Written by Gerald Manning

31 Jul 2006

When we marry, men are told to look at the MIL to get any idea of what your wife will look like in twenty odd years time.

I did, and went ahead and got married.

After six years I got the ditinct impression that MIL was a bit too nosy. A good looking woman, nicely dressed but very bossy. Mother in Law.

One Saturday morning, very hung over, I was laying on the bed in the ´inlaws` spare room with a piss proud gigantic boner wheeling all over my belly. In come MIL on the pretext that she was looking for something, yeah, my boner, I´ll bet . I apologised for the exposure and she said not not worry it´s nothing really.

I was in the shower about half an hour later and was certain that I had closed the door. When I rinsed off the door was ajar and nobody to be seen.

A week later the MIL was at my place and I was really keen to find out for sure if she was peeking at me or not. I pretended to have a bad back and lolled around in pyjama trousers and a bath robe. The opening for the trousers was considerable and I found that if I sat on the sofa in a particular way, with my MIL on the only chair with a view, she would be able to see my dick laying on my belly. Full Monty, full view for her.

I sat, laid back with my left leg crossed with my ankle on the right knee. This opened the trousers perfectly and only MIL could see. We were all watching the tv and I pretended to be snoozing. With my eyes ftactionally open I was watching her. She reached into her handbag and took out her glasses. She had never watched tv with them before and sure enough, wasn´t watching the tv now either. I saw the most fantastic furtive eyes ogling my dick. She glanced every 30 seconds or so, seemingly frightened that I might move, and take her dick away from view.

She just couldn´t stop ogling. 20 minutes and now I was enjoying giving her a show. My MIL was really getting hot. If she had looked at anybody I´m sure she would have burnt them.

My sexual vibes were getting into my cock by now and it grew a couple of inches and I´m sure she nearly died.

She put her elbow in the arm of the chair and was protecting the side of her face so nobody could see that she was watching something other than the tv.

My cock just grew further and she suddenly got up and left the room in a hurry.

After a minute or so I went to see if I could find her.

I passed the spare room she used, not there. I went to the bathroom and the door was locked and I could hear the faintest of sighs and a rustling noise.

The noises grew louder and then I was sure.

She was wanking and from what I could gather, really going at it.

I want back to the bottom of the stairs and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. When she came out I started up the stairs, I wanted to get good eye contact to see if she gave something away. She met me with a bit of a start and her eyes gave it all away. She couldn´t face me.

I think she owes me now and I will hatch the plan and get my righful dues. After all a private show like that would cost her a fortune, and if she is so hot then who knows.