Written by Rod.

16 Aug 2005

I never thought when I was young and shagging young women that I would ever have an older woman, by older I mean someone over fifty. I am a heating engineer and was called out one day to a bungalow in a nearby village, I was twenty eight at the time. When I rang the doorbell and the door opened I was confronted by a smiling lady of very mature years. She was in fact quite attractive and as we discussed her problem in the kitchen she said, "I didn't think I'd be meeting quite such an attractive young man!" I smiled and thanked her not thinking anything in particular about it. The problem was in her hot water system which was producing hot water very inconsistently. I got to work to trace the fault and found that it involved a considerable amout of work. I had arrived at eleven o'clock in the morning and had to tell Constance, as she asked me to call her, that I would be there some considerable time. "That's alright, don't worry about it, I'll make a sandwich at lunch-time so you don't go hungry." I smiled and thanked her again and she promptly made me a coffee. I got to work conscious that she was watching me all the time, "It looks terribly complicated," she said. "Oh, not really," I replied, "just time consuming." As I worked on the gas heater in a cupboard matching the wall-units in the kitchen I couldn't help noticing that, sitting on a high stool watching me, she was displaying a considerable amount of very shapely thigh. Once again I didn't think anything of it then but when I stopped for the sandwich and cup of tea that she provided and was thus, sitting at the kitchen table below her level, I could see straight up her skirt. She was wearing 'hold-up' stockings and her white thighs framed a pair of pale pastel blue cotton knickers. I was sure that she saw me looking but made no move to close her legs, the knickers I noticed were stretched to their absolute limit over a substantially prominent mound. I got a hard on. I am sure she noticed that too as she made no move not to look there as I got up to start work again. "Every job is worth it's reward!" she commented enigmatically. Two hours later I finished the job and, turning the gas back on, tried the hot tap, it produced almost boiling water immediately. "Oh," she said, "that looks good, I must test the shower, come on we'll see if that's as good." What I didn't expect was for her to ask me to go with her and then strip off in front of me in her bedroom. Smiling broadly she led the way into the bathroom and entered the shower cabinet. She turned the water on and adjusted the temperature, then she said, "Come on Rod (she had asked my name earlier), take your things off and join me!" I was, as they say, gobsmacked. "Don't be a wimp," she continued as I hesitated, "don't look a gift-horse in the mouth surely you can see what Im offering?" Well I could and very nice it was to, I had never imagined that a woman of her age could have such a good figure. As I said lovely legs, beautifully shaped breasts and a very plump shaven mound that displayed her cunt lips perfectly. I stripped and joined her and we washed each other, she washed me first and ensured that I had a hard erection, I then washed her and had a good feel of her pretty cunt, she became wet very quickly. We left the shower and dried quickly, then we went into the bedroom. She said, "You're a young man and I expect you think women of my age don't bother with sex any longer. I'll let you into a secret, I'm sixty three and I have cock whenever and wherever I can get it! Come on let's fuck!" We started kissing and I carried on to feel and kiss her breasts and suck her nipples. She liked that and pumped my cock enthusiastically. I gradually worked my way down over her stomach and started kissing the now, much fuller, lips of her cunt. "Oh yes!" she cried. I tongued her pushing the lips apart and licking inside. Then I tongue fucked her, teased her clit and sucked at the slippery wet flesh. She came, "Fuck me now!" she demanded. I moved over her and slid my cock at her open cunt, without positioning it I slid right up inside. She was quite tight but very wet and I fucked her hard for about ten minutes before I shot my load right up her lovely cunt. She came again. After we'd calmed down she said, "If you have time, can we wait a while and do it again?" "Sure," I replied, "You're a great fuck, Constance." She laughed, "Not exactly an appropriate name is it? Considering I'll fuck whenever I can!" I fucked her again for quite a bit longer the second time and I've been back a few times since, she was great every time and we tried all sorts of positions, what a woman!