Written by Urbanauthor

27 Nov 2006

True story related by 'Urbanauthor'

Ann and I got married quite young, she 18 and me 21. We met through a mutual friend, infact she had instigated the whole thing, finding out if we fancied each other and then mentioning it in passing to each of us. She had even invited Ann and myself separately down to her and Nathans flat for a weekend by the sea with some other friends. That evening we had all gone out to some of the local pubs and got pretty well out our faces on the local beer and a few other things we picked up or had along the way ! Anyway, in the first pub we visited Ann and I got chatting and spent the mini pub crawl evening together before going back to the flat. It had been a good night, Ann and I had been holding hands and snogging away in corners of pubs and street doorways between pubs and now we were sitting on a chair at the flat she on my knee as most of us had to do due to lack of chairs. As well as Dianne and Nathan there was also Mart and Joy, Pete and Sara and a single friend Stan. Looking back over the last 30 years since that night all the men and women have all been to bed with each other at some time, just noticed that !! So there I am sitting on a lounge chair with a sexy girl on my knee. She has long blonde hair which at the back hung to her slim waist and at the front hung over her 36B's. She was the sort of girl that men look at as she walks down the street, and I know that she fancies me because Di has told me. Thinking on it I was a lucky little 20 year old !

It didn't take long before we were kissing in far more comfort than our 4hr relationship had provided sofar and the pair of us were getting seriously horney. We are talking 70's here and we were all what others would describe as 'hippy types' so sexual freedom was not a shock to anyone there. So the fact that Ann and I would be joining in the conversation at one point and then spend the next 15 minutes just to ourselves was not a problem. During these times I was kissing probably the best kisser I had ever met. Her kisses varied and one time her tongue was straight into parting my lips before mine got to hers and we would have a kind of 'battle of tongues' to decide who's mouth we would visit first. I noticed that sometimes this would go on for quite a while, which was tantalising as we used our tongues like swords as we 'tongue fenced' for a time before one of us would finally submit. At other times she would slide her tongue straight into my mouth and quite forcefully explore around not allowing me access to her mouth until she was ready. This was equally stimulating, I guess like the feeling of being taken. Also she would be into being submissive at other times and as we kissed I would feel her tongue weaken and it would be my tongue that took control, entering her mouth and tasting her. She would give little moans as we kissed which were just loud enough for me to hear and sooooo very sexy. Needless to say I was as hard as a rock, which Ann had noticed and had been sqirming her butt around it from the word go. It was getting to a point where it was getting uncomfortable and even beggining to hurt. So when I felt Anns fingers start to grip my manhood through my jeans it was a massive relief. She planted a kiss on my lips which was her more dominant type as she was stroking the crutch of my jeans along my shaft. My cock had found its way out of the left leg of my underpants and so had found itself more room to grow. Ann was carressing my shaft but never getting to the head, always moving back to the base, I later found out that she had a particular way of holding the base of a cock that was heaven and she could create an orgasm for you almost without moving, just pressures.....happpy days !

Eventually someone mentioned the time, and bed, and we all headed into the adjoining room. The flat was in a large 3 storey house and had two large rooms, one a lounge and the other a massive bedroom. Dianne and Nathan had filled this room with quite a few beds and we all chose one.

So four young couples and a single guy in a room, the atmosphere was electric. This was the first time Ann and I had slept together and also the first time that I had slept in a room with so many people. Did we let it get in the way of our lovemaking ? - Like hell did we !

As soon as the lights had gone out and the inevitable "Goodnight John Boy" joke had ground to a holt there was a little period of silence.

Ann and I were kissing,in bed and free of clothes for the first time and it was ....well..She was so hot as she pushed her little fanny against my cock and writhed around seeking her pleasure. As she did this her tits were pressed hard against my chest. I could feel her errect nipples make contact with mine as she gently circled over them. My right hand had found its way to Anns butt and as I squeazed it she gave out little moans of pleasure which had encouraged me to slide my hand between her legs, from behind in search of her hole to play with the entrance for a while. As I moved me fingers round my middle finger began to slide and it slipped inside Anns hole, she was so excited and wet it became like a welcoming slippery magnet drawing my finger in. Ann loved it and was giving little sighs whilst she was kissing my neck. I felt her relax and she rolled away from me onto her back at which point I felt her hand begin to play with my cock again but still she would not go up to the head I'm not complaining but what she was doing was so good but I did need some attention there. As if she was reading my mind I felt her move around in the bed and then a flick of tongue on my helmet sent a sexy shudder through my body and also confirmed my hope that she wasn't a sexual vegetarian !! It was not long before she was travelling up and down my shaft taking me into her mouth. Boy I was now getting all the attenion I needed there. I had moved her leg over my head into 69 and my tongue was exploring all around and within Anns little Fanny and then paying attention to her clit which was swollen and ready for pleasure. As we were in our little world so were others in theres and it was around this time that I noticed the sounds in the room. The creaks and thumps of bedsprings and headboards and the slightly surpressed sighs of pleasure from different areas of the room. It was such a turn on to hear other people making out in the room and as our group confidance grew so did the volume of the sounds.

Ann moved her head away from my cock and swung herself round to face me but in the same movement she was sliding under me and I was rolling on top of her as I heard her whisper "I want you" to me, her hand took my cock, fresh from her warm mouth and guided it into her inviting tunnel of love. She was so tight and yet wet, cosy and inviting. She must have been so ready for me from the pre fun we had that we were only a few strokes into our sex when Anns body began to spasm with her first orgasm. She had an amazingly sexual orgasm nothing was repressed she just let herself go with her natural rythm and voiced it so well that there was no doubt that she was enjoying it. She had one more but soon I found myself holding her tightly as my cock spasmed into my orgasm as she squeezed me into her whilst breathing into my ear, whispering "That's it enjoy me". Oh I did and went onto lots of times. Eighteen months later we were married and living in our own flat by the sea. Looking back to our meeeting we would often discuss how sexy that was to begin our sexual life together in a room with other people all making love. I say all because we found out much later that sometime in the middle of the night Dianne had asked Nathan if he thought Stan was Ok or frustrated at hearing what was going on around him. Nathan had suggested they ask him and if he said that he was Ann could help him out. Nobody is sure whether Nathan actually meant it or it may have been meant as a fantasy chat but Dianne posed the question to Stan, and he was, so she did, and so began the start of an open relationship for Dianne and Nathan, who are still happily married today having swung for some 30 years.

Two years into our marriage brought us to our first crossroads......Do we actually do it or should it remain a fantasy to play with ?

Look out for 'The Tale unfolds - Part 2 of 'The Chronicles of our Alt. Lifestyle'