Written by Ray and Lynda

17 Dec 2003

The story I am going to tell you actually happened, and it happened to me.

Before I got married I had been staying at my now wife's house, her mother Lynda was a divorcee, some 10 years older than me, in her early forties at the time, she had a boyfriend but spent some nights at her own house. My wife as is, Jennifer suffered from mild epilepsy and wouls go into petite malls at times.

I had been staying at Lynda's house and I had just given Jennifer a real good shagging, without bragging I am well endowed 9" and we had spent the evening upstairs in her bedroom fucking and sucking as people do. As I pulled out of Jennifer's cunt and watched my load ooze out of it, she had a siezure asnd fell off the bed and onto the floor, the next second the bedroom door flew open and there stood Lynda. Well you can imagine my embarrassment, bollock naked with a stonking big horn on weeping spunk and her mother stood there with her daughter lying on the floor with cum oozing out of her cunt. Lynda looked directly at me and said calmly , no wonder she's passed out having that pushed up her, my god that's a big one. I made some excuse and ran to the bathroom.. When I came back Jennifer had recovered and Lynda had gone to her own room, nothing was said and we fell asleep.

The next morning , it being my day off I was lying in bed about 9.30am when there was a knock on the door and Lynda walked in with a cup of coffee, she just smiled and left by the bed, she was wering a short tartan mini skirt and white blouse, I could clearly see her white bra strainin to hold in her very large and rounded tits, she looked very sexy. The next minute I heard her shout for me saying she was stuck. I got up and put on a pair of boxers and went to her bedroom. She was stood balancing on the top of a chair with one leg on the chair and the other on a small table trying to reach the top of the wardrobe, I could clearly see she was wearing nylons and tiny white panties. i immediately began to get a hard on and it showed I went across to her and helped her down, in doing so she fell against me and she felt the full throbbing of me cock.

Pulling away she said ohh, that felt nice and the next second she had my cock out and was kneeling on the floor infront of me.As she looked at the full length and thickness of my now throbbing hard cock standing upright to it's full 9" she said, oh my god that's fantastic, i want it all the way. Ilooked at her in amazement as she then said jennifer siad it was big and beautifull but I never believed her 'til now, and with that she slowly started to lick and kiss the full length of it, until eventually she had the whole length in her mouth at which time she started to slide her mouth up and down the length of my shaft like a woman possesed, going faster and faster until my balls began to ache as itried to hold back. I couldn't hold on much longer and told her I was coming and said I'll pull out, she shook her head and continued to lick and suck my cock, suddenly I could't hold on and started to pump my load down her throat, she guzzled every single drop of it. When i had finished she looked at me with a smile and said I'm not in work today and I really would like that cock of yours between my legs.

She then climbed on the bed and lay ther looking at me, well I didn't need a second invite, I climbed on the bed and and unfastened her mini kilt and peeled it back like unwrapping a toffee. She was wearin nylons, a white suspender belt and the smallest pair of white tie side panties I'd ever seen. I quickly unfastened them and pulled them off, she opened her legs wide and I saw for the first time her gloriously hairy cunt, wide open and wet. She put her hands behind my head and pushed it down. I quickly slipped my tongue up her waiting cunt and sucked and licked her, finding her clit I took it in my mouth and gentle bit it iwth my teeth, then sucked it. she let out one loud scream and said I'm coming I'm coming, you bastard and flooded my mouth and face with her love juices.

I quickly moved up and unfastened her blouse and saw the most fabulous pair of round , large tits I'd ever seen, luckily her bra opened at the front so I didn't take long in getting them out and sucking her nipples til they were hard and erect. After as few minutes she said I want it, please I cann't wait anylonger. With that I positioned my self between her legs and placed my bell end at the entrance of her cunt, Ilooked down at her and said are you sure you want it, yes, yes she gasped, all of it I said, yes all the lot and now stop tormenting me you bastard. With that I slowly slipped the first 7" in, she gasped and said, oh yes, that's wonderful, more ,and started to push her hips uptowards me. I said can you take any more I'm not too big am I, she said No give me all you've got, quickly. With that I slipped the last 2" in and started to push it in and out, pulling out til the tip of my cock eas just in her cunt and then slamming it back, it's full lenght, she gasped and wrapped her legs round me and I couls feel her fingers digging into my shoulders as I plunged into her cunt faster and faster. Suddenly she screamed out loud I'm coming, I'm coming and started to shudder and shake and hold onto me tighter and tighter. I could feel my own orgasm coming and with a shout of yes, yes, yes I shot a full fload of spunk up her warm and waiting cunt, I kept pumping and pumping til I felt I woud never stop.

ASfter we had finsihed we lay on the bed getting ourb breath back feeling each other. Lynda said what length is it I said about 9" and with that she got a ruler from her bedside table and measured it 9.5" she said with a smile, my god I've never had one as big as that before, no wonder jennifer sys your good. I said your not bad our self, hey, what size are your tits if we are measuruing things 42"DD she said with asmile. As I got up of the bed and started to walk to the bedroom door, Lynda said hang on one more . I looked back and saw she was kneeling on the bed with her arse facing me. I looked at her and said do you really want it up there, yes she said then you've had all my holes, but don't tell Jennifer. I knelt down behind her and slowly worked my fingers up her back passage, when she was ready I slipped my cock slowly and gently up her until I felt my balls hitting her arse, I then gripped her hips and started tho haft her slowly but surely all the way going faster and faster til once again I started to pump her full of spunk. Having spent my load we collapsed on top of ech other on the bed.

All that is perfectly true and happened 27 years ago , before jennifer and I got married. Since that time no matterr how hard I have tried Lynda wont' come across, yes, she will let me feel her cunt and her tits and she will even suck me off, but as far as shagging her goes the word is no, but all the same she still has a gorgeous pair of tits.