Written by Sam

12 Nov 2004

I’m a single guy in my early twenties and always on the look out for willing pussy. Who would have thought that a visit to the dentist, usually a traumatic experience, would have turned out to be the turning point in my quest for new fuck fodder!

As I waited for my turn in the chair, I picked up a magazine in an attempt to take my mind off what was bound to be a harrowing experience. I started to flick through the pages and surprisingly found an article just up my street. A sex survey! The article claimed to be based on the largest ever sex survey carried out in Britain. I was hooked!

What I learned from the article was amazing and explained my lack of success to date with the fairer sex! I’d concentrated my efforts on young women in their twenties, but if the results of the survey were to believed, I was wasting my time!

Strangely enough, it appeared that it was not the younger single women who were more likely to part their legs at the drop of a hat, but the older, married women!

Apparently, 30% of married women between 30 and 40 have been unfaithful to their husbands. This figure increases to a staggering 75% by the time they reach 50! And of those, the average number of different, extra marital sexual partners, a woman is likely to have between the ages of 40 and 50 is ten! In other words, most married women over 40 are regularly putting it about, unbeknown to their trusting husbands! The most common places they meet other men are at work or on nights out with the girls! There and then, I decided to put the survey to the test!

The following Friday night, I took my car into Sheffield city centre and decided to stay sober for a change! The idea being that I could offer one of these lovely, older ladies a lift home!

I moved around a few of the city centre bars, eyeing up the talent and, in particular, looking for much older totty. Eventually I met up with a group of women in their late 40’s, all mutton dressed as lamb, but good lookers all the same. They were quite pissed and seemed to be really letting their hair down and enjoying themselves. All had wedding rings and all were dressed like they were 20 years younger! They seemed to fit the type of women I’d read about in the survey.

One in particular caught my eye, a little brunette, very attractive and a very cheeky looking face. I watched her for a while, laughing and sipping her wine and did she look a horny little cow! She had beautiful legs, a very short skirt and a low, tight top revealing a wonderful pair of tits. I decided to make a play for her.

Talk about easy! She seemed flattered to be chatted up by such a young guy and immediately was flirting with me! She introduced herself as Marilyn, a 49 year old, married woman from Sheffield and accepted my offer of another drink. When I returned, her mates asked her to drink up as they were moving on! She took the drink and told her friends that she was staying as I’d just got her another! Game on!

As we were chatting, I made my first move, placing my hand on her pert little arse and gently stroking it. She didn’t object, far from it, she seemed to flirt even more! Time to step it up a gear, I thought. I asked Marilyn where she lived and lied to her that I would be passing her house on the way home! Five minutes later, she was in the front of my car, her little skirt riding right up her thighs, barely covering her panties! What a tart!

I drove a couple of miles and then pulled into a quiet, wooded lane that I know. She looked at me and smiled. “You naughty boy. What sort of woman do you think I am?”

I was about to find out! I started to kiss her, a woman twice my age and as I did, her hand moved straight onto the growing bulge in my jeans! She started to massage the bulge, as my hands slipped inside her top, releasing her tits! I leaned down and started to suck her beautiful tits as her hand unzipped my jeans and wrapped around my hard cock! As she tightened her hand around my shaft and started to wank it, she began groaning!

I continued licking and sucking the dirty tart’s tits whilst I slipped my hand under the gusset of her panties! I was pleasantly surprised to find she was shaven, her pussy as smooth as silk! Parting her love flaps with my fingers, I slipped a couple inside her wet snatch and began fingering the bitch! Oh boy, did she groan! She went frantic as I slipped my fingers in and out of her slit, her hand really working away at my cock.

She was easy, much easier than I had thought, there for the taking!

“Fuck me you dirty bastard!” she gasped, as my fingers pleasured her slut slit. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t have any rubbers! Oh shit, how stupid! But my worries were short lived. She reached into her bag and handed me a condom. She was obviously an old hand at being shagged on the side!

I rolled on the rubber and we climbed onto the back seat. Marilyn straddled across my lap, holding my erect cock up, and then she slid right down onto it, working away with her pussy, engulfing my cock and milking it with her tightening cunt! I chewed on her nipples as she fucked away at me, groaning and writhing!

I could hear her panting, her breathing speeding up and then she screamed out so loud, as she climaxed! Her whole body tensed and she dug her red painted nails deep into my back! She was amazing, so fucking horny, the best fuck I’d ever had! I rammed my cock deeper into her, as I felt my balls stirring and filled the rubber with spunk!

She sat straddled over me for several minutes, her cunt muscles constantly tightening around my spent cock! Then she looked at her watch and whispered.

“I’d better be getting home. My husband will be expecting me!” Ten minutes later, I dropped the sexy lady off, at the end of her street and watched her perfect little body disappear into the darkness! What a night! And all thanks to a trip to the dentist!