Written by Anon

23 Jul 2003

Finally, we arrived. The minibus pulled up outside the villas and we all cheered. There were 8 of us off to Centre Parcs for a long weekend. Our company was paying for it as a reward for all we had achieved in the last year, all we had to do was turn up and enjoy ourselves.

We quickly got organised and moved our bags into the villas – one for the girls and one for the boys. Strange that there were twice as many bags to go in the girls villa, despite the fact there were 4 of us and four of them. And stranger still that we had to carry them. I walked in the girls villa laden with suitcases and said “where do you want me then?” Sarah looked at me with a twinkle in her eye “in the bedroom, of course”. There were shouts of laughter from the others “then after you have sorted Sarah out, it is my turn” and “don’t worry, we will let you out on Monday”.

I blushed hugely and hurried to do as I was told. One at a time I could handle – but all four at once and I was out of my depth! As I put Sarahs suitcase in her bedroom, she followed me in and shut the door behind her, If I am not back in an hour, send someone in to look for me. She stood in front of the door as I looked for an escape. She had a wicked gleam in her eye, and as I looked at her, I wondered if she was actually serious. She was wearing a light summer dress and some of the buttons were undone and I could just see the swell of her breasts. There was nothing else for it, I had to go through her to get to the door. I playfully made a grab for her and we wrestled for the door handle. I could hear the others cheering outside “go for it Sarah, tie him down” “Don’t wear him out, I want him later”

As we played, I could feel her body next to mine, she put her arms round my neck and wrapped her legs round my waist. Her dress rode up around her thighs as I carried her away from the door. I threw her backwards on the bed as she squealed with delight. I paused for a moment, and looked in her eyes as I crouched over her. Her legs were bent and her thighs open wide. She said “now you have got me where you want me, what are you going to do with me.” Just then I heard one of the lads outside, come on Pete, put her down, you have to park the minibus. I looked down at Sarah, who was breathing heavily and still had her arms round my neck. “I’m going to park the minibus, it might take me some time, it is quite a big one so I will have to find somewhere wide enough to slip it, might have to move in and out a few times as well.” I kissed her quickly and made my escape. It had taken less than 30 seconds, but suddenly I was horny as hell, and I was sure Sarah was as well.

Later, I went back to the girls villa to discuss arrangements for the evening. The plan was to go for a meal, a couple of drinks and then a late night session in the aqua sana. Get some of the stress out of our bodies. I tapped on the door and they called for me to come in. They were all getting ready for the meal and were in various stages on un dress. I couldn’t help but admire what was on display, they were a fine looking bunch of women. Sarah had just come out of the shower and had a small towel wrapped round her. As she bent over to plug in the hair dryer, I caught a quick glimpse of her pussy. I could still see her damp from the shower. I could feel my cock harden at the sight. I thought about how nice it would be to just walk up behind her and slip my cock in to fuck her. I made a decision then that before the weekend was out I was going to ask Sarah to let me fuck her. Just then she stood up and walked in the bedroom. Nobody else was looking as she turned round and dropped her towel. She looked me straight in the eye and rubbed her breasts, one hand moved down and I could see her rubbing her pussy. She mouthed at me “I want to fuck you”, then slowly shut the door. By now I was panting with lust, my cock was huge inside my shorts. I looked round but the other girls were all busy getting ready. I stumbled through a see you later, and somehow made it back to my villa, all I could see was the sight of Sarah in the doorway, fingering her pussy and asking me to fuck her.

Sitting through the meal was torture, we were sitting boy/girl but Sarah was at the other end of the table. I couldn’t get the sight of her out of my mind. I was so horny and my cock was huge inside my trousers. It was a playful meal, with lots of innuendo and smutty talk, and a couple of bottles of wine. We were all quite merry as we made our way to the aqua sana. Along the path Sarah slipped her arm in mine and whispered in my ear, “I meant what I said in the villa, my pussy is wet and hot I have been thinking about your cock fucking me all evening”. With that she moved away from me. I was desperate now, with just one worry, how was I ever going to hide this hard on when I got changed??

