Written by robby

21 Jul 2006

I don't believe most of your stories , but the one I am going to tell you is true . It really happened to me last year.I went into an adult cinema in Birmingham on a Saturday evening last year . There weren't many guys in there and I took a seat in an empty row.The film was good . Good quality photography , beautiful girls doing their thing and it was just good sex , nothing weird which I hate .In a short while , I was well-aroused and began to feel my cock through my trousers.I was soon very hard and progressed to opening my flies and pulling out my cock . Rock hard and longer than it normally felt .Soon , I had pulled down my boxers and my cock was truly up and out .I wanked myself gently so that I didn't come too soon .There was a guy in the row in front , just to my left . His row was also empty except for himself . I saw him turn his head slightly to his right , and realised that he could see me wanking . After a while , he lifted his right arm and laid it along the top of the seat in front of me . I continued to enjoy my wank .Then, without warning , he dropped his arm and his hand landed on my left knee. I felt like I had been electrocuted . I had never thought of sex with another man before .Then , after a few seconds , and I hadn't rejected him , his hand came down and gently grasped my balls .He was oh so gentle .He stroked my balls more gently than any woman had ever done . My wife nearly pulls my cock off , she's so impatient .Gradually , he moved his hand from around my balls and grasped my stem. He didn't squeeze hard - just moved me up and down gently . I have to admit that it was fantastic .Not knowing what he looked like made it even more erotic . Up and down he went . Up and down . It was inevitable thatI would shoot my load soon . I made no effort to stop him , and no effort to catch the spunk . It shot into his hand like a hosepipe . He waited till I stopped pulsing , then he let me go . I saw him pull out a handkerchief and wipe my spunk off his hand . Then he stood up and left the cinema . I thought I'd been dreaming . But I hadn't .