the time I lived just outside Chesterield - and we agreed on a discreet "pick-up" point not far from there.

During all the weeks leading up to this I had'nt spoken to her once - not until the Sunday lunch time. I was rock hard when I heard her husky voice over the phone - she also sounded very well educated. I couldn't beleive my luck.

The stretch of road where we agreed I'd be was very dark - with no lighting at all (a very suspicious friend dropped me off here - he still looks out the corner of his eye at me even now). All kinds of thoughts were racing through my mind...was I supposed to put my thumb out?...Fucking hell - what if somebody else offered to pick me up...I must admit I stareted to panic at this point. There wasn't much activity on the road - although pitch black you could spot the car lights from about 1/2 a mile away.

A car past and I half heartededly put my arm out - it carried on. I did the same again when another past...this had disaster written all over it. After the second car was about 100 yards away I saw the brake lights come and it came to a stop. What was I to do? I decided to walk down to the car - still not knowing whether or not this was A. I was relieved to find it was!

I later found out that her husband hadn't even seen me but she beckoned him to stop and see if I wanted a lift as the road seemed pretty dangerous to be on. Result!

We exchanged small talk - me telling them that my car had broken down etc. myself a A didn't get chance to talk amongst ourselves until her husband called for some petrol. We started whispering to each other has he was only just outside of the car filling it up. This was also the first time I'd been able to see her face - she didn't disappoint - she was a stunner. She said that she'd steer the conversation and ask me if I'd like to join them for a drink. Me being local to the area would recommend somewhere nearer to the M1. She had no doubt this would go as planned - we would then take things from there.

I recommended a pub in the middle of a well known country park - and this is where we drove to. We all went in and I bought a roung of drinks, thanking them for their kindness. When we all sat down A sat next to me, leaving her husband at the opposite side of the table. It was all small talk at first, with A managing to "heat up" the conversation whenever possible.

After finishing our first round of drinks her husband went to the bar to get another round in - leaving me and his wife to talk some more. She told me that she'd now start to flirt with me and telling where the conversation would go from here. She complimented me on my physique - saying that I looked very sporty. I in turn did the same - saying that she looked extremely well, dare I say it, for an older woman. During this time her husband returned from the bar to witnes her lifting up her dress to show me her legs after telling me she was a keen cyclist. She also began to be very touchy at this point - her husband wasn't aware but she kept brushing my cock with her hand under the table.

At this point her husband got up and left the table. She explained to me he was sensing she was up to something. She re-assured me that everything would be ok - it was their little sign of approval - him giving her the "go ahead". She continued to squeeze my cock - telling me to "keep it that state because she wanted a good fucking soon".

After a short while her husband returned - I spotted a glance between them both - a look that told me this wasn't the first time she was going to be fucked by a complete stranger. He'd only sat down and she said she was ready to leave - she then went on to say that her husband was a keen photographer and did I know of anywhere he'd be to take a few photos of her where they wouldn't be disturbed. She then looked at him and asked if he minded that I was there -he just nodded. He handed her the car keys saying he had to go to the toilets before we left - myself and A then making our way to the car. Once inside she spun aroung from the front passenger seat and gripped my cock - saying she was aching for it. She also said that as things progressed, that if anyone of us wanted out then we were to say (all I wanted was in)

I directed them to a secluded lane close by. In no time at all her husband had the camera in his hand and was taking photos of her. Then she sprang out thise beauties that I'd only seen on her advert. She then ordered hinm to stop taking photos and to push the front seats forward in the car - telling him "I'm going to get a good fucking from him" and instructing him to go a walk up the lane.

We climbed into the car. She simply looked, felt and smelt fantastic. We started to grpoe each other for a few minutes before she released my cock (thank god)from my jeans. She spent ages superbly sucking my cock and balls, spitting on it then deep throating me, all the time letting out little whimpering noises - this was heaven...and I nearly shot my load several times before asking her if I could lick her.

We changed positions - A wrapping hers stocking clad legs over my shoulders. I spent ages licking her clit and fingering her pussy. She tasted great. She dug her heels into my back, encouraging me not to stop, "lick me harder - harder" almost screaming whilst pulling my hair with her hands. During this she reached down and cradled my balls in her hands - before wiping some pre-come from my bell end and licking her finger.I carried on licking her clit and swollowing her juices until she climaxed.

I was more than ready and asked her she wanted to be fucked right now. We broke away from each other so she could reach over into the glove box for a condom. She slipped this on for me has I was trembling so much. I placed my cock at the entrance of her slit and massaged it before slowly entering her...I can't describe the feeling after all the weeks of build up, correspondence etc. We were rampant - she wrapped her legs around my back and urged me on to "fuck her", pulling at my hair whilst I was ramming away. I sensed she was close to another orgasm and continued to fuck her with deep long strokes. This sent her over the top and she opened her legs as wide has she could before coming a second time. I was very close to coming and told her so - she asked if I could remove the condom when I was about to come and shoot my load all over her body - WHY YES!

I erupted - shooting all over her tits, stomach, tops of her stockings - she fucking loved it! After a short while we emerged from the car to be met by her husband. He re-arranged the seating before they proceded to take me to a main road close to my home. I had to smirk - her husband asked me if I'd like taking back to my car to see if we could start it!

Has we arrived at the main road where they dropped me off - she asked if I'd be interested fucking her in the comfort of her own home within the next few weeks (of course I did - that's another story). In front of her husband she said he wasn't capable of giving her two orgasms on the back seat of their car and she wanted fucking on a regular basis.

We parted with a lingering kiss - I walked up the road whilst they drove towards the M1.

If you read this A - I hope it finds you well! X

Lets hear it for older women