Hide it I did – with difficulty. I was glad of the long white robes the had given us. We all went out into the sana area to wait for the girls. It was nearly empty at that time of night, just a few people sitting having drinks and chatting. We wandered around to get our bearings while we waited. We could see that it was an adults only session, and some people were naked as the wandered around. Finally, the girls arrived and we chatted about where to go first. Someone said “we want a parade first” the girls all sat down with a look of expectation, and said, go on then, show us what you have got. One by one we dis-robed. We were made to turn round and pose as the girls judged us “marks out of two” “I’d give him one!” When my turn came, I could see Sarah look straight and my cock and lick her lips. She slid one hand inside her robe and although it seemed quite innocent I knew she was rubbing her breast and nipple. It took all my concentration not to let my cock get hard there and then. She smiled at me, she knew what she was doing to me. Apparently, women are allowed to keep their mystery, so we were not given a parade in return. We spent the next half hour trying out each sauna. I tried desperately to get alone with Sarah, but there was always someone there with us. I kept looking at her in her swim suit, the curve of her breasts, the sweep of her thighs, the way her backside moved as she walked. All of it turned me on. Finally we ended up in the turkish sauna. It was dark and steamy in there, with soft lighting and heavy scents. Sarah was sitting nest to me and the others arranged around the room. The sweat was trickling down out bodies as she reached forward to run her hands under the cold water. When she sat back she reached across and put her cold hand on my hot thigh, it sent a shock through me as she rubbed her hand up and down my thigh. It was dark enough that no-one could see what was going on. She moved her hand higher to rub my cock. It was huge inside my trunks, she rubbed her hand slowly across the whole length and cupped my balls. She pulled the top of my trunks down and slip my cock out. Slowly she rubbed my cock. I could hear her breathing heavily, and saw her legs part. Then she leant forward and washed her hands in the cold water again. I tensed as she sat back and placed her cold hand on my hot cock. She lifted my hand and placed in on her pussy. I could feel her hot and wet as she parted her legs further. She pressed my hand hard against her and moved my hand over her pussy. Suddenly, someone got up and said “too hot for me, anyone for going out”. Slowly the others left until we were on our own. Sarah stood up in front of me and lowered her swimming costume. Pete, "I need you to fuck me". My pussy is so hot and wet and I really want you to take your cock and fuck me hard. She pulled my head to her breasts, suck my tits. I pulled her costume the rest of the way off and sucked on her breasts as hard as I could, her sweat was salty on my lips, and my hands moved easily across her wet body. She moaned as I touched her, moving my hands over her backside to tickle her arse, she crouched slightly to let my finger move along her and pressed hard on her. She groaned loud with the pleasure. I moved one hand round the front to rub her pussy. “Fuck me” she said, put your fingers in my cunt and fuck me. I slid my fingers into her wet pussy, she was trembling now as my fingers slid in and out, she put one hand down to rub her clitoris as I sucked and bit on her breasts and kept rubbing hard with my hand on her arse. I could feel her orgasm building as she asked me to rub her pussy harder. She shuddered as she came, pushing hard on me. Now she knelt in front of me and took off my trunks. She grabbed my cock and greedily took it into her mouth, I put my hands on her back and felt the sweat pouring off her. The feel on her mouth on my cock was wonderful, Suck my cock baby, squeeze my balls. Make me harder, I want to fuck your pussy so much.

Sarah stood and turned around, her back to me. She leant back, meaning to slide herself on to my cock. But I grabbed her hips and pulled her on to my face. My tongue was on her passage, licking and sucking at her, Fuck she said, that feels good, lick me harder, then fuck me, fuck my hot wet pussy with your hard cock.

She pulled away from me and held my cock as she lowered herself on to me. With her back to me she began to fuck me. My cock slid in to her so easily. I said, fuck me baby, fuck my cock with your pussy, I want to come inside your pussy. We were talking so dirty now, telling each other exactly what we were feeling and what we wanted. I reached round to squeeze her breasts and nipples hard. Sitting with her back to me, she had both hands free to rub her pussy and squeeze my balls. She was fucking me hard now as we both got close to coming, sliding up and down my cock, I could feel her cunt squeezing. The sweat was all over as, out bodies smooth and slippery as we moved together. I felt my orgasm building as my cock started to swell, Fuck me hard baby, I’m coming inside you. I’m going to shoot my hot spunk right up into your cunt. I exploded inside her as she came with me. She kept fucking my cock after I was empty, fucking herself to another orgasm.

As we relaxed, with my cock still inside Sarahs pussy, feeling the sweat trickle down our bodies Sarah gently stroked my balls, her breathing was so heavy I could feel her movements on my cock. We sat like that for a minute or two, then I sensed my cock begin to harden again. Sarah felt it too, “I can feel your cock getting hard inside me. I am going to fuck you again”.

Just then the door opened.