Written by Carlos

11 Jul 2006

Once I was in a swingerclub as a single 30 yo male and was having a good time there with some drinks and chatted with some people. At some point the party got started and it was fun to see all the action in the club. There was a nice wirhlpool where a few couples were having fun, but I just walked around as I didnt want to interrupt their fun.

At some point I found myself looking at the screen watching a porn vid that they were showing. At that time I was afraid nothing much was going to happen that night for me. However at some point I spotted this nice woman standing next to me. she was certainly goodlooking, slim sexy dressed and in her late forties. I have to tell that I like older women a lot. She was wearing glasses and as she told me later she was a teacher at school, which she looked like as well.

After some chatting she proposed to go upstairs to see if there was some action...I liked the idea of this so we went upstairs. Several couples were having some serious fun there. I am pretty sure people swapped partners before going upstairs. We watched together how a younger girl (I guess early twenties) was getting fucked by a fifty year old guy who was in a very good condition as he fucked her really hard. the girl was pretty and really enjoyed getting fucked in front of the people watching the couple. in the meanwhile she was sucking the dick of a younger man (her friend??). As we were looking at the couple having sex we started touching each other. I felt her butt, belly and tits, that already gave me a hard one.

We decided to walk on a bit and she started kissing me as if we were teenagers on a first date...fabulous...

I said I'll give you a nice massage if you take of your clothes. She liked the idea of a massage so her clothes were gone in seconds. We found a pretty silent spot in the club and I started rubbing her back sitting naked on het butt. My had dick was having a good time between her buttocks. I rubbed her back for about 15 and she really enjoyed. She was totally relaxed and asked if I wanted to penetrate her. I shove my dick in her pussy while she was just relaxing and I started to fuck her slowly. Her cunt was nice and wet and felt pretty tight. I kept rubbing her back while my dick went in and out. Than she asked me to fuck her a bit harder which I did and after a few minutes I shot my load deep in her cunt, the way she liked it.

This was very nice....we went to get a shower together and chatted a bit afterwards....