Written by Ted

25 Feb 2010

It should not happen - I mean to say I am bloody well past it my cock has shrunk with all the tablets that I take to keep me going - but it did.

I was asked to be the driver to a mate John, I knew for a few years now - I was at their wedding etc - he wanted me to be his driver at a dogging site - knowing I was ready to get stuck in with the bat if things got out of hand - anyway we arrive and I locked the doors while he started to strip off Mandy his wife, as usual the guys came up to the car for a good look, John now was showing off Mandy to all to see,fantastic tits and cunt clean of every hair, the doors were tried many times, but John took no notice, now Mandy had Johns cock and was into the first blow job, then legs up for the shagging, I am just watching in amazement, my old cock getting wet, anyway John and Mandy put on a good exhibition and said after a while, right up and away, a couple of cars tried to follow us but, I swung the car around as if to run into them and they fucked off.

We got back to John and Mandy's place - what did you reckon then Ted he said, you was fucking great and thanks for the chance to see such a lovely body, what a lovely cunt I said I will be dreaming about it for years, any chance of a close up I said ( chancing my luck) yer Mandy said, No problems with you John? no fuck it you have a bit of fun I am going to the loo and have a shower, Mandy came over to my chair and lifted off her skirt and top and stood before me she first opened her legs for me - then taking my hand from her leg said this is no good Ted on the floor, and down we went,I fancy a nice long tongue she said right up my cunt and pulled her cunt lips wide with her fingers - I did no more I was there tongue out and licking that cunt for every drop of juice I could lick out, Mandy was holding my head and I knew she was enjoying it, she pulled me away after some time and said your a breast man really aint you - I nodded and took those beautiful tits in my hand - fucking hell I thought this is unbelievable, as I sucked those nipples, they were big without being gross,and I moulded those breasts like I was milking them, by now my pants were soaking wet with spunk , the old podger was working overtime with the juices.

Anyway I heard John shout he was down in a couple of minutes and I got back to the chair,

"well he said did you enjoy the view" fantastic I said - Mandy laughed and said he sucked all your juices out of my cunt John - and they both laughed.

Do you not get any chance of sex these days said John - I cannot get a hard on with all the tablets - well give them a break for 24 hours and come and let Mandy give you a hand job - he said - I can trust you wont make her pregnant or give her dose - I just laughed no I only fired blanks for years and only fucked one woman all my life.

The next day I thought about it and thought I would see how I felt without taking any tablets, so I deliberately kept off them, I even went that night to my den and put on a porn DVD and had a wank, my old cock seemed to be responding.

I gave Mandy a ring late the next morning - come on round she said I was hoping to see you - more out of curiosity what I could do with your old cock, now it aint happened for a long time but my cock started to get a little bit hard on the way over to Mandy, well I was hoping it would stay hard long enough for a wank from Mandy, I somehow felt I would come before she started, we went upstairs to Mandys room and I undressed - Mandy took my cock and said calm down we are not rushing things as she put one of her nipples in my mouth whilst gently pulling my cock back, I think your ready without any work she said and moved her self to my cock, putting my cock into her mouth she sucked and worked her tongue around my head I knew I had come some, but Mandy kept going and my cock rose to her tongue, no doubt about it Mandy was an expert at blow jobs and kept that cock solid before I came my best load for years, swallowing it, mandy sucked all the rest from my now softening cock.

Mandy let me work her off with my fingers and mouth, basically she let me do what I liked - then she said tomorrow Ted I want you around the same time but I am giving you a tablet to take before you come around.

Part 2 of this will follow tommorow